Project Ghost AoS V1.0

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Project Ghost AoS V.1.1
Created by SonofJay

First Note

At first you might say this "Oh great another AoS map". But I'm telling you Project Ghost gives you a whole new environment for AoS map.

Map Info

Project Ghost is a Shooting/AoS map that will give you a new environment for this kind of maps. With cool systems and a very unique gameplay but there are some problem like.. The gameplay was so hard to master, and the bullet have only specific point of an enemy that it will hit. But still Project Ghost promised to be one of the best AoS map ever!


Project Ghost in not like the other AoS map which creeps spawn in lane, Project Ghost lets the creeps spawn and just go deep on the forest, right now creeps only spawn at the main base but as the version goes on creeps will spawn on more places in the map.

Gameplay - Project Ghost offers you a very unique attack system that made the map different from the usual AoS map, using Red Score missile system you will experience shooting your enemy at your own accuracy and not using the usual click-attack-and wait till your enemy die system that Warcraft 3 offer.

Camera System - This camera system was made by Flood, using this system allows the player to feel the true environment of the terrain, and to acctually feel the real battle at close view. Press escape to change camera mode, use arrow keys to rotate/zoom in and zoom out.

Inventory System - This system was made again by Flood and I just adjust it for my map theme. With this system you will equip the most deadliest weapon on earth without spamming it at the heroes hand(holding to many weapon)

Items- Here I'll explain the items being sold on a shop. Items are your main weapons/skills.

Early Item Shop sells different kind of items that can help you early game
The Workshop sells different kind of damage weapons.
The Grenades and Traps sells different kind of throwing items and traps.
The Escape and support items sells different kind of items for supporting allies or escaping.
The Weapon is the most important of all the items cause here you will get your main attack "Shoot Bullet
Tank Factory its sells different kind of tanks and armored suits.

Some other stuff about map

Strategy, team coordination and item of choice is very important on this game!

You have to coordinate your items of choice with your teammate or depends to your enemies items to counter them.

Building strategy is very imporatant on this game, instead of trying to outpower a team by your own.


Special thanks to
Epsilon, Zombie2279, M0rbid, Kitabatake, hashveen, oh_snap, -JonNny, General Frank, The_Silent,
[email protected], Nerovesper, btDonald, Gogonnash, RmX,
TurieL, Eubz,The_Silent, Verdun

red_score, the_flood












-Adjust Heroes movement speed from 190 to 205
-Fix some tooltips(HK416-CQB description and Heroes name from Resistance agent to -only Special agent because resistance force 1 and its weird if spec ops hero name is also resistance agent right?
-Remove some doodas
-Add an instruction on how to use the camera system and the item system

Author's notes

Version 1.0 - 1.9 is planned to be unprotected so anyone who want to review it can look inside and see if something leaks, or things are needed to improve.

Things that you might find a problem

1.) Q:The bullet doesn't really hit/damage a unit. A: I know about that and i'm still looking a solution for it.
2.) Q:It lags alot! A: The reason about this is the camera system, the animated doodads and I think the fog. The camera was so close that it getting a hard time absorbing all the moving objects.. I guess. But the map have no leaks as far as I know. The solution is setting all the setting on the video to low.

If you find bugs, have some suggestions on how to balance the game or find your resource here but you are not included to the credit list please tell me.
Author's notes
AoS, FPS, Arena, Ghost, Protocol, Modern Warfare

Project Ghost AoS V1.0 (Map)

Vengeancekael: Private Message Date: 2012/Feb/18 17:01:31 Reasons: Poor and lacking terrain: Terrain Tutorial Other: Check out the tutorials section: Tutorials Check out the Map Development Section: Map Development Section Check out the...




Vengeancekael: Private Message
Date: 2012/Feb/18 17:01:31

Poor and lacking terrain: Terrain Tutorial

Check out the tutorials section: Tutorials
Check out the Map Development Section: Map Development Section
Check out the World Editor Help Zone (Trigger issues, object editor, overall WE issues): WE Help Zone

Comment: That has got to be the WORST camera system I have ever seen, I suggest you just leave the camera free.
Until then, I also want to see the new version with the improved terrain, else this is staying as rejected.
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Level 15
Apr 5, 2009

Okay, UndeadImmortal and I gave it a go, sadly, he got a laggy connection through Garena and he can't join on a Philippine room. Foreign rooms are much laggy though. We did had the chance to give it a spin a little. I love the use of Helghast model by Fingolfin for the Ghosts, I liked Killzone. The creative weapon system creates a variety of playstyle. Although there are plenty of generic WC 3 items that shouldn't be on the shooter AoS, like a Dagger of Escape?

The overall gameplay feels so sluggish, everyone wanted to keep their adrenaline pumping rather walking and then shoot a little and move more. But still this has a great potential if being a show stomper AoS, you don't really see much modern tactical shooter AoS right?

The terrain needs more work, trees distracts the camera too much which leaves the shooting piss poor. Fix the green icons though. Hope to see better version for this map!

Also adding this map to my supported projects.


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Level 27
Oct 28, 2011
Thanks Ken I will make sure that improvement will come. Specially items but I need a lot of model for weapon attachments I mean alot! Haha

About the terrain

Working on improvements on the terrain. Have some tips on it?

And about the trees distracting the camera

Players can rotate and zoom in and out the camera to adjust the views. But I guess I should reduce the trees
Level 14
Mar 23, 2011
Fix the terrain,trees are too low on variety,or as you say,too "static"
Level 27
Oct 28, 2011
Hey guys, I already worked on the terrain, I spend 4 hours to remake it, and you know what? the map get corrupted. If someone there willing to help me here is the link for my map

Okay I remade the map from scratch so I guess I won't be updating this for a while. Well I guess the terrain looks fine on version 1.2(the one that I'm making from scratch) here is the screenshots. I think its way better than the previous versions
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