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Risk.frishers Bug List

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Jun 21, 2011
Risk.frishers Bug List 1.1

Gaias ORPG Bugs/Errors/Suggestions 1.1

1. Class Errors
2. General

Class Errors

Change the button positions of the spells. They should be like this in my opinion:
Gaping Wounds DoT just deals 2 damage on spiders. I guess It's somekind of poison resistance, but, It's supposed to be in psychical damage.


Heavy Chainmail does NOT give 2 Attack Power. Fix tooltip.
Gladius recipe say there are no armor penetration, the item say 1.
Steel Gauntlets have a additional space between the stats.

After you've advanced to the second job, the aggro meter (The multiboard) will become Team Resources. I haven't tested this without leavers... But, with leavers this become team resources.
The only team resource that shows up is Dark Green.

D3 5 person limit bugged. Someone left the game and then we could only have 4 ppl inside dungeon.
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