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A golden and silvery robotic pig to complement Mechanized SteamPig.

Still in need of improvements but in a usable state with an exploding death animation, a simple but working embedded portrait.

A special Spell animation was added to vanquish the forces of darkness with a bang.

Base SpiritPig and textures come from the vanilla warcraft 3. Reskin, model modifications, added animations by Cuore. Please give credits if you use this.

I give you permission to modify this model but at the condition that you credit its authors.

Special "thank you" goes to: Alethos, General Frank and Kirbi0 for motivating me through, and to Abovegame for thinking this concept in his request.

Author-given tags:
#Gnome #Pig #Boar #Robot

Update #may 19: death animation fixed
Update #may 20: reverting to old zap eyes, put some zap into the death animation, made the eyes blink during portrait animations. Attaching to the comments below the outdated star-eyed variation as well as a goggle-wearing variation, in light of the fact that the changes are minimal and the file size is.. substantial.
Update #february 18, following year: small fixes applied, TC added.

Robo-Pig (Model)

General Frank
A very cool and creative idea and good execution. Works in-game and performs quite well. Approved.
Level 7
Mar 11, 2017
This is a help request to any expert modeler unlike myself. I want help to modify the spell animation (or adding a channel animation) to make what every robot shouldn't miss: a BEAM animation!!!:cute:
Rufy&Chopper GIF.gif


Also another open issue is that during Death i can't make the geosets disappear exactly when the explosion takes place and this is s... subobptimal. I could really use a hand with that.

Please send me a tell <3
Level 7
Mar 11, 2017
Death Animation fixed.
I had indeed set the correct frames to alpha out the pig geosets at the right time during the explosion. But there was no instruction that specifically told them to alpha :1 at the beginning of the Death animation (the whole pig was alpha opaque implicitly from the first frame).
Just explcitly setting alpha :1 at the beginning of the Death sequence was enough to solve the issue.
Level 11
Jan 25, 2017
I love love love that (spell) beam animation! Also good job at making a fully functioning portrait. I like the new eyes even more- and the alternate versions look good too. Also, I may be messaging you eventually to learn how to do some animations things...

Good work and thanks for the credit
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