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Protoss Rush for Protoss

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Level 13
Mar 28, 2010
Against Protoss

Cannon Rush

Scout out your opponent's location as usual with your Probe that built your Pylon at 7 psi. Even if your opponent walls in for some strange reason, your Probe should still be able to get in. Make sure there is room behind your opponent's mineral line for 2 Pylons and 1+ Cannon (no more, no less). If not, this rush will fail.

Hide your scouting Probe outside your opponent's base. It's best if it isn't seen, but being spotting won't do too much harm.

Build a Forge in your main and keep build a couple more probes.

Rush in with your scouting Probe before the Forge finishes.

Build 2 Pylons behind your opponent's mineral line, making enough room for 1 Cannon. Your opponent will most likely bunch a few probes on one mineral patch and try to "jump" a probe or two between your Pylons. His probes will then attempt to kill your probe. If he does, your rush will fail. Your opponent will also likely attack your Pylons with all his probes. Grab your Probe and prepare to build a Pylon in the exact same place as one that is about to fall. Do not let the enemy Probes get in and kill your Probe.

Build a Cannon in between the Pylons. At this point, your opponent may send all he has to attack your Pylons in a last ditch effort. Most likely, it's already too late.

Mop up your opponent after the Cannon cuts off his resources. Please note that this rush will not work against Terrans or the Zerg's main base. Marines will kill your Probe, and Zerg creep extends behind the mineral patches. However, if your Zerg opponent builds a hatchery before his spawning pool, it is often possible to cannon rush the morphing hatchery. If your rush fails, prepare for the counterattack.
Not open for further replies.