campaign/game idea/help

Level 5
Oct 28, 2004
a fellowship of the sword game. a group of 5 people mystreious people who do not know their past and awake in a strang dwarven city of almadule. they are told they must set off on a quest to the city of waterdale to tell them that they need help remembering. what the hear they od not like they set off ona long journey to find what their purpose is. they take on men and other creatures. in the end they will become the saviours of the kings or the ruler of southern earth....i will need 1-2 terrainers 1 guy getting models 1 guy on unit/hero making me as captain....and 1-2 guys for triggering
Level 16
Sep 3, 2004
How about something less like LOTR, although good books and movies, and some campaign that doesn't involve microing and controlling 5 heroes?

Also, instead of gold, like me, use a gemstone system, and also do something a bit more creative than "they come out of nowhere and just join together to do something...