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[HD/Modeling] Request for Lo'gosh from HOTS

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Jun 12, 2014
My brother and I are in the design phase of a custom campaign to tell the story of Varian's time away from Stormwind. We have been searching quite a bit for a good Varian option, and there just isn't a good enough Lo'gosh model for our needs (at least that we've been able to find).

There is one high-quality Lo'gosh model that would work if we absolutely have to use it, but it looks much more like a generic barbarian than Lo'gosh himself.

The HOTS skin of Varian is simply perfect. Distinct visuals and it looks just like him (obviously).

We are hoping there is someone here with a speedy skill at porting the HOTS model that such a request wouldn't be a hassle. If not, we understand, but we're hoping.
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