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The mountain crumbles! Some paths have been blocked by boulders, it might be in your interest to remove them... or not.

Author's notes
This map got 1st place in the FFA Mapping Contest hosted by FFA Masters. Many thanks to the great FFA community and HighTac and also thanks to Pad for the w3champions FFA ladder.

Map Specifics


Creep Camps
18 30 6 (2 if played as 4-way)

Neutral Buildings

Gold Mines

A fairly small FFA map that aims for high player interaction. It is very spawn dependent for 4 player games. The expos are very close to bases so players have the option to build one big base. Due to smaller map size and somewhat lower gold ammount the games on this map should take less time than on other maps.

This map's unique aspect are the rock chunks that block some paths. These rocks have only 20% health (50 HP) so unlike the rocks on Avalanche, these aren't that cumbersome to destroy. Every blocked path is guarded by a creep camp with slow or bash. Players can either destroy the rocks, leave the camp there and set up a trap for the opposing player or they can creep the camp themselves for the sweet loot and XP.
The middle GM camps offer level 4 permanent items and 15 000 gold expo. Rushing these camps might secure you an upper hand.
Each base is protected by a treewall, you might want to keep it intact for defense. However, your enemy might siege these woods for a surprise attack. And once the trees have fallen, they're not growing back. There is a lot of trees to be cut, one could say it's an infinite amount. This might be changed in a future update but for now I'm keeping it this way.

While the trees show as winter trees in the screenshots and in the editor, they might look like loarderon summer trees in game. This is caused by a bug that doesn't properly show the Skin alteration if applied to a tree doodad.

[2020-05-22]-Version 1.1 - Uploaded on hive
- terrain adjustments
- trolls behind labs moved slightly closer to shops
- first gnoll camp has now 1-3-1 gnolls
- lake gnoll camp now drops lvl 2 charged instead of just lvl 2 tome
- bases were moved two blocks away, the tree wall is wider by 1 tree length
- aggro is now adjusted for expo and base (red camp)
[2020-07-21]-Version 1.2
- terrain adjustments
- border area remade to not be just trees
- lake at the gnoll camp removed, whole are remade to prevent aggro
- merc camps changed from Cityscape to Village (Kobold Taskmaster, Geomancer, Tunneler, Assassin) to promote the usage
- reduced fog a bit as it was too strong in reforged graphics


Rockslide (Map)

Well, I cant really find anything substantial to criticize. I'm not really convinced that the destructable rocks will make any differents, but due to the design, it's not really important. Congratulations on getting the map onto the w3champions...


Map Reviewer
Level 20
Nov 2, 2013
Well, I cant really find anything substantial to criticize. I'm not really convinced that the destructable rocks will make any differents, but due to the design, it's not really important.
Congratulations on getting the map onto the w3champions ladder, it certainly deserves it! I think it would also work for 3v3 for sure, and maybe even 2v2 (preferably with enforced cross spawns).
Btw did you also include the double mud golem spot to as a "hidden" reference to Neo and Remo?

Map Approved.
Level 24
Nov 9, 2006
It's possible that destructables can screw up pathing in a few cases, but it probably won't affect gameplay.
Like when you click move on the minimap and expect your unit to walk there without hitches, but your enemy destroyed a block of rock.
Your unit is now aggroed by 2 slow golems.

But who knows, maybe it's cool strategy to kill enemy scouts if people aren't mindful of their unit?
Level 21
Sep 24, 2017
The point of the destructibles was exactly that :D you can leave a meaningless trap, not that it would matter in FFA much, that's why it's used only in those 2 types of camps. The rocks can be destroyed in very few hits and I've seen players use them for creepjacks even.
The 2 mud golems were placed there mainly for the slow but I remembered the reference while adding them there, so yeah, it can be consider a hidden reference.
Idk, it could work for 2v2/3v3 but setting enemy spawn priority would probably destroy the random spawn factor for ffa.

I still have some stuff written down that I could change/improve but noone has complained much about the state of the map. Here's the list of what could be in future updates:
- borders, no more infinite trees (not that I or the players mind but I heard similar complains on Logging Camp)
- mid expo turned to red camp (in 6-way there are no red camps, but it still works fine)
- changing merc camp from cityscape to the new village with mostly kobolds (it might not be as "balanced" as cityscape but all the bash and taskmaster's aura might make the creep spots more attractive to creep since they're mostly left untouched in matches now)

The map will also be played in Ugri's FFA Challenge on 12th June as a 6-way ffa. I'm interested to see how it'll go down.