Recruiting: Rise of the Horde Campaign

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Nov 29, 2010
So... I've been here for almost 5 years and I haven't been much of a do-er of productivity during my time here. I've decided to make a Warcraft 3 Campaign based on the Rise of the Horde novel by Christie Golden. I know lots of lore, I've got unique ideas (though difficult to do), I'm a somewhat exceptional terrainer(though needs polishing), unit/hero tech-tree and maybe a little balancing in tech-tree of the races as a whole. I need a team of skilled people to help me fulfill my dream of making such a campaign. If you wish to join, please type in some of your skills and maybe a screen cap of your work? If you wish to see some of the progress (some models and a few cinematic-maps) I've made, check out some of my albums.

Rise of the Horde

Looking for:
Terrainer, 2D Artist, 3D Artist, Triggerer, Tech-tree Balancer, GUI Spell Worker


Hardtime - Project Leader/Terrainer/Lore-Keeper
Hardtime, a scholar of Draenorian lore and history. Inspired by his years of studying Orcish and Draenei lore to create a campaign based on the Rise of the Horde novel. After years of collecting models, he final comes out of the shadows to recruit other great chieftains and their vast skills into his great Horde. He strives hard to fulfill his mission in the name of the Warchief and the Orcs as a people.


Hayate - Assistant Leader/Head Modeler
Hayate, an exceptional blacksmith and craftsman. He has lent his knowledge of crafting iron and turning them into weapons of mass destruction to Hardtime's cause. The first to answer Hardtime's call of need and united with him to fulfill this mission of glory and conquest.
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Level 9
Mar 5, 2010
I would actually like to join this project, however I am mainly a lore guy, so if you ever need help with that I could help on.

But if you'll have me i'm recently working on Tech-tree balancing of many races and I would like to apply my skills, if you'll have me on as a Tech-tree balancer i'd love to help, keep in mind I am newer though so I'd understand if you wanted someone more experienced.

EDIT: I will be adding references and works soon.
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