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Red Alert Skirmish Demo

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Red Alert Skirmish Demo

Version: 0.80
Author: Illidan(evil)x
ProjectRA Team:
- Illidan(evil)x
- VGSatomi
- Inferno
- zt2211


Some bugs:
- The AI might stop building tanks/infantry and/or stop attacking you for no reason.
- GPS Satelite might not work properly.
- You cannot loose or win the game. No matter how hard you try..
- Spies cannot enter enemy structures.


Short Story:
It's 1946. Mankind has just gone through one of the most brutal wars it ever faced. While the rest of the world is still in shock and trying to find ways to prevent such an event from ever taking place again, a Jewish/German scientist decides to act.
With a device he was engineering for the US government, he travels back into time to kill the person who he sees as the root of all misery; Adolf Hitler. He catches up with Hitler in 1926, as Hitler is still a young - but already embittered - man and 'disposes' of him. Without thinking through the consequences thoroughly enough, as will soon turn out.
Without Hitler and Nazi-Germany to keep the him in check after all, Hitler died before he ever became of any importance, Stalin takes his communistic USSR to unknown heights and then decides to speed up the world-wide Marxist revolution a bit by invading the free countries of Western Europe. Obviously, the West-European countries aren't too pleased with this and starts a grim guerilla war against the Russian invaders.
And so, in spite of our dearest scientist's efforts, a new World War starts.


- Tanya model and skin (Hero Gunslinger) made by Black_Stan.
- Medic and Mechanic skins (TerranMedic) made by ChevronSeven.
- Thief model and skin (Ninja) made by Republicola.
- Nuclear Strike model made by killst4r.
- Custom plant models made by Nasrudin.

- All other models/textures made by Illidan(evil)x.
- Coding: Illidan(evil)x
- Spells and Systems: Illidan(evil)x
- Terrain: Illidan(evil)x
- Object Editing: Illidan(evil)x
- Testing: VGSatomi, Inferno, zt2211
- Music: Frank Klepacki
- Custom Sounds: Command & conquer: Red Alert

* For more information about Project Red Alert, register at our forum:


Bugs found in this game should be reported in the forums "Bugs" section.

Enjoy the map

~ Illidan(evil)x - ProjectRA leader

Red Alert Skirmish Demo (Map)

Level 13
Mar 24, 2007
Liked it but the infantry models really ruined it a bit for me, that and the fact the AI only uses infantry (plus the build system was awkward) 8/10 from me hope to see those campaing models someday !
Level 3
Feb 5, 2007
Fantastic Job! Reminded me of the days where i used to play Red Alert 1, such times. AI works good aswell. Many people says that the AI only uses infantry, but i noticed them use vihecles aswell. I love all those custom models aswell, since they look exactly like the ones from C&C RA 1, even thugh it was 2D at that time. Hope you are still working on this map, and that anothe version of it willshow up soon. ;D 10/10
Level 9
Apr 14, 2007
I have some bugs you should know about. Whenever you use repair, you can use more than once on a building, and it repairs faster each time. Its like you can never kill a building with it like that. And some things do too much damage. I played red alert again yesterday, and yes some stuff is a load of bull, but i can see how you made it so units die faster instead of them dying after 5 hours(exaggeration lol). The main unit with too much power is the artillery against units, and V2 against units. otherwise, 10/10 for you illidan.
Level 4
Aug 13, 2006
That's some of that good stuff over there! I'm really looking forward to the real thing.
I did find a visual "bug": When you order vehicles move over cliffs they kinda run through the cliff instead of over it.
Other than that I haven't noticed any bug other than the ones you already pointed out in the description.
Also, a mistake I noticed: On the Tanya sound set, you used the wrong, "YesMove" sound. "Tzatzingeh"(or however you spell it) is a "YesAttack" sound.
The "YesMove" sounds I still remember without looking 'em up on XCC mixer, are "Let's rock" and "Im there".
Just thought you might wanna know :infl_thumbs_up:

Edit: One more thing: the soviets have no grenadiers
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Level 15
Jan 27, 2007
hey man, rocking game btw.
but about this:

"- GPS Satelite might not work properly.
- You cannot loose or win the game. No matter how hard you try.."

it seems to be easy to fix
win/loose, if a unit has no unit of type builder/main hq FAIL for player 2 and Win for player 1

the gps, a unit starts the effect of an ability
if then else- if>owner of unit casting spell EQUAL to player 1(and make another trigger exactly the same but with player 2) then>reveal the map else>nothing

if u want and or need ANY kind of trigger please PM me, ill be very glad to help you, cuz u helped me so much with ur ownage models.
i just suck a bit with spells but with general triggering and making systems im good.
Level 19
Oct 1, 2008
Could you PLEASE just make it multiplayer already!!!
Why isnt it???

Fix the selection scales!
Write the available buildings on the category buttons!
Attack dogs are too big!
Perhaps have techs (trigger unlocked when you build the appropriate building) for buildings to avoid confusion!

Level 6
Apr 1, 2009
I think the reason for no winning or losing in this map is because after destroying the enemy you might have to destroy the enemy's Control Panel. (This is just my thought)
Level 6
Apr 1, 2009
Cool map but need some edit:
Allied: add Radar Jammers, spy that entered enemy building don't give infos. (Waste of money)
Soviet: add Grenadiers instead of Rocket Soldiers and add Parabombs. Add Volkov and Chitzkoi. (Don't do it if it's unfair.)
Neutral: Make Oil Derricks capturable.
Level 12
Mar 17, 2007
Review 3/5
-Fix Selection scales
-Have to hit Esc Key to constantly go back to builds "add a back button"
-AI never stops building/creating units
-I don't see a difference from allies/soviets
-Should be able to build ground defenses AND structures at the same time
-Should be able to build both power plants
-Structure icons need some work I can never find anything I want to build
-Somethings take to long to build
Level 2
Feb 14, 2010
Nice map, one thing though. Isn't the Light Tank depicted by the M2 Bradely in CnC and Red Alert? well whatever i still love your map though