[Campaign] War Chasers - The history

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Jan 29, 2011
[Campaign] War Chasers - Origins

This is a campaign of five maps about the origins of the War Chasers.


The demons are invading the region of Tepoler by unknown reasons.
Four innocent souls that escapes from the hell must resend these demons at the hell.

Prologue: Unknown reasons
- A lot of demons enters by portals at the region of Tepoler by unknown reasons and begins an invasion.
Chapter 1: Demon Hunt
- Four souls are in a cementery to search corpses of losted heroes to combat the demon's invasion.
Chapter 2: Corrupted Forest
- The Ledermark forest is being corrupted by the sister of Fie'lop (Hell Guardian's Son).
Chapter 3: Dangerous Mission
- To know why is these invasion, the War Chasers go to the hell, but after they must destroy the portal's energy that allows only to pass the demons at the hell.
Chapter 4: Defense of Ledermark
- The Hell Guardian are sending demons to destroy Ledermark and the War Chasers' souls.
Chaper 5: A ghost?
- Finally, the War Chasers are in the Hell.

- Five chapters. (Not finished)
- Three person view created by me. (Finished)
- Custom spells. (Not finished)
- Custom attack system. (Not finished)
- Custom Background (For level selection). (Not finished)
- Both AI. (Not finished)
- Can be a sequel.

- Saikann - Ghoul and Archemonde (Soul Master) Texture.
- ana - BloodyZombie (Villager Zombie) Texture.


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