Blizzard Novels as Custom Games...?

Level 19
Oct 15, 2008
Erm... I kinda wonder if there's such custom games in Warcraft III that actually allows you to play those novels that Blizzard wrote like...
1. Lord Of The Clans: Lets you experience that time when Thrall was captured and tortured in Durnholde by Aedelas Blackmoore, and he escapes and Orgrim Doomhammer dies, gives him his Doomhammer and Thrall becomes the Warchief Of The Horde...

2. The Day Of The Dragon: This is where Rhonin, Vareesa and Falstad frees Alexstraza and all those dragon people like Malygos, Krasus, Nordra-Something, etc...

3. The Last Guardian: This novel actually describes when Khadgar visits Medivh and all that and Medivh was actually half Sargeras, Khadgar, Garona and I think Lothar slain Medivh and freed that crow form thing, it'd be quite fun...

Well if there was actually those games in Battle.Net, I'd be dying to be the first to play them, sometimes reading gets too out of hand and you actually want to experience what you read...

PS: I'm not crazy, you should read some of Blizzard's books to see what I mean...
Level 7
May 9, 2008
As far im conserned, the closest you get to experience that is the Warcraft campaigns. There is no such maps on battlenet, and if there were, i think that the creater would have hosted it here, or on another warcraft website.

And it would be really hard to make such a map, the main proplem would be the players, how many players should there be? And what with the inactiveness of the players, when the storyline unfolds one players, what happens to that other?

And yes, the books are neat, :cool: i wish i could play it on battlenet too :cry: