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Level 2
Oct 8, 2009
Hello Hive Workshop Forums
I would like to express to the quorum
That my name is Jillas,
And I'm now here to kill us,
With needless limerick decorum.

I like to read write and make
Stories that do indeed slake,
The thirst of their readers
And rampant heart-bleeders
Of characters otherwise fake.

I post in nonsensical threads
Where the trolls are known to tread.
Condescending am I,
To those who can't spy,
The sins of grammar they do indeed bed.

Now go on I very well could
About my merry and dull selfhood.
If you're expecting a rhyme,
At the end of this line,
Then all I can say is "fuck you."


Limerick is hard. ><

Do you know how long it took to find a word that rhymed with forum and decorum?
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Level 16
Jun 17, 2008
I REALLY can't do limericks, so wash your eyes with this retarded poem :)

Plain Joe,
You're nice to know,
And we're saying hello.

Are you a nice guy?
If you act proud and high,
We're saying goodbye.

Don't be a troll,
Just be a gnoll,
Lol lol lol lol.

Hive Admin is sexeh,
Give him a hurrah,
Teh one and onleh Ralle.

Now read the rule,
Don't act a fool,
And you'll be cool.
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