Reforged Neutral Beast Lair and Derivatives

I was always wondering why sludge monsters are being hired in a Mercenary camp.. that was weird.
But now we can hire wolves, spiders, sludge monsters in the Beast Lair! For food of course) They don't need gold)))

Also this building can be destroyed in some quests, that is why I added birth and death animations.

There are 2 variants SE and SW.
No team color.

Also added variants with barrens texture set.

Barrens Neutral Beastlair Icon (Icon)

Barrens Neutral Beastlair SE (Model)

Barrens Neutral Beastlair SW (Model)

Neutral Beast Lair Icon Reforged (Icon)

Neutral Beast Lair SE Reforged (Model)

Neutral Beast Lair SW Reforged (Model)

Mr Ogre man
Adding Team Colour (as runes or something) would be lovely. Still, lacking TC is not a huge issue.