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Post Idears for other people here

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Sep 27, 2008
Hi this topic is where you can drop idears for maps (but you don't want to/can't make them):grin:

here is 1 idear: :fp:Grizzly hills.

Races: Horde/Alliance/Frostpaw Tribe/Scourge (undead trolls and Vrykul)/Silverbrook pack (Humans who can turn into worgen)/Redfang Tribe/Venture Co./Kurun and his giants and dwarfs/Iron Dwarfs and Drakkari Trolls.

idears:the Furbolgs can join the horde or the allys.
so if Frostpaw Tribe Allied the Horde he unally the alliance.
and if Horde ally the Redfang he unallyed the Frostpaw.

1 Furbolg Clan can become evil by summoning Ursoc (if they do that they unally everybody)

The Orcs in Conquest Hold are Scared by Conqueror Krenna what makes them less strong.
an idear is that the horde can type:-duel to let Krenna and Gorgonna duel.
the horde controls gorgonna and krenna is Neutral Hostile. (Krenna is stronger at the same level ofc)
if Gorgonna wins Krenna is deleted and the Orcs aren't scared anymore Cheesy

Venture Co. can be a diplomacy Race. who can ally a lot people but just like Furbolgs if he allyed Horde he Unallyed Alliance.

Nekst 1: :fp:Battle of Blackrockmountain.

Zones: Blackrock Mountain, Searing Gorge and Burning Steppes (you can make an Blackrock Mountain only 2)

Black dragonflight
Firegut clan
Blackhand Legion
Smolderthorn Tribe
Firebrand Legion


Molten Core
Anvilrage Military
Twilight's Hammer Cultists
Dark Iron Clan
Shadowforge Dwarves

:fp:Rise of the New Horde (Lord of the Clans)

Horde: Thrall and Doomhammer, Warsong, Frostwolf, Orcs from the Camp (start with nearly nothing but get units for every camp the horde destroy) and eeh the Revantusk tribe and something else

Alliance: Durnholde, some Camps and maby some units from stromgarde

Ogres: Stonemaul and Boulderfist clan

Heroes: Horde: Thrall (change into Thrall Warchief if Doomhammer is death), Doomhammer, Grom Hellscream, Iskar (Warsong), Drek'Thar, Uthul (Frostwolf), maby a Random Hunter Hero, Rekshak (demi hero i think) Nazgrel and Varok Saurfang for Camp Orcs
and Primal Torntusk or something and some1 else.

Alliance: Aedelas Blackmoore, Karramyn Langston, Lorin Remka, Sergeant and Waryk (and some other units) no Tammis Foxton because he was friendly with thrall

Ogres: Mug'thol, Kor'gresh Coldrage, (maby Kovork), Zalas Witherbark (Witherbark Trolls)

Doomhammer and Aedelas Blackmoore can't ress.

that where just some idears hopefull any1 can use it :infl_thumbs_up:
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