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Roberts Rebellion

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Kaptajn_Snaps Presents

Roberts Rebellion
Created by Kaptajn_Snaps

Map introduction:

Hi, it has been years since I started on my ASOIAF universe map, Roberts Rebellion, and I would like to showcase and share it with you!
Roberts Rebellion is a competitive 5vs5 spawn based strategy in the spirit of maps like Battle for Middle Earth (By Lord_Turin and NWG_Jonas).
We have spent a lot of time making a Westeros with beautiful castles, terrain, and your favorite heroes from that era.
The map is available to host on makemehost.com and entgaming.net, as "RobertsRebellionVx.xx", e.g. "RobertsRebellionV1.19"

Game details:

The teams are: Rebel forces - Lannister, Arryn, Tully, Baratheon and Stark. Royal Forces - Targaryen, Martell, Tyrell, Kingsguard and Greyjoy.
Each faction starts out with an army of units, some heroes, an a number of bases that regularly spawns reinforcements to your army.
The players must use these and cooperate with his team to defeat the enemy heroes/armies/bases.
Players must take care since heroes are not revivable and bases not rebuildable.
Gold and lumber is received regularly and can be used to upgrade bases for long term benefits, hire mercenaries to quickly bolster your army, build towers for defense.
The map contains Westeros, from south of the wall and down.
The terrain is open to avoid chokes, to allow freedom of movement and huge battles with many players at a time.
Hotkeys to spells and abilities are Q, W, E, R, and a very few at T. Q, is generally support spells. Almost all aoe dmg spells are W. All heals except some army heal spells is E. All stuns are R. Keys are placed on your hero so that the spells map to your keyboard (except T).
Creator: Kaptajn_Snaps
Assistance: Radagast., lord_Turin, NWG_Jonas, Argos

Screenshots and Videos:










The Story of Roberts Rebellion:

Roberts Rebellion is an event in the universe of "A Song of Ice and Fire" (ASOIAF) by GRRM, and the HBO production "Game of Thrones" based on ASOIAF.
This rebellion is set 15 years before the first book of ASOIAF called "A Game of Thrones". The rebellion is also known as the "War of the Usurper" but as the other name indicates, it is about a rebellion lead by Robert Baratheon, Eddard Stark and Jon Arryn, against the infamous "Mad King" Aerys Targaryen II and his family. You can read more about the rebellion here Robert's Rebellion There is not really any spoilers on this page but beware if you go other places on that wiki.
You can also see the HBO produced graphical story's about the event in a point of view as linked:

There are more videos from more povs if you look.


Q: Why is Lannisters with Rebel forces? - A: Lannisters eventually joined the rebel forces in throwing down the Targaryens. Also to avoid complicated team mechanics.
Q: Why is Greyjoys with Royal forces? - A: It is not an unrealistic scenario, yet it is much due to trying to get a fair simple 5v5 team setup without complicated team mechanics.
Q: Why is the Targaryen holdings split into two? - A: There is too many heroes and holdings to have for one player, and also to make it fair simple 5v5 team setup.
Q: Why are your spells setup as QWER? - A: Because it is an amazing hotkey standard used by games like LoL and Dota. The system has a really good correspondence between the buttons on your screen to the buttons on your keyboard, creating a clear mental model of what you want to accomplish, and making it easier to learn, remember and use.
Q: Why should I play this over alternative ASOIAF maps? - A: Roberts Rebellion is competitively oriented on balance, hero-army micro and team efforts. It has beautiful castles, terrain and much freedom of movement.

Resources and Help Credits:

Special Thanks to: Radagast., Lord_Turin, NWG_Jonas, Argos
Thanks to: Wandering Soul, CloudWolf, Mr.Goblin, eubz, Tranquil, Sweet Oblivion, Uncle Fester, Horn, Sellenisko, Kitabatake, Ujimasa Hojo, Freddyk, MassiveMaster, Frankster, HappyTauren, funkid2, Ribenamania, R.A.N.G.I.T., -=Emergenzy=-, Zin-Creator
For resources and/or help.


Changelog is being maintained here: Trello
Older changelogs can be seen here Changelog

Please feel free to ask questions!
Remember it is still being being developed and expanded, but should be fairly balanced and feature complete.
I hope you are interested in my map and will give it a chance :)

Map Description Template Created by -Kobas-
Find more here: Map Description - Templates

ASOIAF, game of thrones, AGOT, strategy, medieval, spawn based strategy, a song of ice and fire,

Roberts Rebellion v4.1 (Map)

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Level 6
Apr 1, 2014
Short Review.

Yrk's Review:


Roberts Rebellion V.1.20

By Kaptajn_Snaps


This is a wonderful, Strategy Map. The aim of this map, is to destroy the other faction. It has a cool customized unit, and customized heroes too. The units, and the heroes, are kinda wierd, it has no shadow. The Base, needs a little work. I really love playing it, too bad, it has no AI.


The terrain, is a amazing. I like the tiles, you chosen, it really fits, in every corner of the map. Also, I like the walls, in every base in the map. But, it still need some doodads, the map is kinda empty. Still, I love the sweet terrain of the map.


- Maybe, adding AI?
- Improve the terrain, a little bit.
- Add some doodads, in the map.
- Add shadows, to the units, and heroes.

Rating: 3/5
Status: Approved

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
Edit: Yrk,you stole my plot. :p
LOL, sorry.
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Level 1
Nov 2, 2012
Man, after playing this 24/7, my life has gotten so much better! All the ladies want me, all the men wants to be me. Who needs work or school when you can just play this all day.
Level 1
May 2, 2019
Hey Hive

With the huge event upcoming being the official Roberts Rebellion Tournament hosted by our beloved friends at Diplo, I thought it would be appropriate to post our official manual/guidebook to the map. Link can be seen here:

Roberts Rebellion - The Chronicles of Westeros: Roberts Rebellion - Chronicles of Westeros

The guide is an excellent tool for any new player to get an insight into how the map works and what the general basics are. Especially the individual faction guides in chapter 3 to 12 are incredibly useful in this regard. The guide is also excellent for already experienced players to give them a way to perfect their main races with small tips and tricks, or a great tool to learn new races if u are bored with always playing the same.

The guide took 2 months to write & put together & is based on 4 years of gameplay & feedback from the community behind the map & from Kaptajn_Snaps himself. So I really hope you will give it a read !

For more interest about the map or its community, you can also check out The Old Guard discord at this link: Join the The Old Guard Discord Server!

Regards Assa