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Questions about modeling/geomerging

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Level 11
Dec 21, 2012
Greetings everyone.

I've read through a few tutorials about the basics on merging geosets of different models, as well as modeling itself. But, for example, I can take these two models:
Iron Golem3
Death Knight Arthas

How does one even begin to create something like that? Is this geomerging at all? Or are these completely new models? Can such a result even be achieved through merging geosets? I honestly have no clue on how I could go about creating something like that.

Another question - can I just slap geosets from one model onto another, or is there some optimization/technique needed? Because adding geosets increases the model's size quite a lot. For example, just adding a few trees onto the back of Rock Golem model basically doubles the model size.
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