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Protoss Rush for Zerg

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Level 13
Mar 28, 2010
Against Zerg

Choke Rush

Scout out your opponent's location with your 5th probe. Scout even earlier it is a large map.

Build a Pylon at around 7 psi at the Zerg's choke. If the Zerg is doing a 6-pool, your rush has a high chance of failing, as you won't be able to hold off early Zerglings. If he's going for a 9-pool, you're relatively safe. If your Pylon and Probe are attacked my a handful of Drones, pull back and stop the rush. Prepare for a longer game. The point of building at the choke is to prevent the Zerg from expanding.

Build a Forge that almost walls off your opponent. Make sure to keep pumping Probes and making Pylons back at your main.

Warp in a couple of Cannons at the Zerg's choke behind your Forge and Pylon to hold off the initial 6 Zerglings.

Build a Gateway at the Zerg's choke. You most likely won't have enough minerals for two after building a Forge and Cannons.

Start pumping Zealots from your Gateway.

Rush with your Zealots when you have around four. Try and pick off a handful of Drones. The Zerg will most likely take the Drones off the minerals to keep them alive. Keep them off the minerals as long as possible. As stated before, do anything to set back your opponent's economy.

Build up and finish off your opponent. Watch out for Mutalisks, as the Zerg will most likely go air to escape your blockade. Tech to Corsairs and kill Overlords to keep the Zerg from massing.

Prepare for a massive counterattack if your choke blocking collapses. You will be behind in macro and economy, a severe disadvantage.

These strategies usually only work once on a good player. Expect a counter if you try the same thing again.
Not open for further replies.