Rate these custom Heroes/abilities

Level 12
Aug 3, 2005
Im working on an MTG map with a few ppl, thought Id share some of the Heroes and there abilities.

Each hero has
> 2 normal abilities it starts of with, that become stronger as the hero levels up.
- 3 standard hero abilities
)) 1 ultimate hero ability

I havent quite finished the exact stats for each ability so some spells may just say "costs a portion of mana" etc.

Feel free to give advice on how they could be improved.

I'll keep this thread updates with new heroes


Doughtless One
> Renewed Faith - Sacrifice 25% of current HP to heal all nearby friendly units by (10% x hero level) of HP sacrificed
> Noble Purpose - (5% x hero level) of dmg done by hero heals all nearby friendly units including self(area effect vamp attack)
- Aurification - (Bash but reversed) attacking units have a 15%/20%/25% (level 1/2/3) chance to become stunned
- Gilded Light - Sacrifice a portion of health makes target creature immune to magic for a small duration.
- Embolden - Reduces damage taken by 10%/20%/30% (level1/2/3)
)) Convalescent Care - Permentantly increases heroes Strength/Armor/HP regeneration


> Part the Veil - Area effect template, returns all friendly units under template to your base (Template size increases with hero level)
> Distorting Wake - Area effect template, returns all enemy units under template to their base (Template size increases with hero level)
- Brainfreeze - channel - Stuns target enemy unit giving them negative mana generation whilst channeling/spell is maintained.lasts 5 seconds (halfed on heroes)
- Disrupt - Damages target enemy unit and silences the unit for 10 seconds (half duration on heroes)
- Baleful Stare - Channel - Channel - Area effect template - Every second all units under template have a 5%/10%/15% chance to be taken over by the caster.
)) Decree of Silence - Target enemy unit acquires 6 spheres (3 if a hero). When the unit casts a spell it is immedietly countered & a sphere is removed. Effects stops when all spheres are removed. Ability can be dispelled but only 1 sphere at a time


(No name yet)
> Illuminate - Lightning Nova damaging nearby enemy units Hp and also mana
- Ball of Lightning - Summons (hero level)number of lightning elementals
- Lightning Blast - Fire a long range bolt of lightning at target enemy creature. On impact it splits into (numbler of levels in spell) chain lightnings
- PyroTechnics - Area effect - creates a lightning storm over target area calling lightning bolts from the sky damaging enemy units, lasts level of spell + 5 seconds
- Lightning Rift - Creates a small portal at target location that is invulnerable. The portal spits out lightning at enemy units.
)) Lightning Surge - Channels for a few seconds, lightning strikes caster. Casts 1 chain lightning to/and for every every nearby enemy units originating from caster.