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Po'tarank The Bison

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It's Po'tarank a bison dude with tomahawk.
For World of Genesia.
It still look a bit empty thought.I may add some fure,armor and misc.
Model based on the orgre one head.
Only ingame textures.
The head was pain to model (i made it from wyvern head...)
Reference picture : bison
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Na.It's supposed to be an amerindian bison dude not from Wow lore.
As i said at Wc3campaigns i wasn't aware there were alrdy Bison dude named Taunka in wow lore.So it's not a Taunka and i don't try to reproduce it but just a bison dude who lives in steppes environement.He don't need furry leather armor.He will be ,as i said, almost naked with primitive wood/bone armor pad.
And donut has the point.He alrdy have leather armor :his own skin.

Edit : I've maded few improvement.
Edit 2 :More improvement maded.
Everybody should be happy now.He has a leather shoulder pad , a bone one , a wooden abdomen armor pad and he look more like a hero.
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