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RED RAVEN v1.02.1

Submitted by Ungoliath
This bundle is marked as approved. It works and satisfies the submission rules.
After a lot of testing I can finally release Red Raven patch 1.02. Here you will find an overview of the major changes and improvements.






Check the changelog for a complete, more detailed list. There you will also find bug fixes and known issues.


For an optimal experience, please do the following:
- Enable music and sound, as much focus has been around atmosphere through audio.
- Turn on environmental effects to enable fog.
- Turn off v-sync, as it can affect the flow of cinematics and timing of sound effects.

This map was made in standard mode and is locked to classic graphics, meaning that
anyone running the current version (1.32~) of Warcraft III can play it.

You don't have to buy Reforged.

This is a story about a lone sorcerer who found himself in the misty realm of Silenced Songs.

Driven by something unknown, his determination is almost unfathomable. He will soon discover that there are many secrets to unfold within the colourless fog...

Entry for the 16th mini-mapping contest.


The Ravens are a group of sorcerers who have specialized themselves in the soul arts, meaning that they draw from the beyond to conjure their spells. Here are two examples:

Phase (V)
Marks your current state within the time stream, to which you will return after 0,7 seconds. This means that you will return to the health you had upon phasing + 50% of the damage you took during these 0,7 seconds. This means that you can risk taking fatal damage for a great deal of health, given that you time it correctly. During Phase, you will also have increased armor.

Looking-glass self (D)
Gaze upon your other self in another reality, and temporarily bind him to your realm. This looking-glass self will move to the target destination and remain for 10 seconds. What makes this ability special is that it is linked with Phase (V). For as you Phase during the lifespan of a looking-glass self, your positions will be switched.

These were two examples of what makes a Raven unique. Now to the soul arts:

Soul Orb (F)
Conjure a tiny mass from the spectral realm, which in itself has no particular effect, aside from granting you 70 mana upon attacking it. Still, Soul Orbs are the meat of the combat, as you may shape them into different elements with elemental scrolls.

Each Elemental Orb has its own passive abilities and effects which it leaves behind after withering. After an Elemental Orb has been created, you may direct it by attacking a target of any kind - be it friend or foe. With each basic attack performed by the Red Raven, a swirling wind will appear at the target's position -- it’s this wind that detonates Elemental Orbs of all kinds, even those conjured by your enemies.

Release (C) / Soothe (C)
Now how do you conjure an Elemental Orb from a Soul Orb? By finding the so called “Bran Scrolls”, which you can choose to either Release (C) or Soothe (C) to call forth their inner elemental power. This will create an elemental effect around you, which in turn molds nearby Soul Orbs into Elemental Orbs. Nearby Elemental Orbs of an opposite elements will also be affected - reverting back to neutral Soul Orbs. For instance, when facing an opponent who uses Fire Orbs, your use of the Bran Scroll of Ice can turn these Fire Orbs into Soul Orbs.

Each Elemental Orb is unique. Here are two examples: Fire and Ice. Whilst fire focuses on high damage and damage over time, Ice has medium damage with a movement impairing effect. After one of these are lunged at the target (by attacking, as mentioned above), they will leave an elemental effect as they detonate. Fire leaves behind a small fire gust which damages over time, while Ice leaves behind a small ice effect which slows movement speed -- thus making them excellent for traps


If you're not able to play the map, yet are still curious about the story and gameplay -- here are some videos showing off the prologue, all boss fights, and all endings. Spoilers (obviously)!

The occasional freezes/visual stutters is caused by OBS Studio (which I used to capture the video), and does NOT happen when you play the game normally.


Why the large map size? Short answer: voice acting! There are many NPCs in Silenced Songs with lots of knowledge about its underlying mystery...
[​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]

Here you can see all changes that have been made to the map, as well as current game issues I'm still working on.
Armor increasing/decreasing: It would seem that this happens when a lot of triggers surrounding armor are activated at once. You would find that you either have a permanent armor of 30, or even -71.
-- SOLUTION: This is fixed by dying in-game, which makes it a non-issue for, say, a first playthrough. For those who want to tackle hardcore mode however, this will be a potential issue. I'm still trying to figure it out.

- Permanent movement speed decrease: This happens when you are affected by a lot of Ice Effects -- movement impairing effects -- at once. It often seems to occur whenever you are using Awel's Boots for a temporary movement speed effect. I'm unsure if it happens without them.
-- SOLUTION: This is fixed by dying in-game, which makes it a non-issue for, say, a first playthrough. For those who want to tackle hardcore mode however, this will be a potential issue. I'm still trying to figure it out.

PATCH 1.02.1 (08 june 2020)

- Awel's Boots now dispels movement impairing effects.

- Fixed a bug where Phase could last longer than intended, possibly affecting movement and armor. This was caused by a misplaced "wait" command.

PATCH 1.02 (07 june 2020)

- Spell: "Special Inventory" -- where all keys, quest items, unidentified scrolls, and old tomes are stored.
- Spell: The Awakening of Enlil -- a new special ability, available in the Grimoire from the start.
- Symbols of Good Fortune: MOON and COSMOS have been added.
- Several new enemy types and minibosses.
- New areas and secrets.
- New items.
- New Saints of teleportation.
- New sound effects.
- New special effects.

- Performance has been significantly improved.
- Wand usage has been improved. Projectiles now fire at the target destination.
- The character creation screen is now more informative.
- Aiding sound cues have been added, such as a ticking sound effect to the timed rune in the tutorial area.
- Changed the locations of the following Symbols of Good Fortune: SOUL, SUN.
- Ffraid now ventures to her nest after Aderyn is defeated, not when the purple runes are activated.
- Increased the scale of gold coins, making them easier to select.
- Made it easier to move inside Ceinwen's Archive.
- Leveling up now fully restores mana.
- Updated Grigor's voice.
- Game hints and full restoration is now available through Morwen.

- Lowered Red Raven's initial health from 550 to 400.
- Lowered Ice Orbs' movement slow from 200% to 70%.
- Lowered the duration of Arcane Effects from 10 seconds to 5 seconds.
- Raised spell resistance of Aderyn and Gwynfor by 20%.
- Slightly lowered the health of early enemy units.
- Slightly lowered Fire Orbs' damage.
- Slightly lowered Earth Orbs' damage.
- Slightly lowered Darkness Orbs' damage.
- Slightly lowered Blood Orbs' damage.
- Slightly increased Ice Orbs' damage.
- Slightly increased Thunder Orbs' damage.
- Slightly increased Arcane Orbs' damage.

- Fixed a bug where using a Bran Scroll would do damage, but not turn surrounding Soul Orbs into Elemental Orbs.
- Fixed a bug where sound wouldn't play if you opened two doors in quick succession whislt in the dungeons.
- Fixed a bug where if you died after defeating Gwynfor, it would prevent you from accessing the arena again.
- Fixed a bug where wolves would still remain in the Storm King arena even after you died.
- Added pathing blockers where there still existed gaps.
- Fixed typos.

PATCH 1.01
- Greatly improved performance by cleaning up still remaining dummy units
- Changed the Release/Soothe spell from thunder clap to roar, which minimizes lag
- Fixed a bug where losing to the fourth boss would remove the hero from the game.
- Fixed a bug where Moon Child's Circlet was not working properly.

AndreOverload519 - Forsaken Archer
Ayane - Aura
Blink - Anime Winds
Blizzard Entertainment - World of Warcraft
Boogles - Soulfire Missile
Born2Modificate - Cloud
Born2Modificate - High-Res Doodad Pack
Deolrin - Possessed Tome
EmpyReal - Black Magic
EmpyReal - Blood Spells
Epsilon - DinnerRoomGolem
EviL_BuddhA - Scroll Red
Felipe Gormadoc - Blood Variation
Fingolfin - Birch 1
Fingolfin - Birch 2
Fingolfin - Birch 3
Fingolfin - Oak 1
Fingolfin - Oak 2
Fingolfin - Oak 3
General Frank - Aquamarine
General Frank - Orb of Blood
General Frank - Orb of Darkness
General Frank - Orb of Dragons
General Frank - Orb of Fire
General Frank - Orb of Ice
General Frank - Orb of Light
General Frank - Orb of Lightning
-Grendel - Priest of Putrescence
-Grendel - Toxic Weed
HerrDave - Myrddraal
JetFangInferno - Annihilation
JetFangInferno - BanishTarget
JetFangInferno - BreathofFireDamage
JetFangInferno - CloudofFog
JetFangInferno - Desecrate
JetFangInferno - HandBuffs
JetFangInferno - Magic Seals
JetFangInferno - RandomFxPack
JetFangInferno - UDeathSmall
Judash - Almagest
Judash - ArchBlackWings
Judash - Black Blink
Judash - Blood Explosion
Judash - Blood Slam
Judash - Blood Wings
Judash - Blue Ball I, II
Judash - Claws
Judash - Deathrose
Judash - Desert Cyclone
Judash - Devil Slam
Judash - Eclipse
Judash - Falling Light
Judash - Flame Cyclone
Judash - Feather Pack
Judash - Gross
Judash - HellBond
Judash - HelRootsBuff
Judash - Holy Cross
Judash - Ice Sparks
Judash - Judgement Cut
Judash - Lava Crack
Judash - Lava Slam
Judash - Liquid Lightning
Judash - Lightning Shock
Judash - Lightning Slam
Judash - Quick Sand
Judash - Red Bats
Judash - Root Shield
Judash - Shadow Slam
Judash - Soul Aura
Judash - Wind Ball
KAIL333XZ - Icons to Models Pack
KAIL333XZ - Some Custom Items Pack
Kellym0 - GreatElderHydraLightningOrb
Lothar1994 - Fel Fire & Blue Fire
Matarael - Elven Boots
Mc ! - Arcane Tome
Mythic - Blink vol. I
Mythic - Blizzard II
Mythic - Conflagrate
Mythic - Ember
Mythic - Fire Arrows
Mythic - Fire Missiles
Mythic - Firebrand Shots
Mythic - Fountain of Souls
Mythic - Heal
Mythic - Holy Light
Mythic - Kingdom Come
Mythic - Nether Blast
Mythic - Pillar of Flame
Mythic - Radiance
Mythic - Rain of Fire vol. II, III
Mythic - Singularity vol. I, II
Mythic - Soul Armor
Mythic - Soul Discharge
Mythic - Void Rain
Mythic - Void Rifts
Mythic - Void Teleport
neogaidenx - Glowing Light
nGy - DarknessBomb
PeeKay - Lightning Sphere
Republicola - Ring of Protection
RightField - NewOrb
Rondo - Mauer
Rondo - Pfeiler
Rondo - Tor
Rondo - Turm 1
Rondo - Turm 2
Sc_freek - Eerie Fog
SNART - Realistic Water
Sunchips - GrassAnimated
Sunchips - Kitchen Knife
Sunwarrior25 - Blue Torch Attachment
Sunwarrior25 - Green Torch Attachment
SuPa- - Cave Goblin
SuPa- - Wortling
Talavaj - Stone & Sword Pack
TassAvadar - Animated Flags
Tauer - Zul'jin
Terrio - Item Models
The_Spellweaver - Frosty Crystal Drop
Tranquil - Lightning Multiple
Tr!KzZ - Gold Coins
UgoUgo - Flaming Raven
UgoUgo - Orb of Venom
UgoUgo - Orb of Wind
UgoUgo - ToxicField
Ungoliath - Timber Wolf variation
Unknown creator** - AncientsWrath
Unknown creator** - Carpet
Unknown creator** - Judgement
Unknown creator** - Shadow Ball
WILL THE ALMIGHTY - Air-based Explosion
WILL THE ALMIGHTY - Ancient Explosion
WILL THE ALMIGHTY - Dirt Explosion
WILL THE ALMIGHTY - Ground-based Explosion
WILL THE ALMIGHTY - Massive Explosion
WILL THE ALMIGHTY - Nuclear Explosion
WILL THE ALMIGHTY - SparksExplosion
WILL THE ALMIGHTY - Sparks Explosion
WhiteDeath - Gray Werewolf
WhiteDeath - Werewolf
WindexIsBack - Light Sources
XiaolianhuaStudio - Fantasy Environment
xXm0Rph3usXx - Stonehouse Kit
Zap - Model

** Could not find an author for this model. If such information becomes available to me, I will update the credits as soon as I’m able.

67Chrome - ReturnedArcher
67Chrome - ReturnedCaptain
67Chrome - ReturnedMage
Mr. Goblin - Corrupted Dog
Mr. Goblin - Corrupted Wolf
Red Shift - Miner
Stanakin - CaveKid
Ungoliath - Banshee
Ungoliath - Bog Beast
Ungoliath - BrutalLord
Ungoliath - Cave Goblin
Ungoliath - Deathrose
Ungoliath - Druid of the Talon
Ungoliath - Flaming Raven
Ungoliath - Ghoul
Ungoliath - Jaina
Ungoliath - Medivh
Ungoliath - Myrddraal
Ungoliath - Naga Royal Guard
Ungoliath - Naga Siren
Ungoliath - Priest of Putrescence
Ungoliath - Shoveler
Ungoliath - Six Wings
Ungoliath - Sorceress
Ungoliath - TimberWolf
Ungoliath - Toxic Weed
Ungoliath - VillagerWoman
Ungoliath - WarEagle
Ungoliath - Warlock
Ungoliath - Watcher
Ungoliath - Wortling
Ungoliath - Zombie
Ungoliath - Zul'jin

Nan0 - Stone Path
Nan0 - Stone Path 2
Nan0 - White Rock

Amigurumi - ChainsOfDarkness
BLazeKraze - Bad Omen
Blizzard Entertainment - World of Warcraft
CloudWolf - CW MagusStaff
FRENGERS - Scroll of Oblique
InfinityNexus - ScribeScroll
Kelthuzad - Talking2
Kola - QuestScroll
NFWar - Ice Wand
OgeRfaCes - Circle of Lightning
OgeRfaCes - Dark Light
OgeRfaCes - Light
PeeKay - Adept01
PeeKay - Adept002
PeeKay - Adept003
PeeKay - MagicStickLight
PeeKay - Law of Blood Scroll
PeeKay - Scroll of Inferno
Revolve - Scroll
Skypsi - LeatherboundTome I
Skypsi - LeatherboundTome II
Skypsi - LeatherboundTome III
Skypsi - LeatherboundTome IV
Skypsi - LeatherboundTome V
The Panda - Frost Wand
Veronnis - Quest Icon Bundle

Ungoliath - Loading Screen
Ungoliath - Map Preview

All Sounds - Write on paper
Blizzard Entertainment - Diablo II
DashGo - Drag the Body Somewhere
Freesound - Woman Laugh
Freesound - Woman Scream
Thomas Sarnari - Dragons & Mythical Creatures
Ungoliath - Character Voices & Sound Editing

Chopin, Frederic
Etudes, Op. 25
Performer: Bohumir Stehlik
Copyright: Public Domain Mark 1.0

Draeseke, Felix
Requiem, Op. 22
Performer: Private Tape (MUSOPEN)
Copyright: Creative Commons License: Attribution 3.0

Dvorak, Antonin
Symphony no. 9 in E minor, From the New World Op. 95
Performer: Symphony Orchestra
Copyright: Public Domain Mark 1.0

Mahler, Gustav
Symphony no. 2 in C minor “Resurrection”
Performer: European Archive
Copyright: Public Domain Mark 1.0

Mendelssohn, Felix
Symphony No. 4 in A Major (Italian), Mov. 4, Op. 90
Performer: Musopen Symphony
Copyright: Public Domain Mark 1.0

Verdi, Giuseppe
Quattro Pezzi Sacri
Performer: European Archive
Copyright: Public Domain Mark 1.0

Verdi, Giuseppe
Performer: Orchestre national de France
Copyright: Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs 4.0

Wagner, Richard
Tannhauser, WWV 70
Performer: European Archive
Copyright: Public Domain Mark 1.0

Projectile System found within...

RedScores - “Gaulish Spellpack”

-Berz- - “Simple Spell Pack”


RED RAVEN v1.02.1 (Map)

Shar Dundred
Map appears to be functional & doesn't break any rules. Approved.
  1. deepstrasz


    Map Reviewer

    Jun 4, 2009
    Maybe the unit needs to be forced to attack with a periodic event? Or if you could create a sort of event+condition that can verify if the boss is attacking (not moving) or is acquiring a target, if not order the unit to attack/attack+move to the hero's position.
    Well, I think I chose Story Mode or something. Realized later those were actually difficulties and not game modes.
    You could just make them invulnerable and die out when you trigger the specific orb near them.
    In that case you could create dummy units that are hidden for the aura effects and add locust to the particles or what you'd call them.
    No, don't worry. I didn't understand what the scroll abilities did the first time. I got the idea afterwards.
    Damage detection system. If a unit takes damage and the owner of the damage is the hero, send all nearby units to attack the hero.
    They remained there until the end of the game. Perhaps even after, who knows :D
    Or maybe they could regenerate when out of combat (in their initial positions/region).
    The ones where you put the books in Albrecht's library.
    Oh, well, yeah, I guess I should have reexplored the zones for that plant but maybe you could give a hint with a sort of nest/perch doodad.
    When the other one appeared they both became enemies but only the one on the left responded when being hit by orbs.
    Well, you could mention it in known issues. I don't remember seeing that there.
    This sort of map however, cannot be always be played in one go. Also, since cinematic scene fixes it, I suggest that when you load you trigger cinematic mode on and off.
    Couldn't you just use a trigger to reset the unit's movement speed? If not, there's probably a trigger that acts periodically. Also, it could be a permanent invisible buff?
    Did not when I came near it. I assume I had to use its ability which afterwards has a cooldown. So I think you shouldn't necessarily use that ability to get the waypoint working.
    Yeah, that's what I mean.
    It started happening after loading the game and got fixed by the following cinematic scene after it ended.
    I mean it's the least intelligible from all the custom voices. It's too distorted. Without subtitles I have a really hard time understanding and it so happened that the UI was broken right before that scene and the end of it fixed it.
    No, I don't use headphones regularly. It's hearing affecting. Besides, I don't like stuff heard in my head like hearing voices.
    Wait, there's two? The one in that video. Thanks for it.

    Gonna go meet the dude now. Only I have to fight the necromancer again since cheats don't work :D

    EDIT: never mind the perch/nest thing. It's pretty obvious once you move around. Sorry, I just didn't pay enough attention to the item's description.

    1. The Grotesque could follow you better. I left Waltz of the Fireflies and it consumed half of its HP.
    2. Amulet of Blood's icon=Madoc's Lucky Necklace.
    3. Would be nice to redistribute points since I found the Wand of Necromancy and for boni it wants the other attributes too.
    4. Anywhere I can find the last two books? anima.png
    5. Ugh, Wand of Arcane wants 1 skill point to be bought :\ Don't have any. Am level 9 and only the last boss is left.
    EDIT: ah, also, maybe you'd want to slow the turn rate of the eagle for the 2nd ending as it moves too staccato.

    Forgot to ask, when/how did you have time to finish this map for a mini-map contest :D?
    Last edited: Sep 5, 2020
  2. Ungoliath


    Mar 15, 2010
    @deepstrasz Dude, your feedback has been awesome! Now I know what to focus on for the next patch (1.03), before i delve into the huge content patch (1.1). :D

    Haha I really have no idea, but I would like to think that was because of effective planning. I love working in Google Docs when I'm making maps, for there I can write out the script, gameplay mechanics and just keep fun ideas stored for later use (when I eventually sit down and open the world editor), and thus get into a pretty great flow, as I know what to do. Thanks to this I've found that I often think about say boss #3 whilst creating boss #2, and so on. :)

    In case you didn't find them:
    To find these tomes you need to return to the first dungeon with the
    necromancy scroll

    Rhein, the birdman you find in the dungeon, gives you a hint of that particular unexplored part of the labyrinth
  3. deepstrasz


    Map Reviewer

    Jun 4, 2009
    I don't remember. Hmm. Gonna check it out! Thanks.

    Hey, got me thinking. One way you could make the attack work is eliminating auto-attack by making the enemy neutral and ordering the hero to attack the enemy when you right click them. You could also do it with pressing A and left clicking on the enemies like you do with the orbs, which begs the question, wouldn't left clicking the orbs be better if the hero would actually attack them? That would help with time wasting on first commanding attack and then selecting the enemy/orb.

    1. Symbol of the Moon looks passive.
    2. Would be nice to create a place to store the scrolls. I have to remember where I left them :| Similarly with the wands.
    3. Any other spells after Gethin's Requiem?
    4. Dreamy Clergymen attack through the walls with their green stuff.
    5. Anything to open with the Scroll of Blood?
    Also, Madoc looks like William.
    Last edited: Sep 6, 2020
  4. Ungoliath


    Mar 15, 2010
    @deepstrasz Love the idea! I would certainly like to have that as an alternative which you can turn on and off. Detonating orbs by left-clicking would no doubt feel more fluid, but it would also withhold information such as remaining HP (which constantly goes down. Regular timers didn't work well with replaced untis), and the name of that particular orb. But it would certainly be nice to have that as an option.

    1. Noted!
    2. I've been thinking about that as well, as they usually end up in a pile inside the chapel. If I were to make a storage for wands and scrolls, I think that I would have to figure out how retrieving such an item would work, and how the Spirit's inventory system can work with such a "deposit and retrieve" kind of system.
    3. Not as of right now!
    4. They're based on carrion swarm, so unfortunately yea. If only pathing blockers could block regular spells...
    5. Nooo, I don't think so (bad memory).
    I think there are quite a few gates sealed by Arcane though. Like in the northwest, and in the east, by Ceinwen's Secret Study.

    Regarding Madoc and William, there certainly is a connection there (I believe Madoc drops an item which mentions the "curse of william", it could be the "unidentified sorcery" scroll). I wanted to make a unique variant of the bull demon, but due to time constraints I had to go for the same skin.
    Last edited: Sep 7, 2020
  5. deepstrasz


    Map Reviewer

    Jun 4, 2009
    Well, if you play with the health bars on, it they should show the degrading life?

    Yeah, about the Arcane, I found two gates, if I'm not mistaken, I think one was something with bio porcelain and the other with info on Vlad or some sisters of blood.
    Well, if you want it to be global, then make a hero backpack (with none.mdl as its model so it can't be selected but only via the hero icon or F[number] key) and you could have that hero backpack carry wands and scrolls via some inventory abilities with pages. If you don't want it globally, then make these inventories static in the chapel as some sort of shops/neutral buildings.

    So, anyways, thanks for this wonderful experience.
  6. Ungoliath


    Mar 15, 2010
    @deepstrasz I should be the one thanking you for the awesome feedback, and of course, for playing my map. :)

    Hope you'll revisit after patch 1.1, which is planned to be a huge content update (i.e. old school expansion with new characters, bosses, and a new separate story that builds upon the existing one).
  7. deepstrasz


    Map Reviewer

    Jun 4, 2009
    That sounds very savoury.
  8. OutSideAlone


    Jun 17, 2012
    Ungoliath, is there chance to see 1.31.1 compatible version of this map?
  9. Ungoliath


    Mar 15, 2010
    @OutSideAlone There are currently no plans to make a version compatible with 1.31.1, at least as of right now. I might however give it a try after patch 1.1, when I feel that the map is fully complete. :)

    For my next singleplayer RPG I will have a 1.31.1 version though, along with a current patch version.
  10. OutSideAlone


    Jun 17, 2012
    There are many people who play on <1.31.1 versions still.
    It would be omega great if good maps are playable on not only current version of Warcraft III.