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May 8, 2010
Level 1-30 map progress- | | | | | | | | | |
BETA Status- Unknown Date Release
-Save/Load System found and working! [New!]
-Able to move heroes with the keyboard! [New!]
-1/2 Dungeons ready for the beta test!
-Nearly finished triggering one of the classes spells! Finding it very complicated.
-Items/Custom icons have been started.

On-Going Dungeon RPG.
This RPG isn't quest based at all, to level and to gain progress you will need to complete a series of dungeons and acquire items dropped from dungeon leaders.
On-going? This means the game will have its own website which you will be able to download the maps from. There will be maps purely for a level range, to allow bigger and more exciting dungeons and a hell of a lot less load time. The game can be also updated alot more often!

Whats the aim?
To acquire 6 ancient orbs.
These 6 ancient orbs will be be really hard to get individually, but when found and put together, the hero will have immense power that will evolve his/her abilities.
Obviously these orbs will be extremly hard to get, and only will be dropped by the really hard, late dungeon leaders.

Gameplay Constants

Max Level- 200
Classes- 10
Attributes- Stealth[Agility] Melee[Strength] Magic[Intel]
Dungeons- Theres 5/per 30 levels.
Mini-Bosses- Drops good items, but nothing extremly rare will be dropped.
Items- 20-30 per dungeon.
Arena- True



Main Attribute - Melee
Strengths - Variety of summons.

Level 1 - Stampede
Deals magic damage, level 1-3 single target damage with a stun, 4-7 a wave that deals magic damage, 8-10 like the stampede spell for the normal beastmaster in w3 which deals high magic damage.
Level 6 - Ancient Book of Summons
Starts off with a wolf summoning which gets stronger the more the book spell is levelled, more summons are added to the spell book.. the higher level it is.
Level 27 - Nature Aura
An aura which increases damage of nearby friendly summoned units.
Level 5x - Staff Slam
A powerful melee spell which slows enemy units movement and attack speed and deals melee high damage.
Level 100 - Crow
The beastmaster transforms into a crow, changing his primary attribute to stealth, replacing existing abilities with stealth based ones.. and the crow has a very fast movement speed.

The beastmaster can have a range of builds:

Pure Melee- High normal damage, and a harsh hit with staff slam.
Pure Magic- Very high damage with the spell stampede, high mana for more summons, but very low normal damage.
Pure Stealth- Fast moving hero, but not very good at all damage wise untill level 100 when the crow spell is available.

Hybrid builds could be worth experimenting with :)

Main Attribute - Stealth
Strengths - Very good at 1vs1 fights.

Spell Ideas-

Level 1- Trap
A simple summoning spell which spawns an invisible trap, which if an enemy unit comes close to, the trap will deal medium stealth damage too.
Level 11- Push
A simple push spell which deals low melee damage. Can be used to send units towards set traps.
Level 30- Trap Set
With experience, you will be able to set a variety of traps, from a poison coated trap to a burning trap.
Level 50- Invisibility
Allows the Warden to turn invisible.
Level 100- Lethal Attack
Deals massive damage to an enemy unit. Stealth, Melee and Magic damage combined.


Trap Build- Pure stealth mainly, staying out of sight of enemies but still pushing them and causing nasty damage with your traps.

Fighter/Assasin- Melee and Stealth build, able to deal high damage with lethal attack, be effective using normal damage and still be effective using traps.

Lethal Build- Hybrid class, characteristic points spread out across melee, magic and stealth. Dealing deadly damage with lethal attack.

Main Attribute - Magic/Melee
Strengths - Able to put alot of negative buffs on enemy units.


Level 0 - The druid is able to switch between using his staff as a melee weapon and using his staff to damage from long distance using magic.

Level 1 - Bramble
Holds an enemy to the ground while dealing high magic damage.

Level 9 - Witch's Book
A book filled with old witchcraft magics, spells allow the druid to summon dolls and different types of curses.

Level 30 - Manifold Bramble
The biggest AOE spell in the game, deals high magic damage to all enemy units in a large radius around the druid.

Level 58 - Unbewitchment
The druid is able to debuff any unit.

Level 100 - Aggresive Brambles
Deals massive magic damage to a single unit.


The most obvious build is using the druid as a mage and using his really strong spells to deal havoc.

The next one is using the druid as a tank, by having the druid with high hp + melee stats, and using a spell in the witch's book to steal hp from a summon to keep the druid alive.

Not really any recommended stealth builds.

Main Attribute - Melee
Strengths - Is able to get extremly high armour and damage reductions.


Level 1 - Hammer of Wrath
Hammer comes down from the sky dealing high magic damage to a single unit.

Level 9 - Holy Book
Holy based spells, such as Crumble Undead, God's Judgement & Holy Armour.

Level 31 - God's Influence
Increases armour by nearby friendly units.

Level 55 - Power
Allows the Paladin to increase his attack by a %.

Level 100 - Crypt
This spell allows the hero to summon a Crypt for a chosen player which lasts for 60 seconds. Heroes are able to revive their heroes instantly at a crypt.
Very good for heroes that are prone to dying fast.


The tank build is the most useful for paladins, as they are able to take alot of damage.

Magic Build for stronger magic spells.

Buffer, able to increase stats of friendly units.

Main Attribute - Stealth
Strengths - Able to deal high damage from range.


Level 1 - Frozen Arrow
Reduces a targeted units movement and attack speed.

Level 9 - Archery Guide
A book to increase the rangers abilities.

Level 38 - Sisterhood
Summons 3 female rangers to aid the Ranger.

Level 60 - Bow Skill
Increases the Rangers damage by a high percentage for a short amount of time.

Level 100 - Multishot
Allows the Ranger to shoot 2 arrows.


Stealth is probably the best build, you are able to get the most damage from it.

Melee would a risky choice because there is only 1 spell that governs it, and it either deals nothing or a massive damage. So a risky build.

Magic may increase the usefulness of a few spells.

Main Attribute - Magic
Strengths - A must for any dungeon group because of its high healing abilities.

Level 1 - Word of Regeneration
Heals a friendly unit over time.

Level 4 - The magic of voice.
A spellbook with a different range of spells.

Level 20 - Revitilising Word
An AOE healing spell.

Level 56 - Friendship Word
A summon which is able to regenerate mana to nearby friendly units.

Level 100 - Word of Recovery
Heals a friendly unit to max hp.


The best and most useful build is probably as a healer.

Second most useful is probably a buffer, but you can do that as a healer.

No stealth builds.

Main Attribute - Melee
Strengths - Able to get very high hp.

Level 1 - Punishment
Deals a % of the Berserkers HP onto a enemy unit.

Level 10 - Pain Magics
A range of spells which buffs the Berserker when it looses hp.

Level 40 - Sacrifice
% of the HP of the Berserker damages itself, but then heals any nearby friendly units.

Level 70 - Evasion
% chance to dodge an attack.

Level 100 - Berserk
Increases attack speed but more prone to damage.


Tank, because of the ability to get massive hp because none of his spells are based on any of the attributes, so you can level HP rather than a attribute.

Healer? Sacrifice.

Stealth could give an attack speed increase.

Main Attribute - Magic
Strengths - Able to summon deadly demons.

Level 0 - Able to choose if the necromancer deals melee damage with his staff or magic damage from range.

Level 1 - Cripple
Slows an enemy units attack speed and movement speed.

Level 5 - Book of the Dead
Book of undead summoning spells.

Level 40 - Unholy Frenzy
Causes an enemy unit to have a curse put on him, which drives it crazy and it begins hurting itself. But doing this the enemy becomes more fierce and wreckless.

Level 72 - Soul Burn
A poison which lasts until the enemy dies.

Level 100 - Lich
The nercomancer is able to transform into the Lich.


Magic, able to summon more and to cast spells more.
Melee, higher damage up close + bigger hp.
Stealth, Be able to cast ghost with high damage.

Main Attribute - Magic
Strengths - Able to slow and pause units.


Level 1 - Time Ball
The time mage sends a powerpull ball in a direction of enemies which pushes them away from the time mage and deals high magic damage.

Level 9 - Book of History
Range of spells.

Level 40 - Pause
Pauses a unit for low amount of time.

Level 70 - Radiation
A massive AOE effect which poisons units in a chosen area.

Level 100 - Future
Summons a unit from way in the future.


Magician, increase magic for better usefulness of your spells.

No melee/stealth builds.

10th class, Assasin..
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May 8, 2010
Warcraft unlimited is basically a patch for older versions of the world editor.
It removed caps on the amount of doodads you place and some triggers were re-written so they were easier to understand, and it had a s/l system included.

And nah, il find a load save system when i've got all the heroes made, and the items made to an extent:).
They really confuse me though, its hard to get my head round them.
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Dec 18, 2008
If you want unlimited doodads you should go with JassNewGenPack (not sure if that's the exact name) it allows unlimited doodads, more tiles, bigger map (400x400), VJass etc.
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Jun 26, 2010
It's nice to see a Dungeon RPG project here!
Have you ever seen Fighting Fantasy? (not the NDS game haha)
I like your berzerk class. Also, your got the idea for the warden from playing on She's a damn thing in small battles. Hate Shadow Strike.