Red Rain

Red Rain

Story Line:
Scientists... they are the ones..... they are.... they.... they made a portal.... not knowing what it is.....
It was strange..... a fog.... a very strange red fog, never seen before....they opened.... they opened the portal that leads to another world!
Screaming, rain of red blood.... it was no use.... the aliens were everywhere....
The army could not even shut how fast they died...... these are not zombies...they are the ZOMG!
The whole world was covered with fog..... none of them survived.....
It is up to u ,to seek this portal and seal it...... You are our only hope General....

*First city is finished
*Second city is finished
*Train area is finished
*Forest is finished

~All houses will be enterable
~Equipment will be visible
~Driving cars or Airplanes

~Going to the forests
~Ruined cities
~In door
~Custom models


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    Red Rain custome models.JPG
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    Units(Red Rain).JPG
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May 20, 2008
Red Rain

Story Line:
Scientist they are the ones.....they are....they....they made a portal not knowing what it was strange..a fog....a very strange red fog never seen in life....they opened the portal that leads to another Dimension! screaming, rain of red was no use....the aliens were every wher....the army could not even shut how fast they died...ther are no zombies...they are the UFO! the hole world was cowerd with the fog many people died...or...none of them is up to u to seek this portal and close it becous u are the only hope General....

All houses will be for entering
Driving cars or AirPlanes
going to the forests
destroyed cities
in door
cusome models

Hear are the models that i have they are 80% finished for now.

Nice, very nice.....Looking forward to it....
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Feb 15, 2006
sounds like a modern game, id go look into that modern building pack in the map development section

the picture is to show the models being used right?? well sounds fun, cant wait

"Cant enter ? how do u mean can enter"
fixed it for you :D