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Protoss Rush for Terran

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Level 13
Mar 28, 2010
A successful Protoss rush can devastate your opponent. Here's how to pull it off against all three races.

Against Terran

Double Gate Proxy Rush

Scout out your opponent's location with a probe (usually the one that builds your first Pylon at 7 psi). Against Protoss, a Terran will usually wall off, so if you decide to scout later, your probe may not be able to get in their base.

Build a double gate proxy close to their choke, but far away enough so that they cannot be seen or hit by Siege Tanks (Terrans will lift their Barracks to spot for their Tanks). The proxy should be a Pylon with two Gateways; do not build Cannons or a Forge, they will only slow down your rush and will be useless against Tanks. Also make sure the Terran's scout will not be able to find your proxy easily (away from the usual scouting path).

Pump Zealots from your two Gateways, and make sure to build more Probes and Pylons back at base. If the Terran did not wall in for some reason, rush with 3-4 Zealots. If you micro your Zealots properly, you should be able to overwhelm an early Terran. When Terrans are rushed this way, they will pull about 8+ SCVs off minerals in a panic to be a meat shields for their Marines. Make sure you micro your Zealots past the SCVs and go straight for the Marines. Keep pumping Zealots and mop up the Terran before he can get Vultures or Tanks.

Rush the Terran with around 6-8 Zealots if he did wall in. Focus attack the Supply Depot and ignore Marine fire. The Terran should pull around 5 SCVs to try and fix the Depot, but your Zealots should do too much damage to stop it from falling. Once the Depot falls, try and push through the SCVs and Marines. If you can, micro around the SCVs and eliminate the Marines.

Pick off the SCV building a Factory, if it is not finished yet for some reason. If you can force the Terran to cancel his Factory, even better! You do not want Vultures dancing your Zealots. If the Terran did manage to finish the Factory, go straight for his SCVs in the minerals. A good Terran will bunch up his SCVs on one mineral patch and attack at once. Just pull your Zealots back until the SCVs have spread apart again. Then try and pick off a few. If you know that your opponent scouted your proxy and is rushing your main with Vultures, wall off your main's choke with Pylons and a Forge if you can so that the Vultures won't get in.

Kill as many SCVs as possible and keep the SCVs away from the minerals as long as possible. Do anything to set your opponent's economy back. Keep pumping Zealots and tech to Dragoons. Once Dragoons are out, you should be able to finish off the Terran, if your Zealots have not done so already. The whole point of the rush is to catch a Terran with only Marines and SCVs before he can get Vultures.

Tech up and build up if your proxy fails and the Terran has Tanks and Vultures out (Goliaths soon). You're at a heavy disadvantage now. Upgrade Zealot speed and Dragoon range as soon as possible. Expand or try to tech to Carriers. Either way, losing your double gate proxy will limit your macro capacity, putting you at a disadvantage, even if the Terran lost a few SCVs.
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