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Need a SpellMaker for map

Level 2
Aug 7, 2005
Looking for some1 or a group of people to help out on making custom spells.
Here is a list of 9 heroes

> = normal ability, levels up as hero levels up
- = hero ability, has 5 levels
+ = hero ability but has +2 to all stats ontop of description
))= hero ultimate ability, requires level6, has 5 levels

Would be appreciated if someone could pick a hero or simply a spell and give it a go.


All spells done are Red



Ancestors Prohphet
>Piety Charm - Buff - increases target units damage
> Sunfire Balm - Buff - increases target units armor
+ Contemplation - Whenever the hero casts a spell he gain life
- Winds of Wrath – Damages all nearby enemy units that aren’t buffed
- Aura Extraction - Template - Turns all negative buffs on targeted friendly units into positive buffs
- Replenish - Area effect template, turns all friendly dead bodies into positive buffs that transfer to the nearest friendly unit
)) Opalescence - Area effect template turns all positive buffs on friendly units into buff incarnates

Zealous Inquisitor
> Circle of Solace - Channel - Electrical Immolation
> Chain of Silence - Chain Lightning Stun
+ Spiritual Focus – Reduces mana burned from enemy "mana burn" spells
- Wave of Reckoning – Deals damage to all nearby enemy units equal to their attack damage
- Eye for an eye - Casts a spell back onto a unit that just cast a spell on this hero.
- Pulse of the Fields - Chain healing, hits up to 12 targets
)) Dimensional Breach - Removes all non-hero units under a template. Every 2 seconds returns a random unit.

Doughtless One
> Noble Purpose - Vampiric Aura - but units in radius heal the hero not self
> Inner Sanctum - Channel - Drains life to heal nearby friendly units
+ Aurification - (Bash but reversed) attacking units have a 2% chance to become stunned
- Gilded Light - Sacrifice a portion of health makes target creature immune to magic for a small duration
- Alms - Turns all nearby friendly unit corpses into health replenishment for nearby friendly units.
- Reverse Damage - Buff - Lasts 10 seconds - any physical damage done from buffed unit is done to self instead
)) Signil of the New Dawn - all nearby creatures gains an ability - that unit gains reincarnation.


Daru Warchief
> Morale / Defensive Maneuvers - Increases all nearby friendly units damage/armor - can only have 1 active at a time.
> Morale / Defensive Maneuvers - Increases all nearby friendly units damage/armor - can only have 1 active at a time.
+ Iron Will - Reduces damage taken by 2%
- Hold the Line - All nearby friendly units (and self) get -50% walk speed 33^ reduction in damage
- Warrior's Honor - Roar
- Scars of the Veteran - Area effect - all nearby friendly units gain 2% chance to critical/evade
)) Decree of Justice - Uses all his mana up - Makes X Soldiers = X = his mana / (a number)

Daru Stinger
> Relic Ward - Ward - nearby friendly units become spell immune
> Ward of Lights - All nearby friendly units gain -10% damage taken
+ Master of Arms - 2% chance to critical strike/bash
- Guided Strike - Throws a spear dealing 100dmg, sphere has 25% chance to critical strike
- Rain of Blades - Blizzard - Blades animation
- Illumination - Damages any nearby enemy invisible units and dispells an invisiblity spells on them
)) Turn the tables - Channel - Targets an enemy unit, for the next 5 seconds all damage recieved is done to targeted unit instead-

Stoic Champion
> Burst of Energy - Temporarily increased movement speed/ attack speed
> Smite – Shield bash stun
+ Gallantry - Gives a 2% chance to evade attacks
- Improvised Armor - Sacrifice a portion of health to Increase armor for X seconds
- Unified Strike - Sacrifice a portion of health to Increase damage for X seconds
- Recuperate - Can only cast on self - Gives caster a low regeneration with long duration
)) Shared Triumph - Caster + target creature and all creatures within large radius of same type gain damage/armor


Blink Moth Spirit
> Wipe Clean - Dispells all negative buffs on self and heals self
> Flicker - Phase shift
+ Equipoise - 2% chance nearby enemy units will Phase shift
- Mirror Strike – Mirror images target enemy creatures
- Anoint - Buff - Absorbs up to 100dmg then is dispelled
- Sacred Ground – Area effect – if friendly units die in area they are resurrected
)) Reverse the Sands - Switch life total (percentage of maximum) with target enemy unit

Pearl Dragon
> Disempower - Dispells all positive buffs on target enemy unit and damages unit slightly
> Razor Barrier - area effect template - lasts for 5 seconds all units under the template cant be targeted
+ Aura of Silence - Enemy units within radius cant cast spells
- Muzzle – Prevents target creature from dealing damage
- Awe strike - Any physical damage done from buffed unit heals instead, whilst buff remains
- Abeyance - Removes targets units mana and mana regeneration for 6 seconds.
)) Blessed Reversal - For the next (3 seconds + level of spell x 2) all damage received adds to heroes life instead.

Ivory Guardian
> Cooperation - Spirit Link also heals slightly
> Reviving Dose - Turns up to 5% of all nearby friendly units mana into hp
+ Warmth – Decreases damage from fire spells by 5%
- Reconnaissance – Divine Shield on target friendly unit
- Armor of Faith - Rejuvenation - Buff
- Conviction - Buff - Increases target units Damage/Armor - when unit dies buff is transferred to a nearby friendly unit
)) Worthy Cause - Casts Reconnaissance/Armor of Faith/Conviction (level = level in each spell) on all nearby friendly units
Level 11
Jul 20, 2004
Alright, let's get these started. I suppose you can work with the object editor if you are making a map. In that case, here are the simple spells:

Piety Charm - use Inner Fire with no armor bonus
Sunfire Balm - Use Faerie Fire which targets only friendly units and does negative armor reduction
Pulse of the Fields - Just change the number of targets of Healing Wave to 12 and mess up with damage reduction
Warrior's Honor - You said it yourself. Use roar
Rain of Blades - Change the buff
Recuperate - Howl of Terror which targets only self
Shared Triumph - Howl of Terror with negative values for the two
Flicker - you said it yourself. Use Phase shift
Armor of Faith - Use Rejuv

Level 2
Aug 7, 2005
Yup, thx, I was gonna do that myself but was falling asleep just as I made the thread.

You misundestood Shared Triumph or maybe I didnt decribe it very well.
You Buff a unit then it Buffs ONLY that unit type e.g. you buff a footman then it buffs all the footman in a very large radius, and also the caster himself

> Morale / Defensive Maneuvers - Increases all nearby friendly units damage/armor - can only have 1 active at a time.
> Morale / Defensive Maneuvers - Increases all nearby friendly units damage/armor - can only have 1 active at a time.

This is basically (non hero) Command Aura/ Devotion Aura, but you may only have 1 active at a time. So it would need an ability when you click it it switches between them.
Level 11
Jul 20, 2004
Excellent, then let's get started. I'll get the easier ones first:

Contemplation (I hope it is a passive)
Event - An Unit Starts The Effect of an Ability
Conditions - Level of Contemplation for (Casting Unit) is greater than 0
Actions - Set life of (Casting Unit) to (((Current Life) of (Casting Unit))+(x*(Level of Contemplation for (Casting Unit)))

x in this case is the healing amount. Replace it with whatever you want

Gilded Light
Check my tutorial to find out about dummy abilities (make a quick search, I would try the chapter with Targeted Spells). Make a dummy ability based off Unholy Frenzy but non-buffed (so set it's duration to 0.01)
You will need an unit variable. I named it GildTarg.

Event - An Unit Starts the Effect of an Ability
Conditions - (Ability Being Cast) equal to Gilded Light
Action - Set Life of (Casting Unit) to (((Current Life) of (Casting Unit))-x)
- set GildTarg = (Target Unit of Ability Being Cast)
- Add Spell Immunity to GildTarg
- Wait y seconds
- Remove Spell Immunity from GildTarg
- set GildTarg = no unit

x is the life sacrificed
y is the duration of the spell immunity

Smite - I don't really get it. Can you be more specific?

Gallantry - Use evasion

Improvised Armor base it off Howl of Terror with negative armor bonus and make it target only self. And now, here is the trigger:

Event - An Unit Starts the Effect of an Ability
Conditions - (Ability Being cast) equal to Improvised Armor
Action - Set Life of (Casting Unit) to (((Current Life) of (Casting Unit))-x)

x is the amount of damage received when casting the ability

Base Unified Strike off Roar which affects only caster and copy the trigger above but replace in the condition the Improvised Armor with the Unified Strike.

Wipe Clean should be based off another selfcast dummy ability such as berserk (trolls). And now for the coding:

Event - an Unit Starts The Effect of an Ability
Conditions - (Ability Being Cast) equal to Wipe Clean
Actions - Action - Set Life of (Casting Unit) to (((Current Life) of (Casting Unit))+x)
- Unit - Remove Negative Buffs from (Triggering Unit)

x - amount of life healed

Reverse the Sands is impossible for now.

Base it off... Cripple with 0.01 duration.
Event - An Unit Starts The Effect of an Ability
Conditions - (Ability Being cast) equal to Disempower
Actions - Unit - Remove Positive buffs from (Target Unit of Ability Being Cast)
- Unit - Order (Triggering unit) to damage (Target unit of ability being cast) for x using attack type Spells and damage type Fire.

x is the amount of damage

Blessed Reversal, base it off Berserk and change the damage received to -100%.

Warmth isn't possible because you don't know the fire spells

Level 6
Mar 18, 2005
could you somehow... mark the abilities which arent done yet? :roll: i got many years of experience with mtg as well as access to magic workstation which is very useful to sort/find specific cards. (more than 10k entries... weee!) i already made a mtg map called mtg tempest which is a coop u-got-1-hero-now-move-out-and-pwn-everything-in-your-way with tempest story as backround (crew of the weatherlight entering volraths stronghold, includes furnance of rath, slivers, deathpits, greven il-vec and volrath himself)
Level 12
Aug 3, 2005
Heres Another group of heroes



Iron Shell Beetle
> Plow Under - Burrow
> Regeneration – Heals self over a short duration
+ Restock – Hero gets +1 extra gold per kill
- Armor of Thorns - Thorns
- Needle Storm – Fires needles hitting all nearby surrounding enemy units
- Sandstorm – Blinds nearby enemy units, making them miss attacks
)) Steely Resolve – Makes hero spell immune

Vexing Beetle
> Venemous Fangs – Searing Arrow, but poison, doing extended damage overtime
> Thrive - Infects a friendly unit, if it dies it explodes into smaller insects
+ Accelerated Mutation - Gains an additional +2 to all stats
- One Dozen Eyes - Creates a Summoned unit that splits into more summoned units upon death.
- Symbiosis – When hero attacks a unit it gives target unit an ability - passive - when it dies level of spell +1 insects come from body
- Thought Leech – Infects target unit with a mana degeneration bug
)) Saproling Infestation – Infests all nearby units, when they die units spawn from corpse

Nantuko Primus
> Fog - creates a large dragon hawk cloud around caster
> Nostalgic Dreams - Creates a green mist around hero, that Ressurects all nearby friendly units on 5% hp/.mana
+ Saproling Symbiosis - If hero dies he expldoes into level of spell x 4 smaller insects
- Symbiosis – Channel – Increases target units/heroes HP by 50%, whilst spell is maintained
- Insist - Channel - Makes target unit/hero magic immune, whilst spell is maintained
- Bind – Spits gooey liquid, slowing target unit (Slow with different animation)
)) Decree of Savagery - Selects all non-hero units within radius - increases there hp by 50% and size by 50% (of maximum). Increases all nearby friendly heroes strength by 10 for 60 seconds.


Krosan Groundshaker
> Predator’s Strike – Melee damage spell
> Run Wild – When activated, Gives Hero a % chance to bash a unit, for a small duration
+ Primal Rage – Increases Attack speed by %
- Primal Frenzy - Increases atk/movement speed temporarily
- Primal Boost – Increases strength temporarily
- Primal Instinct - Pulverize
)) Stampede – Charges into a unit, Stunning him for a long duration. Also damages all enemy units that where within the line of movement

Krosan Warchief
> Battlegrowth - increases target non hero units hp by hero level x 10% permanently and unit size by hero level x 5%
> Bloodscent - targets a friendly or enemy unit, all opposite of targeted unit friendly/enemy units in area are ordered to attack target unit.
+ Fortitude – Increases hp by %
- Giant Growth - Temporary increases targets non-hero friendly units hp by level of spell x 30% and unit size by 30%, increases heroes strength by level of spell x 3
- Mythic Proportions – Temporarily Increases target friendly units Damage/Armor by a %
- Fanatical Fever - Bloodlust

)) Overrun - Casts Giant growth/Fanatical Fever/Mythic Proportions on all nearby friendly units. Their level is determined by level in each spell

Krosan Vorine
> Hunting Pack - Creates Hero level x 1 Small Tiger summoned units
> Words of Wilding - Summons 1 Bear summoned units, gets stronger each hero level
+ Stamina – Increases movement speed
- Ferocity - Cleave

- Tiger Claws – A % chance to hit a target (1 + spell level) times.
- Vigorous Charge – The hero pounces onto target enemy unit, Doing small damage and a small stun.
)) Mortal Wound – Does damage to target units, causing it to bleed and loose life. Small damage but very long duration.


Voice of the wood
> Sustenance – Eat tree to gain life> Commune with Nature – Summons tree units[/color]
> Verdant Touch – Touch a tree to go Invisible
+ Glimpse of Nature – When a unit is summoned + mana
- Sustenance – Eat tree to gain life
- Explosive Growth – Root come out of ground attacking enemy units – Whip Vine
- Rampant Growth - Creates a Night Elf Tower (melee tower version) becomes stronger each level of spell
)) Rude Awakening - Turns every tree in a radius into a Tree unit (Ent) 1000 range radius.

Wirewood Herald
> Muscle Burst - Increases Damage/Armor for short duration
> Sudden Strength – Increases Hp temporarily
+ Might of Oaks – Passive boosts damage by %
- Stand Together – Area effect Increases Armor - Buff spell
- Magnify – Duplicates all buffs on hero to all nearby friendly units
- Echoing Courage - Area effect Increases Damage - Buff spell
)) Tribal Unity – Buffs all nearby (1000 radius)friendly units with Stand Together/Echoing Courage (same level of each spell learnt by hero), also gives (level of Magnify) x 1 random DIFFERENT (not Echoing courage/Stand together) positive buff on a friendly unit within 1000 range to all other friendly units within 1000.

Viridian Shaman
> Deconstruct - Rips target mechanical unit to peices dealing hero level x 25 damage
> Splinter - Infects target mechanical unit with "poison". Slowing movement/attack speed

+ Turn to Dust - A small % chance attack will destroy a random item on unit being attacked
- Tel-Jilad Justice – Damages target hero equal to 50x number of items he has
- Oxidize – Shockwave, Damages/Destroy mechanical creatures
- Shrink – Buff – Reduces target units life by a %, and size
)) Naturalize - Does very high damage to target building


Yavimaya Enchantress
> Time of Need – Teleport to a friendly tree/ancient need
> Vivify - Doubles target Yavimaya Echantress's summoned units HP, permenantly.
+ Natural Affinity – Recues cooldown on all of Hero spells
- Nourishing Shoal – Plant – Healing Aura
- Overgrowth – Plant – Has mana Healing Aura
- Choking Vines – Plant – Has entangle

)) Dual Nature - When unit hero summons a unit, make 2x of summoned unit

Joiner Adept
> Respite – Skin turns hard like a tree, preventing movement but increasing armor drastically (Stoneform)
> Moments Peace – Silence, but attacks
+ Renewal – Tress units regenerate faster in her presence
- Nourish – Healing Spell

- Revive – Raises a dead tree/ancient unit into a new Ent unit
- Parallel Evolution - Can only target friendly Summoned units, creates level of spell x 2 duplicates of target summoned unit. (2/4/6)
)) Resuscitate – Resurrects a nearby dead hero

Verduran Enchantress
> Calming Verse – Dispell
> Weird Harvest – Turns a nearby tree into buffs onto units
+ Verdant Force – Each time hero casts a spell create a Summoned unit – Fungus Elemental – can eat trees
- Harmonic Convergence – Transfers all negative buffs from friendly units to enemy.
- Rancor – Gives target unit area effect attack and extra damage, transfers buff on death
- Vitalize – Area effect heal (scroll of healing)
)) Vitalizing Wind – Gives all nearby friendly units rejuvenation
Level 10
Jul 2, 2004
Winds of Wrath: use conditions - check if unit has specific buff
Wave of Reckoning: can try unit - damage equal to the unit's primary attribute
Dimensonal Breach: try adding units to unit groups
Doubtless one(not Doughtless One)
Inner Sanctum: Use triggers to reduce hp or caster and pick units around the caster and add hp.
Aurification: use a Storm Bolt dummy spell and random integar.
Level 11
Jul 20, 2004
Winds of Wrath - There is a function in JASS which counts the buff on an unit. If you know JASS, you can use it.

Aura Extraction - I don't really get what you mean by turning negative into positive. Same for Replenish and Opalescence.

Circle Solace - What do you mean by Electrical? Different buff? Change Immolation buff.

Wave of Reckoning - I don't think there is a non-buggy way to detect units damage.

Relic Ward - I think Darky made it in RotD. Nerubian Aura or something like that. You should find it at his profile. I think this is the one.

Rain of Blades - as I said before, different model. Request in request forum.

For Recuperate use Howl of Terror with negative life regeneration. ;) Make it target only self.

Anoint was already made. Look in the spells section for some Magic Shields and spells with shield-absorbing spells.