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Problem with Orb + Cluster Rockets

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Level 14
Nov 4, 2006
So, i was trying to create an Orb effect which casts Cluster Rockets everytime a tower attacks.

I created a copy of clusterrockets, made it a unit ability (uncheck hero ability) and removed manacosts, levels and coolddown and added unlimited cast range.

next i created a copy of the Orb of lighting ability, made it a unit ability (uncheck item ability), set all chances to 100 and added the custom rockets ability as effect and then added that ability to the tower

then i added a trigger which orders the tower to attack everytime it targets a unit (i also tried it manually)

Problem is, the spell just doesn't get cast. anthing i missed?
Level 15
Mar 25, 2016
Purge (Orb of Lightning) and Slow (Orb of Slow) are both unit target abilities. The orb will cast the ability on the attacked unit.
Are you sure this also works with area targeted abilities?
I would not use this orb effect in general, as it is bugged when the attacker automatically acquires the target.
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