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Modeling - Help Me Please!

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Feb 15, 2008
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Hi guys, I have some questions about modeling, so here goes...:

1) Can I add a model to a missile art and still have it use its texture and animations? (I'm wanting to use the head from headonspear2 and put the corrosivebreath missile as its trail. Also splat like the meatwagon missile when it hits.)

2) I really would like to know how to combine 2 models into one with the textures not messing up, like add a goblin to the riderless wyvern. So can you point me to a tutorial somewhere or tell me how?

I don't really have much knowledge of modeling, even though I've tinkered quite a bit. I am extremely interested in learning how to do it, and I worship the guys at this site who do it so well. I would appreciate any and all help/advice you can give me, thanks!
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