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Posé RPG v1.72

Submitted by Sercy
This bundle is marked as approved. It works and satisfies the submission rules.
Important Stuff
v1.72 is now here with a new side quest, lots of improvements and several bug fixes.

Please make sure to check the changelog if you have played one of the earlier versions before.

After decades of struggle, our heroes were finally able to slay Haydo, the manipulative mastermind of evil forces that has long ravaged the land of Arcadia. Just when they thought the threat was over, it turned out that Haydo was just a puppet of the stronger forces behind him. His death caused a massive portal to open from which the minions of Asmodeus, Haydo's master poured from. It seems like there is no rest for the fighters of justice as they prepare to face the worst.

Posé is a RPG styled map where you can choose from 12 different and unique heroes that are distinguished by their roles (DPS, Tank, Support) to take on the malicious forces of evil. It can be solo'd or played with up to 2 other players on 4 difficulty settings which are Easy (for solo), Medium (for solo / 2 players), Hard (for 2 players / 3 players) and Nightmare (for 3 players) difficulties.

Posé takes a humorous approach to the ongoing situation with a lot of references to other games and other things and makes use of cinematics a lot to mix it with the story. Posé includes both vanilla music from Warcraft 3 and custom music from various other artists in its gameplay.

Players can use utility commands such as -roll, -repick, -nuke and -ms. Players can also duel each other on 1v1 combat with the newly added -duel commands. The map also has a damage detection system and any damage dealt by players to enemies and by enemies to players will be shown above characters which can be turned on/off at the start. All usable commands and other useful information can be found under the optional quests tab in game.

All heroes have custom skills, some of them are heavily edited by triggers and custom effects. They are all balanced as much as possible however and none of them is overly exaggerated, meaning that no hero will have huge advantages over the others. Creeps (with the exception of bosses and special mobs) will respawn after a short while. Most boss fights are customized (some more than others) to make them more interesting and challenging.

This map is actually a sequel to my first map "P o s E", where players could play through Haydo's story and witness how he turned to the dark side but the map was pretty much unfinished / lost.

Muiri - Soul Hunter (Melee DPS - Agility)
Shevarash - Hunter of the Night (Ranged DPS - Agility)
Saffron - Pyromancer (Ranged DPS - Intelligence)
Blarsa - Life Bringer (Support - Intelligence)
Taran Zhu - Pandaren Warlord (Tank - Strength)
Nergal - Demon Traitor (Melee DPS - Strength)
Lika - Shadowscale (Ranged DPS - Agility)
Rasputin - Unbeliever (Ranged DPS - Intelligence)
Lorkhan - Templar (Tank / Support - Strength)
Kirakishou - Agent of Dawn (Melee DPS - Agility)
Cynalru - Keeper of the Balance (Ranged DPS - Intelligence)
Magnus - Lone Wanderer (Melee DPS / Tank - Strength)


Starting Village

Refreshing Waterfall

Cursed Rainforest

Frozen Lands

Nomads' Plaguelands

Smuggling Operations


Versions v1.1 to v1.72

- Added a new hero, Shadowscale.
- Added a small new area in Act 1.
- Nerfed the life steal items.
- Fixed some item descriptions / replenish intervals and added new drops.
- Fixed Demon Traitor's "Crushing Attack" skill, and it now has a higher chance to stun.
- Remade Pedobear's "Toughness" skill. It now gives a fixed scaler value of armor instead of percentage.
- Fixed Pedobear's conflicting skill hotkeys.
- Hunter of the Night's "Sharpshooter" skill now gives 10%, 20%, 30% bonus damage instead of 5%, 10%, 15%.
- Fixed Hunter of the Night's bugged skill icons.
- Fixed Hunter of the Night's Voltage Shield hitting friendly units.
- Regular mobs will now respawn after 90 seconds instead of 60 seconds upon their death.
- Increased the experience / gold gain per enemy killed.
- Incraesed the attack damage and health points of bosses in the Arena quest. Increased the attack damage of Brutallus and Asmodeus.
- Fixed a major bug concerning the Moon Key.
- Fixed a major bug where a player could permanently get stuck in Arena and Dreamstride quests.
-Fixed a major bug where players could board the zeppelin in Act 2 without talking to General Nuri, leading to being stuck at the nomads territory.
- Fixed a major bug concerning Pedobear not being able to attack air units, therefore making it impossible to continue the Arena quest successfully.
- Fixed a major bug where players could pass through the second part of Act 3 without having to kill the Gate Keeper.
-Fixed Mystic Ball giving +5 to all stats instead of +10.
- Fixed a minor bug concerning to some monsters in the beginning of Act 2 not giving experience upon death.
- Players can no longer attack / kill the non-essential allies inside the towns / camps.
- Improved the realism of cinematics, heroes will now face the NPC they are talking to as long as they are inside the cinematic boundaries, also disabled the selection circles during the cinematics.
- Added fog effect, fixed the time of the day, added ambient sounds to certain regions, and added over 1000 more doodads to create a better atmosphere.
- Changed the Arena song.
- Credits can now be found in the optional quests section, instead of showing at the end of the game.

-Fixed a major bug where the zeppelin in the dwarven encampment could just disappear, making it impossible to continue the storyline.
-The heroes will no longer get their healths replenished between the battles in the Arena quest. ( was still bugged in v.1.1 )
-Fixed a situation where Bollocks' cinematic would appear every time the heroes died if they have been unsuccessful in the Arena quest.
--Fixed arena song not stopping if the heroes are unsuccessful.
-Fixed Medallion of Corruption.
-Fixed Hunter of the Night's voice sound.
-Hunter of the Night's "Voltage Shield" will not damage Raphael the Brat anymore.
-Players can no longer kill the bosses until the cinematic sequence ends while using -cinematicskip.
-Fixed some item descriptions.
-Fixed some minor dialogue bugs.
-Updated the Credits section.

- Added a new hero, Unbeliever.
- Added an alternate route in Chapter 1.
- Added warping circles to Chapter 2 and Chapter 3. You can now go to the previous chapters whenever you want.
- The fight with the last boss Asmodeus is more interesting and a little harder now.
- The "Attribute Bonus" skill can now be increased for 10 more levels, giving the heroes additional strength, agility and intelligence.
- Increased the casting range of "Exculpate" skill, and now Shadowscale can cast it without having to get closer to the targeted enemy.
- All the monsters ( except the special ones and bosses ) now have a chance to drop health potion ( not mana potion ) upon death. Quality of the potion and the drop chance increase along with the monster level.
- Changed the preview image of the map.
- Updated the credits section.
- Made some minor changes and fixed some minor bugs.

- Fixed a major bug in v1.2 concerning the warping circles, added two more warping circles for safety. ( players will not get stuck on a certain chapter anymore )
- Nerfed Unbeliever's "Inferius" skill. It now has a 45 seconds cooldown instead of 25, and "Permanent Immolation" ( all three versions of it ) now do lesser damage.
- Changed Pedobear's name from "Lebron" to "Slender".

- Fixed Hunter of the Night's conflicting skill hotkey. ( "Shadow Walk" skill now has the hotkey "D" ).
- Changed some item / skill descriptions.

- Added difficulty setting, and now the host can choose between easy, medium or hard difficulties, easy being the default difficulty of the previous versions of Posé.
- Added 2 new items ( boss drops ), 2 new bosses ( with customized AI skills ), 2 new types of mobs, 2 new sections for the playable area ( concerning the 2 new quests ), and 2 new tracks. You can find the name and author of these tracks in the Credits section.
- Added two new quests named "Kirov Reporting" and "Make It Bun Dem". In order to activate the quest "Make It Bun Dem", you have to do S'kjor's first optional quest before talking to Kyrie after you return from the nomad encampment.
- Overhauled the ambient sound system, removed all of the ambient sounds from regions which were kind of buggy and could cause annoyance time to time, and added a backround music for each chapter, along with the new SoundCheck system, preventing sounds / musics getting mixed with each other.
- Remade "Angel Slayer", and now it gives the wielder 5% chance of evading incoming attacks instead of 10%, but gives +10 strength and agility bonus.
- Remade Safran's "Blast" skill, and changed the description of it. It is no longer an overpowered skill.
- Added over 1000 doodads to make the terrain look less empty.
- Added a new mob type to Chapter 2.
- Fixed a bug concerning the warping circles. The player could get stuck after dying in the beginning of Chapter 2 and be unable to continue the quest line properly, since the warping circle at witch camp teleports the player directly into the dwarven encampment.
- Fixed the mobs not being spawned and Asmodeus not using his customized skill during the last battle.
- Fixed a bug with Muiri's "Survivalist" skill, it gave a 60% chance to dodge incoming attacks instead of 6%.
- Fixed a bug concerning the "Sweet Dreams" quest. It was causing a bug if the player took the quest but went to the nomad encampment without finishing it.
- Fixed Infected Bandits giving 130 gold upon death instead of 13.
- Fixed some grammar errors during conversations.
- Fixed the item cagetories not being shown at shops.
- Fixed Stoned Skeletal Warriors' attack damage.
- Fixed some empty regions in Chapter 1 and 2.
- All the user-owned units can now use the warping circles, not just heroes.
- Changed some text colors, making them distinguishable amongst other texts.
- Added counter to "Sweet Dreams" quest.
- Changed the name of "Medicines" quest to "Kool-Aid".
- Changed the name of "Brave From Birth" quest to "Brave By Birth".
- Players can now find the informations which are shown in the beginning of the game under the optional quests section if they are in need of them later in game.
- Updated the credits section and remade the preview image of the map.

- Fixed a critical bug concerning the "Make It Bun Dem" quest. Rasputin can no longer reach the normally unreachable area early in game and possibly make the scenario unable to be finished.
- Added "Nightmare" difficulty level.
- Added a new Hybrid ( Tank / Support ) hero, Templar.
- Changed Hunter of the Night's "Voltage Shield" skill to a new skill, "Phoenix Barrage".
- Changed Demon Traitor's "Chaos Curse" skill to a new skill, "Chaoswave".
- Players can now see in what difficulty they have finished the game in the end.
- Fixed the medium and hard difficulties not applying to some of the enemies.
- Fixed some enemies not belogning to Player 10.
- Fixed a bug with one of S'kjor's skills, and it can now be used.
- V'rok no longer teleports the heroes to the beginning of Chapter 2 after they have made it to the dwarven encampment.
- Changed the misleading name of the warping circle in Chapter 3.
- Changed the arena song.
- Fixed the song of "Make It Bun Dem" quest, it now loops faster as it should be.
- Fixed all of the known grammar mistakes, along with the conversation bugs and buff descriptions.
- Made some changes to spesific areas of the terrain, attempting to make it look less empty as usual.
- Updated the credits section.

- Fixed the difficulty settings not being applied to mobs after they respawn.
- Every mob now has a chance to drop mana potions along with health potions.
- Fixed the idle icon of selection wisps.

- Fixed a critical bug in v1.32 where in easy difficulty the mobs would not respawn.
- Remade the item drop system. Mobs will now drop items even after dying for a second time, and now they have a chance to drop multiple items.

- Added a cinematic sequence in the beginning.
- Added bag system, and players can now change between two bags, making them able to carry more items.
- Most of the bosses now have new skills, making the fights against them a bit more interesting.
- Remade most of Pedobear's skills. "Ground Slam" and "Toughness" have been removed, "Power Slam" and "Pandaren Flow" skills took their place. Also nerfed his "Multiply" skill.
- Nerfed Muiri's "Lucky Hit" skill.
- Nerfed Shevarash's "Phoenix Barrage" skill.
- Most of the rare custom items now also have a custom icon.
- Added stat tomes to ingredient shops.
- Every quest related unit now has a quest icon to help players notice them in the beginning, middle, and end of the quests.
- Fixed the "Decent Mana Potion" item, and it is now usable. Also fixed its button position in witch market.
- Added visibility modifier to each quest related boss ( they activate when a player triggers a boss fight ), and to certain quest related units.
- Fixed some grammar errors during conversations.
- Updated the credits section.

- Fixed Blarsa's "Death Trap" skill having zero range at 2nd, 3rd, 4th and 5th levels.
- S'kjor can now use the warping circles.

- Added a new hero, Keeper of the Balance.
- Added a hidden quest.
- Turned the last boss fight into an instance where players can choose to do it whenever they wish. If all players die during the fight, boss will reset back to full health. This also allows players to still finish the side quests if they die after activating the fight unlike previous versions.
- It isn't the end of the game anymore if players fail the fight against The Forgotten One. It can be tried again multiple times. However, this boss will also reset back to full health if all players die during the fight.
- Fixed bugs regarding to the change bag system. Base Order ID was causing some spells to trigger at the same time as change bag skill. There is now also a 1 second delay before bag is changed and a floating text above players indicating it.
- Bosses are now a bit more aggresive.
- Nergal can now attack flying units.
- Made some changes with looping triggers in order to improve performance.
- Players can't attack certain friendly buildings anymore.
- The Dreamstride now gives +5 armor and +15 all stats instead of +3 armor and +5 all stats, however it doesn't give a chance to stun anymore.
- All skeletal minions are now weaker. This makes traversing through the beginning of Chapter 2 easier.
- Brutallus is now slightly stronger while Asmodeus is slightly weaker.
- Fixed all bugs concerning the zeppelins. Players can now safely travel between the dwarven encampment and Nomads territory using the zeppelins without having to die or get stuck.
- Farmer Bruce's wife no longer heals enemy units.
- Changed the place of the secret item.
- Added some doodads.
- Fixed certain sound bugs.
- Fixed major cinematic bugs.
- Fixed some grammatical errors during cinematics.
- Fixed / changed some character names.
- Updated the credits section.

- Cynalru now also has Attribute Bonus skill which now has a custom icon.
- Killing Floor now has a 20 seconds cooldown instead of 10 and does less damage.
- Gaia Unleashed now has a 10 seconds cooldown instead of 20.
- Fixed a minor cinematic bug.

- Pinpointed and fixed the bug where collision would get turned off and heroes could wander around the map freely, running over obstacles and cliffs. It was due to a leak in a skill used by one of the arena bosses.
- Arena bosses and Asmodeus will now always chase the players instead of returning to their initial positions if the heroes get too far away, making the fights more challenging.
- Fixed guard positions of several bosses and now they will not flee to absurd locations.
- Witch encampment now has a tome shop which also sells the potions instead of the equipment shop.
- Captain Isaac is no longer invulnurable after joining the heroes and can be killed until he's done his task. If he dies, game ends at that point.
- Rampage Mask doesn't give a +10 bonus to all stats or any health regeneration bonus anymore. Instead, when Rage is activated, it gives +50 bonus damage. Also, the item now has a 30 seconds cooldown instead of 45 and damage taken while Rage is active has been increased to 30% from 20%.
- Fixed the description of Eye of Brutallus. It also now gives 30 damage bonus with each critical strike instead of 45 and gives a 15% chance to dodge enemy attacks instead of 20%.
- Arcane shield now gives a 15% chance to dodge incoming attacks instead of 20%.
- Cynalru's Killing Floor skill now lasts 5 seconds at all levels instead of 4 / 5 / 6 / 7 / 8, it can also be cast on air units and summoned treants will now attack air units as well.
- Unbeliever's Cruciatus skill now deals 150 / 300 / 450 / 600 / 750 damage to target but it now lasts 5 / 6 / 7 / 8 / 9 seconds instead of 5 / 7 / 9 / 12 / 15.
- Unbeliever's Soul Steal skill now has a 10 seconds cooldown instead of 20.
- Unbeliever's Swarm skill now has a 60 seconds cooldown instead of 90.
- Lorkhan's Radiance skill now has a 10 seconds cooldown instead of 15.
- Shadowscale's Exculpate skill now has a 10 seconds cooldown instead of 15.
- Demon Traitor's Chaoswave skill now has a 8 seconds cooldown instead of 12.
- Kirakishou's Evasive Fury skill now has a 40 / 35 / 30 seconds cooldown instead of 45 / 40 / 35.
- Hunter of the Night's Shadow Walk skill now has a 10 seconds cooldown instead of 11.
- Fixed a bug with Hunter of the Night's Phoenix Barrage skill, correcting the description at the same time.
- Damage Detection system is now working properly.
- Players now get full shared control of Player 8, making additional units given to them during the playthrough easier to control.

- Added a new hero, Lone Wanderer.
- Added -repick command which allows players to choose another hero. Can only be used once.
- Added -roll command which will generate a random number between 1 and 100 which is intended to use for item sharing.
- Disabled the anti-cheat system since it was pointless on a multiplayer map.
- Blarsa's Death Trap skill now lasts 10 seconds instead of 20.
- Fixed the misleading description of Ring of Decent Protection.
- Changed the puzzle words of the secret quest to make it easier.
- Fixed some regional conflicts.
- Corrected some typos, fixed the descriptions of some skills and made a few name changes.

- Fixed a game breaking bug where attacking The Butcher would crash the game due to a leak in one of its skills.
- Lone Wanderer's ultimate skill now has 3 levels instead of 5, just like all the other heroes.

- Added a respawn counter which lets the players know how many seconds remain until their hero respawns.
- Revamped Shadowscale's ultimate skill. It's now named "Tetra Vortex", has different visual effects and will deal 250/350/450 damage per second to the target instead of 200/300/400. It also drains 5%/10%/15% of Shadowscales's maximum HP from her current HP which can kill her if her health is too low. She will still be able to cast the skill but will die after a short delay.
- Nerfed Lone Wanderer's "Eye of the Tiger" skill. It now lasts 4/5/6 seconds instead of 7/7/7 and has a cooldown of 60 seconds instead of 40.
- Lone Wanderer's bear companion Kishi can now attack air units.
- Added -nuke command which players can use to kill themselves if their hero gets stuck for some reason.
- Changed the name of "Bastard Sword" to "Runeblade."
- Fixed obsolete ancient artifact descriptions.
- Done several grammar / description / story fixes.

- Added -zfix command which fixes the issue where the zeppelin that is needed to proceed through the game disappears for some reason (possibly because of the usage of -cskip command).
- Added a new boss monster with an unique drop in Chapter 2.
- Added a new item cagetory named "Special".
- Added the option to use either locked or free camera (experimental, additional information about this can be found under side quests section).
- Shadowscale's "Poison Arrows" skill now works as intended. Poison DPS can now kill the affected enemies and the attack rate reduction does not stack. Also, it now deals 35/50/65/80/95 damage per second instead of 20/50/80/110/140.
- Shadowscale's "Tetra Vortex" skill now deals 150/200/250 damage per second instead of 250/350/450 and lasts 5/5/5 seconds instead of 5/6/7.
- Keeper of the Balance's "Killing Floor" skill now works as intended and there is no need to keep attacking the affected enemy in order for the treants to spawn.
- Keeper of the Balance's summoned treants now move faster.
- Fixed two minor bugs regarding Keeper of the Balance's "Nature's Comeback" skill.
- Demon Traitor's "Chaoswave" skill now does 130/250/370/490/610 damage instead of 90/150/210/270/350.
- Agent of Dawn's "Unleash" skill now does 50/100/150/200/250 damage instead of 70/140/210/280/350.
- Agent of Dawn's ultimate skill "Evasive Fury" is no longer available at the first level and becomes available at level 6 like all the other heroes.
- Soul Hunter's "Lust" skill now drains 3%/6%/9%/12%/15% of the damage dealt instead of 5%/6%/7%/8%/9%.
- Soul Hunter's "Feral Discharge" skill now does 170/220/270/320/370 damage instead of 130/180/230/280/330 and has a 5 seconds cooldown instead of 7.
- Fixed a minor bug regarding "Brave By Birth" quest.
- Fixed the camera bug that would occur if players tried fighting Asmodeus more than once.
- Fixed several minor bugs regarding buff/debuff icons.
- Fixed a minor conflict between Kyrie's side quest and the main quest.
- Fixed the button position of Sk'jor's "Highness Overload" skill.
- Corrected several grammatical mistakes in texts and wrong item descriptions.

- If Player 1 slot is unoccupied, Player 2 will now automatically become the host and so on (Player 1 > Player 2 > Player 3).
- Player 3's color is now yellow instead of cyan (in other words, Player 3 is now Player 5).
- Host player can now choose to skip the intro cutscene and the story explanation.
- Players can now repick their hero three times instead of just once and only before Act II.
- Gained experience and items in both bags will now be kept after choosing a new hero by repicking.
- Changed the maximum movement speed of heroes from 400 to 522.
- Added -ms command which can be used to see the current movement speed of the hero.
- Added -nuke hero 1, -nuke hero 2 and -nuke hero 3 commands. Detailed information can be found in game.
- Respawn timers for heroes will now show for all players.
- Added a new item as a reward for one of the side quests.
- Added stats to hero descriptions so that players can know more about them before deciding to pick.
- The item Moon Key can no longer be dropped.
- If any player leaves the game, remaining players will now have full control of the leaving player's hero.
- Changed the hero Slender - Pedobear to Taran Zhu - Pandaren Warlord.
- Changed the Pyromancer's name from Safran to Saffron.
- Agent of Dawn's "Vindicta" skill can now be turned on and off. It also passively grants 10/20/30/40/50 raw movement speed which can also stack with speed boosting items instead of 4%/8%/12%/16%/20%.
- Fixed Agent of Dawn's "Showdown" skill. It now has 9 seconds cooldown as intended.
- Hunter of the Night's "Burning Arrows" skill has been changed to Black Arrows (new icon + effect). In addition, it now deals 20/40/60/80/100 bonus damage with 10/15/20/25/30 mana cost instead of 9/18/27/36/45 bonus damage with 15 mana cost at all levels.
- Hunter of the Night's "Phoenix Barrage" skill has been changed to Soul Barrage (new icon + effect).
- Hunter of the Night's "Shadow Walk" skill now deals 100/150/200/250/300 bonus damage instead of 120/150/180/210/240.
- Changed the icon of Hunter of the Night's "Sharpshooter" skill.
- Lifebringer's "Death Trap" skill now works as intended and gives nearby allied units extra armor until it explodes.
- Unbeliever's summons can now attack air units.
- Lone Wolf's "Unnerving Presence" skill now deals 50/100/150/200/250 damage instead of 30/60/90/120/150.
- Lone Wolf's "Eye of the Tiger" skill now lasts 7 seconds at all levels as intended, instead of 4/5/6.
- Kishi's (Lone Wolf's summon) "Loyalty" skill can now only be used on one ally at once as inteded instead of two.
- Muiri's "Feral Discharge" skill now has a cooldown of 4 seconds at all levels instead of 5.
- Saffron's "Pyroball" skill now deals 200/300/400/500/600 damage instead of 200/250/300/350/400 and has a cooldown of 8 seconds at all levels instead of 7.
- Saffron's "Blast" skill now deals 20/35/50/75/90 damage per 0.33 seconds instead of 35/55/75/95/115.
- Saffron's "Enflame" skill now deals 50/75/100/125/150 damage per second instead of 40/60/80/100/120 and costs 15/20/25/30/35 mana per second instead of 5 at all levels.
- Saffron's "Enflame" skill no longer causes problems while changing between bags.
- Saffron's "Meteor Storm" skill now deals 100/200/300 initial damage per wave and 50/75/100 damage over time instead of 200/300/400 and 80/100/120. Its mana cost has also been increased to 250 from 180 at all levels.
- Lorkhan's "Radiance" skill now heals for 200/400/600/800/1000 and damages for 100/200/300/400/500 instead of 300/400/500/600/700 and 150/200/250/300/350.
- Pandaren Warlord's "Taunt" skill now works as intended and has a 10 seconds cooldown instead of 5.
- Pandaren Warlord's "Pandaren Flow" skill has been fixed and it now grants 40%/80%/120%/160%/200% health regeneration bonus as intended and 3/6/9/12/15 bonus armor instead of 2/4/6/8/10.
- Pandaren Warlord's "Power Slam" skill now stuns the target for 3 seconds instead of 2.
- Muiri's "Survivalist" skill now gives a 4%/8%/12%/16%/20% chance to dodge incoming attacks instead of 2%/4%/6%/8%/10%.
- Changed Muiri's "Lucky Hit" skill's name to "Exploit Weakness". In addion, it now has a chance to deal 5 times more damage on an attack instead of 3.
- Shadowscale's "Cloud of Unknowing" skill's descriptions are fixed. In addition, it now deals 100/150/200/250/300 damage per second to primary target and 50/75/100/125/150 damage to secondary targets instead of 100/200/300/400/500 and 50/100/150/200/250. Cooldown of the skill has been also reduced to 15 seconds from 20 at all levels.
- Nergal's "Spiked Carapace" skill now gives 3/4/5/6/7 bonus armor instead of 1/2/3/4/5.
- Fixed the bug with Cynalru's "Nature's Comeback" skill where the active buff would not end after casting multiple skills in a row.
- Added two new items to the Dwarven Market for purchase, removed one.
- Balanced the effects of some items so that they are no longer overpowered or useless.
- Balanced the prices and categories of most items based on their effect.
- Removed the ingame changelog under side quests section and added a seperate tab for commands.
- Done minor terrain enhancements in some areas along with a major change for the second chapter.
- Lots of fixes with skill and buff descriptions, buff icons and dialogues.

- Fixed a game breaking bug where the game would crash to desktop with an error after any cinematic with WC3 patch 1.30 and onwards (thanks to Daffa the Mage for pointing it out and Dr Super Good for fixing the problem).
- Added duel system. Players can now duel each other using -duel hero 1, -duel hero 2 or -duel hero 3 commands. Detailed information can be found in game.
- Removed some of the trees in an area in Chapter 2 so that players can see the mobs easier.
- Changed the type of all trees in Chapter 3 to make it look more appealing.


- Changed the required level and level skip requirement of every ultimate skill to 10, meaning that new levels of those skills will only unlock at hero levels 10, 20 and 30.
- Added a new side quest which can be found in Chapter 2. This side quest can only be done after reaching a spesific point in the main quest.
- Added lore conversations for a few NPCs at friendly areas, shown by blue exclamation marks.
- Fixed a crucial bug with the yellow player's -repick. The newly chosen hero will no longer be stuck at the hero selection area.
- Fixed a crucial bug with the yellow player's "Change Bag" skill and it now works properly.
- Fixed a crucial bug where blue and yellow players wouldn't keep the items in their primary bags after repicking.
- Enhanced the soundcheck system to further prevent conflicts.
- Side quests will no longer be disabled after triggering the last boss fight.
- Changed the hotkeys of some skills for better access.
- Changed the selection scales of some units to make them easier to target.
- Most enemies now have an increased movement speed.
- Some boss skills have been tweaked in order to make the encounters a little more challenging and realistic.
- Slightly tweaked the damage done by most enemies by optimizing the number of dice and sides per die.
- Tweaked the health and mana points of some enemies (mostly bosses) for better balance.
- Animals at friendly areas now belong to Neutral Passive (except a few dogs), which means they can be killed.
- Added some more animals to certain areas.
- Shape Stalker and Shape Beast are now named Phase Stalker and Phase Beast.
- Changed the terrain in some areas, added/removed several doodads and fixed a few region conflicts.
- Fixed some skill descriptions.
- Several other minor bug fixes and polishments that I can't seem to remember.


Soul Hunter :
- "Feral Discharge" skill now deals 150/250/350/425/550 damage instead of 170/220/270/320/370 and has a mana cost of 100 instead of 95 at all levels.
- Changed the passive special effect of "Lust" skill.
- "Exploit Weakness" skill now deals 4x critical damage instead of 5x at all levels.

Hunter of the Night :
- "Soul Barrage" skill now deals 20/40/60/80/100 damage instead of 10/20/30/40/50 and sends 20 vengeful souls at all levels instead of 5/10/15/20/25, has a cooldown of 15 seconds instead of 10 and has a mana cost of 85/100/115/130/145 instead of 95 at all levels.
- "Shadow Walk" skill now has a mana cost of 90 instead of 70 at all levels.

Pyromancer :
- "Pyroball" skill now has a 135 mana cost instead of 70 at all levels.
- "Blast" skill now has a 125/150/175/200/225 mana cost instead of 150 at all levels.
- "Meteor Storm" skill now has a 275 mana cost instead of 250 at all levels.

Life Bringer :
- "Stasis Trap" now stuns enemies for 1.5/2/2.5/3/3.5 seconds as intended instead of 10 which was a bug. It now also deals 30/50/70/90/110 damage instead of 25/45/65/85/105.
- "Death Caress" skill now lasts 5/6/7 seconds instead of 4/5/6.

Pandaren Warlord :
- "Taunt" skill (which was crashing the game) has been replaced with a new skill, "Demoralize".
- "Power Slam" skill now deals 100 extra damage at all levels in addition to the 1x/2x/3x/4x/5x strength damage and has a mana cost of 80/95/110/125/140 instead of 95 at all levels.
- The illusion, which is summoned by "Multiply" skill now takes 1.5x damage instead of 2x and the skill has a mana cost of 175 instead of 110 at all levels and lasts 20/25/30 seconds instead of 15/20/25.

Demon Traitor :
- "Crushing Attack" skill now has a 4%/6%/8%/10%/12% chance to trigger instead of 5%/6%/7%/8%/9%.
- "Demonic Understanding" skill now gives 25/50/75 strength bonus. However, its attack speed bonus has been reduced to 15%/20%/25% from 15%/30%/45%, duration has been lowered to 10 seconds from 15 and cooldown has been increased to 35 seconds from 30. The skill now also has a 175 mana cost instead of 95 at all levels.

Shadowscale :
- "Exculpate" skill now has a mana cost of 110 instead of 55 at all levels.
- "Cloud of Unknowing" skill now has a mana cost of 90/100/110/120/130 instead of 110 at all levels.
- "Tetra Vortex" skill now deals 150/250/350 damage per second instead of 150/200/250 and has a mana cost of 200 instead of 110 at all levels.

Unbeliever :
- "Cruciatus" skill now deals 100/200/300/400/500 damage instead of 150/300/450/600/750. Its mana cost has also been increased from 85 to 120 at all levels.
- "Inferius" skill now has a mana cost of 120/140/160/180/200 instead of 110/120/130/140/150.
- "Soul Steal" skill now has a mana cost of 75/100/125/150/175 instead of 140 at all levels.
- "Swarm" skill now lasts 10/15/20 seconds instead of 10/20/30 and has a mana cost of 250 instead of 200 at all levels.

Templar :
- "Serenity" skill no longer conflicts with the "Change Bag" skill and has a 60 second cooldown as intended. In addition, it now has a mana cost of 300/275/250 instead of 300 at all levels.

Agent of Dawn :
- "Unleash" skill now deals 75/150/225/300/375 damage for each glaive instead of 50/100/150/200/250 and has a mana cost of 80/90/100/110/120 instead of 95 at all levels.
- "Showdown" skill now deals 0.4x/0.8x/1.2x/1.6x/2x movement speed damage instead of 0.3x/0.6x/0.9x/1.2x/1.5x and has a mana cost of 70/90/110/130/150 instead of 115 at all levels.
- "Evasive Fury" skill now has a mana cost of 145 instead of 155 at all levels.

Keeper of the Balance :
- "Killing Floor" skill now has a mana cost of 115/125/135/145/155 instead of 135 at all levels.
- "Gaia Unleashed" skill now deals 25/50/75/100/125 damage instead of 25/45/65/85/105 and has a cooldown of 10 seconds as intended instead of just 1. Mana cost of the skill has also been increased to 120/140/160/180/200 from 120/130/140/150/160.
- "Sleep Paralysis" skill no longer conflicts with "Change Bag" skill and has a cooldown of 60/50/40 seconds instead of none (which kept freezing the game). Its mana cost has also been reduced from 245 to 225 at all levels.

Lone Wanderer :
- The companion, which is summoned by "Summon Kishi" skill now has a passive skill which unlocks at level 2 and improves at level 4.
- "Originate" skill now deals 225/300/375/450/525 damage instead of 175/250/325/400/475 and has a mana cost of 95/115/135/155/175 instead of 110/120/130/140/150.


Used Programs
Warcraft 3 World Editor, Audacity, IrfanView

Used Music
Intro Song - Chaoz Japan by ParagonX9 ( Newgrounds )
Arena Song - Power of the Horde by L70ETC ( Warcraft 3 : RoC Soundtrack )
Last Boss Song - Lilith's Club by Noisia ( DmC : Devil May Cry Soundtrack )
"Kirov Reporting" Quest Song - Garden Party by blarsa ( Newgrounds )
"Make It Bun Dem" Quest Song - Make It Bun Dem by Skrillex feat. Damian Marley

Custom Skill Icons
CRAZYRUSSIAN, PeeKay, 67chrome, Cryophoenix, Hemske, Anachron, Jerkus, The_Silent, Apheraz Lucent, The D3ath, bigapple90, Palaslayer, Paladon, Mc !, Dmazzz, Mr.Goblin, L_Lawliet, 4eNNightmare, Juan_Ann, Hellx-Magnus, kola, NFWar, GooS, Darkfang, Anachron, Hiruty, Sin'dorei300, San, JesusHipster

Custom Skills
-Berz-, Tiche3, Just_Spectating, cyberkid

Special Thanks
SeedinAethyr, Dr Super Good

- Map was created using v1.31b (6072) of WC3 WE.
- Versions 1.5 to 1.72 were uploaded only on Hive.
- I appreciate any positive / negative feedbacks as they are usually a big help for improving Posé RPG further.
- Original template was created by Kobas. You can find more about it here : Map Description - Templates

RPG, Quests, Arena, Teamwork, Solo, Adventure, Bosses, Funny, Tank, DPS, Support

Posé RPG v1.72 (Map)

Approved [IMG] [IMG]Pose' RPG (Version 1.2) Rate[c]Score[c]Percent[c]Letter [r][IMG][IMG][IMG][IMG][IMG][c]5/5[c]91-100[c]A Rate[c]Score[c]Percent[c]Letter [r][IMG][IMG][IMG][IMG][IMG][c]4/5[c]81-90%[c]B Rate[c]Score[c]Percent[c]Letter...
Daffa the Mage
This game causes a fatal error after a pop up asking Damage Detection to be on or off appeared. Patch 1.30 (last version before 1.31). You might want to look into this first. I will be forced to have this at Awaiting Update to sort out the issue.
[spoiler] It's an OK classic which could use improvements. Approved. If you want more reviews, you should participate in the The Grand Review Exchange! R U L E S Site Rules Map Submission Rules M A P - D E S C R I P T I O N BB CODES BB Codes...
Ok here is my "small" review for this cute RPG map.(Btw i only played this solo on hard treating the map as a campaign) [SPOILER] - Sometimes the mobs respawn in different places from where they died(their own little group) resulting in creating...
    • Approved [​IMG]
    • Pose' RPG (Version 1.2)

      Rate Score Percent Letter
      [​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG] 5/5 91-100 A
      Rate Score Percent Letter
      [​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG] 4/5 81-90% B
      Rate Score Percent Letter
      [​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG] 3/5 75-80% C
      Rate Score Percent Letter
      [​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG] 2/5 70-74% D
      Rate Score Percent Letter
      [​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG] 1/5 50-69% F




      "Pose'" is a Role playing game based on inception and misfortune events of the world cause by havoc and mayhem.

      "The game is cool and what's nice about it is that its fast forward and doesn't lead you to the wrong alley of the map mainly it is in a maze-like form where you just sprout your way into the designed horizon of the game, but some of the bad issue about the difficulty of the game is all of the heroes, they all have very strong abilities that can kill the enemy quickly like a pyromancer's second skill it can kill any boss with just 2 hits please balance it, only few items enlisted in the game needs more since this is a team play rpg so the player's need more gears."



      "Terrain looks too plain because of the maze like area and only filled with trees, I suggest you make up a decent looking terrain than just the ordinary tile set and trees only seen in-game, because the map is a phase by phase story line it will be great if you can come up a good terrain as well."



      "Some dull-written dialogues on cinematics, the over-powerful heroes and the lack of textures for the terrain, I still can go on this one its a cool addition to the rpg maps even though this will be accepted as a decent map, please make sure to make some improvements good luck."

      Total Score:

      Rate Score Percent Letter
      [​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG] 9/15 80% C
    • [​IMG] Orcnet
      - has reviewed version 1.2

    Edited due to some broken images causing them to look weird here.
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  1. yogiman


    Sep 7, 2010
    i played in singleplayer till the 1st optional quest but till then i got too bored to continue playing
  2. Balanar the Ripper

    Balanar the Ripper

    Sep 4, 2012
    I have played v1.0 before, and I can totally say v1.1 is much better, and I actually had fun this time. Good work.
  3. David


    Jan 21, 2012
    As I can see from the screenshots,the terrain looks so empty....Im a terrainer myself so I would like to help.
  4. Sercy


    Aug 7, 2012
    I have uploaded new screenshots from v1.1, if the ones you meant are from v1.0. If it still looks empty, I would appreciate your help. Although yes, I do admit terraining is my weak side. Thank you for your opinion !
  5. kingston45


    Mar 29, 2012
    What you have to do?
    -Improve your description and get inspire from description expert.
    -Put some screenshots/videos.
    -Put "Credits to:..."
    -Tell us more about the map.

    If you do not follow this steps,your resources may no chance to get approve by Resources Moderator.
    Think carefully,lad.
  6. Sercy


    Aug 7, 2012
    I have done / fixed everything which was advised in the message the Moderator has sent me. Besides :

    - I do not know what else to add into the description, anything more than what I've provided would be a spoiler.
    - There ARE both screenshots for v1.0 and v1.1, and a video would be unecessary at this moment.
    - There IS a credits section.
    - I will try giving more information, updating soon.

  7. Sin'dorei300


    Aug 20, 2011
    Terrain looks meh.
  8. DestinyEX


    Jan 3, 2011
    It does look abit empty...

    But I like RPG's so I will give a try with a few friends. Hope it's going to be fun.
  9. DestinyEX


    Jan 3, 2011
    Changed the arena song?!?!

    I liked having Psy singing his kickass song....Added a nice bit of humor to the map.
  10. jxtranghero


    Dec 13, 2008
    Improve Terrain [I can help, anyone can help]
    Removed none wc3 imported sound [that's annoying]
    Minimize the files size of your map [to spread very quickly]
    Make system that will introduce the uniqueness of this map [ex: pvp with AI]
    Explain what "P o s E" stand for? [i'm just asking]
  11. Sercy


    Aug 7, 2012
    Changed the arena song as in it's PSY now. ( in v1.0 it was another track ).

    I will ask for help when I am free and making v1.2, but I am really busy with college right now, I could barely edit the Credits part. (although I applied the suggestions and tried to create a better terrain with the new version and made it less empty looking ).

    I am not sure which one you referred to, if you are talking about the ambient sound, it did not exist in v1.0 and I think it gives a higher level of atmosphere to the story. Although I will remove it if it starts being an annoyance for most.

    I will have to remove the imported songs for that, which I think would decrease the fun atmosphere the map is trying to represent to the players.

    I don't know how to create a custom AI yet, I will probably do such a thing in the upcoming versions.

    It may sound weird but it actually does not stand for anything :p

    Thanks for your suggestions ~

    Important : Please read the note I've put up above in the map description.
    Last edited: Dec 17, 2012
  12. Ragon.Slear


    Aug 19, 2012
  13. Sercy


    Aug 7, 2012
    New version coming soon ~

    Edit : v1.2 is out ~
    Last edited: Jan 8, 2013
  14. Orcnet


    Jul 31, 2010
    retested map see details :)

    Attached Files:

  15. Sercy


    Aug 7, 2012
    That awesome moment when your first map gets approved ~ Thanks everyone !
  16. Quilnez


    Oct 12, 2011
    who could be able to create that gigantic huge snowman?

    if u know what i mean..
  17. DrizztDoUrden


    Aug 26, 2010
    Well, the diablo styled text was intriguing, but when i looked screenshots and saw that u call DDs DPS... (Damage Per Second is just a number... Well, hero is just a number in PC memory too, but that isn't what you mean anyway, hero can be Damage Dealer, but not DPS) Anyway am going to try this.

    Well, tryed this... Sorry, but it's borring and unbalanced, w/o any interesting quest or smth. And every item i found except ring of regeneration is useless. Like what would u take, 3% attack speed or 3 hp/sec? Of course NOONE will take AS here, it sould be 10%~ AS at least. Also terrain is not pretty at all, creeps are stupid and they are same... I mean no differense who do u fight, u just need some lvls/items, but no gaming skill is needed.
    Also every skill I saw is common wc3 skill with minor changes.
    So 1/5.
    Last edited: Jan 25, 2013
  18. Sercy


    Aug 7, 2012
    I think you were expecting something like TKOK, I am sorry you were disappointed, but I never really intended to make this a hardcore RPG map, as I also said in the description.

    About the 3% ASPD and 3 HP per second, the items were really OP in the first version, but then I realized that made the map WAY too easy at the point where it wasn't even fun anymore, so I decided to give them a big nerf.

    Although, I agree that the terrain still isn't really good looking no matter how much I tried, and I know the skills are just modified versions of the default WC3 ones, but the reason for that is this is my first map, and honestly I don't really know how to implement custom skills yet.

    Still, thanks for your criticism, I will definitely try and improve eventually.