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ROTG 1.31 released!

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Level 9
Apr 28, 2006
Well, its been anotehr 2 months of solid work but the next version of Requiem Of The Gods is finally ready!

You can get it off the download page on the site, and view the changelog there, btu ist repeated below for convienence.

All standard creep camps now have a chance to drop items & bonuses as the creeps are killed!
Added 2 more Murgul camps.
A new preview screen has been added.
Added a new -lumber command for referees that explains to players how to earn lumber in the game.
Each creep has a % chance to drop an item which is based around the global "creep level"
The creep level dictates how hard the creeps that spawn are and ranges from creep level 1-5.

All the hero tooltips for every ability for every hero have been redone and now include being able to see all the attributes of an ability before you use it.
The new tooltips now include exactly how to use an ability and exactly what it does.
All hero hotkeys have been fixed so that all spells/abilities are now learnt and used by using the X,C,V,B hotkeys so you no longer need to remember millions of different hotkey combinations for each hero!
The hotkey for choosing heroes has been changed from "Z" to "X".
Moved the location of one of the possible titan spawning zones further from the creeps.
Lots of new terrain fixes have been included that open up more attack routes, a wider gameplay area, a new tunnel for travelling across the map to the enemies side from the north as well as reducing the amount of doodads and making the map generally look better.

The way the base towers work has been revised. The towers now have two attacks, one of which is the very short ranged "instant death" attack that prevents the enemies from entering the base, the new attack deals medium damage at a longer range, stretching right across the "slow aura" outside the bases. This is so a player chasing an enemy into the base will not come under attack by the longer range towers and should survive long enough to realise he should be falling back instead of filing into the "instant death" base towers.
The way the game handles players leaving has been changed.
Now, when a player leavers all of his current resources are NOT shared out between his remaining teammates. Instead they are stored. This is so when a referee takes control of the leaver's hero he now gains what resources the leaver had at time of leaving the game. This also prevents the abuse where a single player on a team with 3 leavers creates 1 "super" hero with all the leavers resources then levels the leaver heroes using his "super" hero.
Any resources the leaver hero earns after leaving is shared as usual.
When a team hits the score limit during a private duel they now win immediately and don't have to wait for the duel to end first.
Final team scores are now displayed in the winning cinematic for deathmatch games.

Radically increased Pounces damage to 90, 100, 110, 120 from 50, 60, 70, 80
Maul's damage has been increased to 9,14,16, 20 up from 8,12,14,16
Cursed Arrow now lasts slightly longer.
Hand of Dust now lasts for 8 seconds up from 6.
Blessing of the Ju'Jumon's heal has been slightly improved.
Death Mastery now has a level skip requirement of 5 meaning you cannot use the better Zombies until you are higher levels.
Maximum Power now lasts longer, 12,16,20 seconds up from 8, 12, 15.
Maximum Power now has a 160 second cooldown down from 180.
Underworld Strike now does an additional 5% of the enemies health per level.
Fixed a bug whereby Burrowers could cast "Spawn Burrowers" while underground.
Fixed a bug with Earthquake's damage.
Fixed a bug with Enchant Weapon where Berserker's Axe appeared to be upgraded when in fact it wasn't. Berserker's Axe cannot be enchanted.
Fixed a bug with Death Spasm/Focus Magic.
Fixed a bug with Soul's Drain's max range and the health bonus not being applied.
Fixed a damage bug with Lightning Strike.

Permanent contracts now cost 250 gold down from 500.
Gas Bombs now cost 120 gold down from 150.
Cold and Lightning upgrades now cost 90 lumber down from 120.
Fire upgrades now cost 80 lumber down from 120.
Alchemist's Brew now costs 200 gold down from 250.
Dragon Helm now costs 850 gold down from 900.
Crimson Armour now costs 110 lumber down from 135.
Moonglade Armour now costs 50 lumber up from 45.

Fixed a bug where if a referee takes control of a leaver's wisp before has has chosen a hero in teamplay mode he couldn't manually pick a hero. Now he can.
When possessing a a wisp the referee's camera is now moved to the correct position.
Fixed a bug in duel mode where the pre-round cinematic could be fired twice resulting in unstable effects.
Fixed a bug with team mode's sudden death lava not dealing correct damage.
Fixed a bug with team modes sudden death lava not catching units on fire.
Fixed a pathing bug with the tunnel.
Fixed a bug where a player could issue a duel challenge without picking a hero resulting in unstable effects.
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