Quiver of Arrows

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A quiver of arrows, so that your units never run out!
When I made this, I did not know there was already an arrow quiver on hive, but, now that I've looked at the other quiver, I might as well explain what makes mine different:
Things that make my model a useful alternative:
+Kitabake's model is simply a rip straight off of a unit's back, while mine has been made.
+My quiver contains more than 3 arrows, and the arrows have distinct feathers, rather than a single flat image intended to look like an arrow.
+My quiver has teamcolor (if you don't want teamcolor, you can download the version without teamcolor, and it has a lower file size)
Things that make Kitabake's model useful in comparison to mine:
-Kitabake's model has a lower file size (although both models have a low file size, his is even smaller)
Update 5/15/11
--Lowered file size by 0.03 KB. Yay.
Update 5/7/11
--Updated preview
--Updated keywords
Update 5/3/11 Created 6:50 AM:
--Removed previous arrows
--Now uses arrow feathers
--File size lowered reasonably.

Update 9/05/12
--Re-uploaded the model. After seeing many of hiveworkshop's greatest resource developers leave, I decided to re-submit my resources after them being gone for over a year. I shouldn't have let my pride cause me to take my resources down so long ago. Anyway, I hope some people find use in this.

arrow, arrows, quiver, bag

Quiver of Arrows (Model)

01:09, 22nd Apr 2011 anarchianbedlam: Cool, you can update it when you fix that then. EDIT: meh, good enough, works ingame.




01:09, 22nd Apr 2011
TLI-Inferno;1898123 said:
I'll recreate the model.
Cool, you can update it when you fix that then.

EDIT: meh, good enough, works ingame.
Not when you're a peasant who doesn't know how to use the quiver.
If you're an archer, you already have a quiver on your back as part of the model, with the arrows facing the right direction. Open any archer on war3 and you will find that they already have a quiver. Although theirs look somewhat childish in proportion, and generally have two arrows in them.
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Jan 20, 2010
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I'll do that later. My comp is messed up and I really don't feel like working on models now. Not this weekend, but next, when I go to my mom's house, I'll recreate the model.
As this model doesn't actually have arrows; it has what is meant to look like the tips of arrows, I cannot simply flip them. I'll remake it in a couple of weeks when I go to my mom's house, I'll use the computer there.
Okay, I got the comp set up for Magos Model Editor this morning, and got to work using Magos and Notepad (yes, notepad for adding/removing vertices and changing wraps...)
I finished the model, but I don't have time to make the in-game and in-view preview, as I have to leave. I'll be back in 8 hours to update the model.
Also, the file size actually dropped by 0.95 KB with the new model.