Reset Timers?

Level 6
Aug 12, 2007
Does the Unit-Reset Timers action work for heroes' abilities?
Will it reset the hero abilities to "Just Used"?
  • Unit - Reset ability cooldowns for (Target unit of ability being cast)
If no, is there a way to trigger reset hero's abilities?
Level 28
Jan 26, 2007
I wanna set them to just used...
And what is this "just used"?
Do you want the spells to be in cooldown, or do you want the cooldown to be gone?

If you want to let the spell be in cooldown, just make the hero/unit cast the spell on something useless (dummies, for example) and stop him from the moment he casted it (in case it's a channeling ability).
Not really the best solution, but can't think of anything else right now.
Level 18
Jan 21, 2006
Or you could give him another dummy ability with the same order ID and force him to use that one, then remove the ability immediately once he uses it. You would have to do it on the effect of the ability starting because that is when the ability actually has been cast. If you do it before then the dummy ability will not begin its cooldown, meaning neither will your other ability.

The thing is this is only as unique as the order IDs. If you have 3 separate units with the same spell then you will only need the one ability, but if you have 3 units and 2 of them have the ability, and one does not (he has a different ability), then you will need another ability to interfere with the proper order ID.