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Requesting spells: help me!

Level 3
Apr 21, 2004
I've got a few abilities I can't make myself, so I want you to help.

Name: Barbed Riposte
Description: A single-target spell only castable on heroes. The caster channels after making the order to cast, then deals damage based on damage recieved during the channeling.
Level 1: 2 times damage.
Level 2: 3 times damage.
Level 3: 4 times damage.
Note: If at all possible, I'd like this spell be calculated without including regeneration or healing spells during the channeling time. If not, I want the hero to have his regeneration stopped, and to become spell immune.

Name: Boulder Gloves
Description: Basically a variant of tree club. The problem comes in animation. How can I get rock chunks attached to the heroes hands when cast? I tried editing the buff, but it doesn't seem to do anything.

Name: Match-Maker
Description: A channeling line-damage spell that does damage to the caster as well. It should look like a constant stream of fire.
Level 1: 40 Damage per second to the enemy, 10 to self per second, for 5 seconds
Level 2: 70 Damage per second to the enemy, 15 to self per second, for 5 seconds
Level 3: 100 Damage per second to the enemy, 20 to self per second, for 5 seconds
Note: The execution proves difficult, but it's the animation that's a real pain. I want it to look like a constant stream of fire, as I said, and I figured that a scaled up side fire trap would work (can they be scaled) but those only last for a second or two, they have no stand animation like the frost traps.

Name: Deflect Magic.
Description: Mana shield, but it only effects spells.
Level 1: 100% conversion, 1 mana for every health damage
Level 2: 100% conversion, 0.75 mana for every health damage
Level 3: 100% conversion, 0.5 mana for every health damage

Name: Life Essence
Description: Sort of a single target spirit link. The caster chooses one allied, non-hero unit, and now all damage dealt to the caster is now taken by the unit that had this spell cast on it. It does not, however, work the other way around.
Level 1: Adds a bonus 10 armor to the target
Level 2: Adds a bonus 20 armor to the target
Level 3: Adds a bonus 30 armor to the target
Note: What determines the damage to the sharing unit in spirit link? Is it the armor and other bonuses of the damaged unit, or the sharing unit? Say, a sorceress with 0 armor is attacked for 100 damage. It is spirit linked with a mountain giant that has 17 armor, and hardened skin. How much damage does the mountain giant recieve? Is it the whole 50, or just 19?

Name: Nirvana
Description: This has two parts. First, charge. The hero channels for a few seconds in order to activate the real skill. Nirvana, the real skill, is only usable after charge is used. It's just blink, dressed up a bit. After a certain number of uses of Nirvana though, it is no longer usable, an you have to use the charge skill again.
Level 1: Charge channels for 3 seconds, nirvana can be used 2 times.
Level 2: Charge channels for 4 seconds, nirvana can be used 5 times.
Level 3: Charge channels for 5 seconds, nirvana can be used 10 times.

Well, I guess that's all.
Level 9
Jun 10, 2004
1) I like that idea. I'll make it.
2) There is an attachment point for left and right hands.
3) The damage could be triggered or done via dummy casters and spells. You might be able to slow the animation speed via triggers.
4) This would be very difficult. I must admit that I have no idea as to where to begin.
5) The damage is probably hardcoded, so you would have to trigger everything.
6) I'll look into it...

These are GREAT ideas! Keep them coming!

Level 9
Jun 10, 2004
Made Barbed Riposte:

I looked into Nirvana. You could give the unit the ability to sell an item that blinks, but that would be a problem in itself. You could also base the ability off Flare. The problem here is that then, the spell couldn't have multiple levels. However, You might be able to pull a trick with the Engineering Upgrade...

Level 3
Aug 27, 2004
Name: Match-Maker

there is an animation of an such a flame available.
i dont know the name but it looks lik an flamethrower.
perhaps you were looking fo that.
check the space marine, i think it is his atack aniamtion but i am not sure.
Level 11
Jul 20, 2004
What is Deflect Magic supposed to do? Should it give mana for the damage the unit takes from spells? Hmm... if so, it is pretty hard to make, and though it is a decent idea... There might be a way by calculating the life. Is there a trigger which could be activated if the unit would be targeted by an ability? If so... It would be possible to make.