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Passive Stun Armor, Mana Storm and Backfire Spells Request

:idea: I've come up with ideas of 3 Hero Spells, but I need someone who can make the JASS script and/or other Spell making details. The spells are:

Shock Armor - Gives a chance that an enemy unit attacking the Hero will be stunned for a small duration. (Level 1 - 10% chance, 1 second stun; Level 2 - 15% chance, 1.5 second stun; Level 3 - 20% chance, 2 second stun.)

Mana Storm - Casts a powerful storm over a target area, dealing damage to enemy units and burning mana. The Storm lasts 6 seconds.
The mana burned DOES NOT deal extra damage
(this spell MUST NOT be channeling)
(Level 1 - 20 damage, 10 mana burned (per second); Level 2 - 30 damage, 15 mana burned (per second); Level 3 - 40 damage, 20 mana burned (per second).)

Backfire - Curses a target enemy unit so that whenever it attacks it will take a percent of the damage it has dealt. Lasts 10 seconds.
(Level 1 - 50% backfired; Level 2 - 100% backfired; Level 3 - 150% backfired.)

This is all that I need. It may be a lot for some of you, but I hope there are Spell Makers capable of handling my request. I'll credit anyone who makes the whole 3 spells exactly as I explained.
Hope you answer soon! :wink: