Quests for a single player?

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Level 15
Sep 27, 2009
Hi guys, if you ever played Twilight's Eve ORPG you know what i mean...
And if u didn't then i will explain :grin: :
-There's a unit (shop) which "sell" quests (units), when unit enters map and he's owned by player RED, Quest will be created named hmm: Wolf Killer (Player name of owner of triggering unit), and that player will be unable to get that quest again before finish that one (Repeatable quest), and that should be made for players 1-10...
-When Quest is taken by red and green, If red kills a wolf he will get 1/5 wolfs killed and green will not get anything until he kills a wolf...
How can i do this? :eekani:
Not open for further replies.