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RTS project: Age of Conquest

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LordHatchet95 presents: Age of Conquest!

Age of Conquest is a real time strategy map based on the medieval era, and having armies of up to 200 units.

You choose a civilization on start of the map, and work with their tech tree availability, perks, disadvantages and unique units and technologies.

What are its features?
  • 7 Civilizations with unique units, technologies and bonuses.
  • Varying tech tree according to which civilization you chose.
  • Food, and Raw Materials as resources (Stone, Gold and Wood).
  • Ships and naval wars.
  • Advance by the ages.
  • ...and more!

The map is very simple, for now. But later on the possibility of random maps generators is being considered.


Britons: Archer Civilization.
  • British archers: Foot archers receive +100 bonus range at Castle age, and +100 more bonus range at Imperial age (net total of +200).
  • Expansionists: Town centers cost 50% less raw materials.
  • Industrialization: Workers gather +5 more raw materials.
  • Have exceptional archers, but loses access to paladins.
Unique units:
  • Longbowman: Long ranged archer. Has fire arrows, which must be shot up close to buildings and ships. Has extra range when upgraded.
Unique technology:
  • Yeomanry: Foot archers gain +100 range.

Teutons: Infantry Civilization.

  • Cheaper farmhand: Farms cost 33% less (from 60 raw materials to 40).
  • Armored: Infantry and cavalry have +2 resistance to melee attacks, starting on Feudal age.
  • Crenellations: Castles and towers have +200 range.
  • Have strong infantry and cavalry against melee units, but they are slower due to not having access to Squires and Husbandry (speed bonus techs for infantry and cavalry respectively).
Unique units:
  • Teutonic Knight: Heavy infantry. Slow, but extremely high attack and has +5 resistance to melee attacks. +10 resistance instead when upgraded.
Unique technology:
  • Ironclad: Siege weapons acquire +4 resistance to melee attacks.

Saracens: Camel and Naval Civilization.

  • Zealotry: Camels have +30 health and +2 resistance to melee attacks.
  • Swift work: Workers move +10% faster.
  • Expert artillerists: Galley-line attacks 25% faster.
  • Gain access to Imperial Camels, but don't have access to knight-line.
Unique units:
  • Mameluke: Camelry with a ranged melee attack (sword throwing). Effective against cavalry.
Unique Technology:
  • Medjai: Camel riders and Mamelukes have +3 attack.

Persians: Elephant Civilization.

  • Reinforced Centers: Town Centers have double health.
  • Greater stockpile: Gains +50 to Food and Raw Materials at the beginning of the game.
  • Archer bane: Battle Elephants deals +4 bonus damage to archers.
  • Have access to Battle Elephants and War Elephants, but most siege-line can't be upgraded. Most units except for elephants and paladins are weaker due to be unable to upgrade them to the top.
Unique units:
  • War Elephant: Heavy cavalry. Very slow and expensive, but extremely powerful.
Unique Technology:
  • Mahouts: Increases Battle Elephants and War Elephants' speed by 30%

Vikings: Infantry and Naval Civilization.

  • Sturdy men: Infantry gain +20% health.
  • Fast navy: Ships move 10% faster.
  • Advanced hunters: Start with +100 more food.
  • Their infantry and ships are resilient and strong, but they lack in cavalry and archery power. They lack paladins and gunpowder.
Unique units:
  • Berserker: Heavy infantry. Fast and high attack. Regenerates health.
  • Longboat: Fast warship. Shoots a volley of arrows to a single target.
Unique Technology:
  • Berserkergang: Give infantry +6 bonus attack to cavalry, camelry and buildings.

Chinese: Jack-of-all-trades Civilization.

  • Quantity over Quality: Infantry and archers refund 20% of they cost when created.
  • Overpopulation: Starts with 3 extra villagers, but also with 150 less food.
  • Gunpowder inventors: Hand Cannoneers gain +2 attack, Bombard Towers gain +24 attack, Cannon Galleons gain +10 attack, replaces Bombard Cannons with Bee Nests.
  • Their strength lies within the numbers, but their units are slightly weaker.
Unique units:
  • Chu-ko-nu: Light archer. Frail, but shoots a strong volley of arrows to a single unit.
  • Bee nest: Heavy artillery. Shoots a volley of explosive small rockets in an area.
Unique Technology:
  • Rocketry: Ballistas and chu-ko-nu deal +2 extra damage. Bee nests deal +5 extra damage.

Franks: Cavalry Civilization.

  • Strong Cavalry: Cavalry gains +20% health.
  • Strongholds: Castles cost 25% cheaper.
  • Greater Farmhand: Mill upgrades are free.
  • Their cavalry is the strongest in the game, but they lack strength on many other areas.
Unique units:
  • Coustillier: Light Cavalry. Can attack further away than most units.
Unique Technology:
  • Chivalry: Light Cavalry and Coustillier have +2 attack.

Future implementations:
More civilizations:
  • Aztecs
  • Mayans
  • Incas
  • Turks
  • Spanish
  • Japanese
  • Mongols
Possibility of using a custom UI for civilization choice instead of Dialog Buttons.
Players "Ranking". Mostly based on a player scoring or rating, rather than based on a leaderboard.
Market system other than using gold/lumber items. (DONE)
Trade Carts to acquire gold between allies. The longer the distance between markets, the greater the gold acquired.
Balance changes.

  • Added 3 different Villagers, one for economic/basic, other for millitary, and other for defenses.
  • Added gold and stone mines for "Raw Materials".
  • Added forage bushes and fishes.
  • Added basic infantry.
  • Added basic archery units.
  • Added basic cavalry.
  • Added fishing ships and dock.
  • All usable buildings are ready.
  • Added age advancement.
  • Remade resources.
  • Added huntable animals.
  • Added Teutons, Britons and Franks, with their unique units and bonuses.
  • Added Saracens.
  • Added siege units.
  • Added transport ships, galleys, fire ships and demolition ships.
  • Added Bribe's Damage engine.
  • Added damage bonuses (spear beats cavalry, siege damages building a lot, etc).
  • Added Persians.
  • Added Chinese.
  • Added Cannon Galleons.
  • Added Town Garrison as a defensive mechanism.
  • Added relics and monks. Removed conversion.
  • Added sheeps. (Still needs fix)
  • Added custom tech tree to the rest of the players (availability, otherwise duplicates will appear on build menu).
  • Modified UI for Gold, Lumber and Food, now they are Food, Raw Materials and Population, respectively.
  • Added Vikings.
  • Changed Chinese bonus for cheaper infantry, non-unique archers and cavalry to a 20% unit cost refund. In exchange, the final armor tech for archers and cavalry will be unavailable.
  • Added some more techs, like Thumb Ring for faster firing archers.
  • Limited monasteries to 1 per player.
  • Added Bee Nests as a replacement for Chinese Bombard Cannons.
  • Added Market system for buying or selling resources.
  • Fixed major bugs for civilization choice.
  • Removed units and buildings bonuses icons. Now the bonuses and specifications will be listed on quests.
  • Removed most memory leaks.
  • Reverted armor modifier back to its original value.
  • Changed Vikings bonus to health and armor on ships to a 10% movement speed boost on ships.
  • Added quests for a brief description of each civilization, Market, and credits section.
  • Added in the triggers a commentary with the credits.
  • Added Trebuchets to be trained from Castles.
  • Added Siege Engineers technology in the University.

  • Mr.Bob
  • Mike
  • MassiveMaster
  • HerrDave
  • Kuzakani (no longer a HiveWorkshop member)
  • Epsilon
  • Uncle Fester
  • Asssssvi
  • Wandering Soul
  • johnwar
  • Mechanical Man
  • Hayate
  • purparisien
  • Explobomb
  • wingednosering
  • Elenai
  • Stefan.K
  • olofmoleman
  • Mephestrial
  • paladinjst
  • BlinkBoy
  • Direfury
  • Bribe (Damage Engine)


1st player starting point (this is an example. Units will spawn only after choosing civilization):

Almost the entire map:

In a close future will give access to the map for testing purposes.
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