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Press any key

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Level 1
May 19, 2008
Hi guys.I'm new to this site so please bare with me. :grin:
I hope i posted in the right forum.

My question:

How do you remove press any key from the loading screen?
It really annoys me and everyone from the game that we have to wait 2 mins for some **** to press a key.
Don't tell me it's not possible because i saw many maps with press any key removed.

Level 11
Jun 28, 2008
You dont wait 2 minutes for someone to pres the key. If you dont press it in some time, it will auto it. I dont know how it owrks, still. You wait for someone for 2 minutes because:
1) He has realy slow cpu, so it takes him long to load.
2) He is lagging so, even if he pressed the key, other cpus dont see it. Often when this happens, as soon as game starts that player is showned in lagg window.
3) Cuz he left during loading. Your cpus still see him like hes there and are waiting for response from him. If it doesnt come, it starts the map after few minutes (probably 2 liek you sed, but it feals sooooo much longer).
4) Players still havent dled the map and host started. Hard to happen. Only happend to me 1 time. When host is using bot, and uses !forcestart, bot starts countdown, and suddenly 2 morep layers joined, but game still started. To you it feals same as it is in case 3) , also probably it causes lots of complications to the player without the map. Note that only happend to me once. Hard to happen.

In some maps I played, as soon as it loaded it didnt ask to press the key. This happend when map is small and is quickly loaded. Bigger the map, longer it askes for pressing the key, before it auto-presses. Also text playes bigg thing. More text = mre time needed to read = longer reuest to press the key.

I dont think you can change it tho.

Hope you understand anything ^^
Level 10
Mar 31, 2009
Its annoying when you have a custom loading screen up, and can't see who the nuisance is whos holding you all up. If theres no text over the loading screen, I guess the game decides you dont need to wait to read it.

Then again, maybe the slowbie just can't find the "any" key?
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