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Ruins of Dalenthal DEMO

Submitted by Doron
This bundle is marked as substandard. It may contain bugs, not perform optimally or otherwise be in violation of the submission rules.
The DEMO campaign of the Ruins of Dalenthal. The campaign contains the first two maps, the Introduction and The Aftermath. This will most likely be the only demo before my complete project I've been working on for months, will be released.


The link above is the post for my Campaign, and contains a large description of the campaign, as well as tips to get the secret achievements. The link also contains all the credits for the skins and models. This map is made 100% by me, and you MUST get permission from me in order to edit my maps.

Know that even these maps are not 100% complete, I still need images for maybe the mini-map, and loading screens. The map is unprotected, but do not modify my maps for online play, or upload the modified maps.

warcraft 3, warcraft, ruins, of, dalenthal, icith, demo, campaign, medieval, mag'har, aftermath, introduction

Ruins of Dalenthal DEMO (Campaign)

17:24, 21st May 2009 by bounty hunter2: Zelda gave you quite a review and you didn't improve, thus, Rejected.
  1. 17:24, 21st May 2009 by bounty hunter2:
    Zelda gave you quite a review and you didn't improve, thus, Rejected.
  2. Zelda.Alex


    Dec 7, 2008
    Ruins of Dalenthal DEMO as uploaded on 3rd April 2009

    >Place a campaign Screen

    Introduction Cinematic
    1.....The loading screen explanation gave statistics which were not clear. Try to improve.
    2.....This is no cinematic
    3.....The movement of the Troll Batrider is really bad looking. It seems he is vibrating for the whole time
    4.....I hope that such overpowered units are not in the campaign when it gets released
    5.....Credits necessary
    6.....Place my quest in the quest menu
    7.....Organok Bodyguard speaks something but no dialogue appears. I found the dialogue in the log however
    8.....Minor typo present
    9.....So much people around the end separated by fire? I know that you said population of 1000 but that does not mean you have to place so much people.
    10.....The cinematic part of the map is too short & not interesting.

    This map which has been listed as a cinematic does not fit in the category of cinematic gets a Rating : 1.5/5(Lacking).

    1.....The 2 orcs killed by one blow each?
    3.....the dialogue go a bit fast
    4.....The hero has 2 ability points but i cannot use them now so both a waste for the time being
    5.....Optional quests in the quest menu in the beginning?
    6.....Change the icon for the commander
    7.....No main quest in the menu?
    8.....The spells' info needs improvement. I don't get what the info given about Avatar is about.
    9.....Two spells only?
    10.....The message that the soldier is injured comes later. My hero heals him earlier as i had put bandage on auto cast.
    11.....Glarish was behind me then suddenly he got in front of me.
    12.....If i put bandage on auto then my hero stops attacking the monsters & starts healing himself. This will pose a problem
    13.....Message appears "Achievement Completed : What is that?"---What does that mean?
    14.....When i get to the Avatar state the Shaman stops to attack me
    15.....The quests really need better description.
    16.....The prisoners have escaped. But from where? There were no prison cells visible to me & where did the lot of Shaman suddenly materialize from?

    Will continue with this map afterward but i doubt that i can give it more then 2/5 at most. So for the time being i rate it 2/5.

    What is needed really in this campaign:
    >Make the first map which you listed a cinematic really a cinematic otherwise it may get rejection
    >More info
    >Better Quest information
    >Better presentation of the story
    >Improved terrain
    >Bug fixing which i pointed out

    I know this is just a DEMO but still try to fix this

    I played the Chapter 1 a bit further. Here are the things i noticed:
    1.....The prisoners taking over the place is fine but 2 guard towers which are of the
    prisoners (my guess by the color) do not attack? What are they there for?
    2.....Bandage does not use any mana. Due to this i will be able to heal any amount of damage
    later in the game & due to this it will be the most useful ability in the whole game.
    3.....What have you tried to make this map? A city or a prison?
    4.....After the rifleman (don't remember his name) who have me the shoes there are 2 gates
    which are useless as i have another way to attack by going from side
    5.....Before the riflemen you have placed a group of 9 prison inmates. What for? Their line
    of sight is too small to notice me & attack me. Also you have placed them at a place where i
    am sure no route will be present.
    6.....The undead maggot give too much experience compared to the difficulty for killing them
    (one blow for 40exp)
    7.....The 2 gates i mentioned have been placed at odd places
    8.....You have left half of the map unused. You can use that much map for making it much
    9.....Change the name of the quest description & the quest name of "Unexpected Alliance".
    That is no quest. That is an event
    10....Some Prison inmates are attacking me & some others are standing there seeing the fight?
    11....The 2 Grack Bandits were able to take my HP lower than the Nether Demon
    12.....What was the Nether Demon there for?
    13.....When i speak to the Garak leader (the skeleton) i can get into the path for the 2 inmates with him & they cannot go away so i gain 2 helpers there.
    14......When Arthas appears i see his model but the place where attributes & the face have to been shown show only his mouth
    15......The tunnel master was too easy for my hero
    16......In the whole campaign the dialogues went too fast at many places

    For Moderator:

    My rating for this campaign version will be 2/5 with a lacking rating & vote for approval as the author is willing to update it.
    Last edited: Apr 6, 2009
  3. Into.wombat


    Jul 30, 2008
    I liked it, but sometimes the dialog goes too fast and its very hard reading it all :p

    Also when the inmates spawned it looked a bit ockward seeing them comming out of nowhere attacking the orcs. Make them come running against them or something similar.

    But i liked it 4/5
  4. Doron


    May 7, 2007
    Thank you for your comments and suggestions. I will get these fixed and changed.

    I understand if this should be taken down. I am redoing the opening map COMPLETELY different (thanks for the advice, Zelda.Alex), fixing all bugs, adding new spells, and possibly adding a new UI. The first map will be 100% cinematic, give a clearer description about what the hell is going on, and such.
  5. Zelda.Alex


    Dec 7, 2008
    >When do you hope for next version?
    >As the project is developing start giving versions for the files you upload. Will make it easier to specify which version is being reviewed
    >If you will be updating it so i think there is no reason for it to be taken down.
    >Will give you a visitor message when i edit my review to complete it
  6. WaremDarkslayer


    Dec 25, 2008
    3/5 man.Good but lacking a few things such as correct grammar.
  7. Thane


    Apr 21, 2009

    I like this campaign and death knight looks very nice....4/5

    Oh! yeah....please continue the story it's very palpitant! Please!