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Hey guys! I am an old time fan of Warcraft 3 here. Personally I spend a lot of time just hanging out and reminiscing about when I used to play WoW WotLk in 2009 even though I do not pay for subscription anymore.
So you probably all can imagine how I felt back in 2020 spring when the Warcraft 3 Reforged released and I saw the videos and feelings and people describing how everyone involed is just losing out in a giant lose-lose situation where Warcraft III was deleted.

So up until they deleted Warcraft III from us I did dabble a bit in playing some Warcraft III with a few longterm IRL friends. And I had this totally brainwashed idea that playing with my IRL friends was probably going to happen lots more with Reforged. But since then my friends wouldn't touch the Warcraft III anymore obviously. Because of that and because of the pandemic this hobby just kind of got away from me. Like I lost believing in that I could enjoy Warcraft III customs with other people even though I used to enjoy that a lot and believe it would go on forever.

Now I looked at Hive again and suddenly it's like I see the truth of what Warcraft III customs were all about for me, as if it was still here with the people and I was just blindsided believing that some big company could delete what I cared about when in reality it lives on in the people like I am seeing now here at Hive.

So I signed up and I wanted to open up about this and try to get advice from you guys who are amazing and still modding Warcraft III even now as we are beginning 2022. Because you actually are amazing. And so I feel like I am at a dark point in my life and especially with this hobby of ever playing Warcraft brand products, and I think that when I will play Warcraft III then I will be all alone and without any friends because they only see Reforged branding and they don't see Hive... but I wondered if you guys here could give me tips on what custom maps would be fun to play single player in 2022 in my spare time. Because I started to realize there are amazing things going on here on Hive even in the face of adversity... so I just wanted to get suggestions from people on cheap fun ways to spend time alone with Warcraft III in 2022 anytime I am feeling down.

Anyway, you guys are the best. Even if nobody sees this and nobody replies, I'll be looking around to find what I can...
@Heinvers Thanks for the welcome! I am having a good time being here, except for when I get Hive staff on Discord threatening to ban me from Hive in my nightmares. But that was just a bad dream I had the other night. It's funny in retrospect... it all seemed so real. I am at a weird dark place in life, maybe.

Are there any good maps you would suggest, maybe in particular for just playing some single player Warcraft III?


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For single player maps, campaigns is probably the most popular choice. So I would just go the map section, filter by campaigns and then sort by downloads. Pick whatever seems interesting and give it a whirl, you can read some review as well.

The complication is that reforged removed support for custom campaigns for some reason.
As usual, the community has solved it.. although I forgot the solution.
There was a news post a few months back about it.

Either that or install an old wc3 version if you don't care about reforged. Most people have multiple versions anyway because the new natives (among other reasons) do not allow much cross version play.
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