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Update: Your boy jondrean had the map in Downloads folder and reinstalled WC3 as the patch didn't work on EU servers. Development has been delayed by 3254 years. Thanks for your patience!

The idea is based on Platform Escape by gameslayer001. The name "Platform Escape EZPZ" is a parody of there being dozens of PE's with names hinting at high difficulty.

The Levels
This video covers the layout of first two levels. The layout of playable area won't most likely change.

You can see the first obstacle is very easy, but already from that the player learns the concept of wall jumping. After that he drops down and learns how strong the gravity is. Then he needs to be more accurate with side jump to get through the gap, after that he has to do multiple side jumps and be even more accurate. Then we get the repetition of earlier concepts, leading to a very demanding jump before the revive point.

Player imminently drops down to the revive area and learns the function of said tiles. Level 1 was very closed, whereas in level 2 you even have a side objective: to get to the extra continue in top left (not covered in the video). Also right off the start player is introduced to two new obstacles: dragon and spikes. Player imminently learns that they are both hostile, so there's no confusion later on. Level 2 also covers good old drop down segment near the end.

Better quality videos coming soon!

The Gameplay

The end of level two you see in the video above is turned into two teleports (see the screenshot). From there player beats one to three levels and is greeted with another slew of teleports, and this will continue for quite a while. This way, player faces something new each run.

Worry not, bosses will be a thing as well!


In case you're interested, buckle up and watch this thread, I will be posting beta maps very soon, gradually covering the whole map (you can use command to go to a specific level):

Features to come:
  • Credits (automatic storage if local files enabled)
  • Custom death effect unlocked by credits

Helping out?

Most likely another level creator wouldn't hurt at some point, but for now I will be doing levels solo, you can see my style and state your interest and I might contact you when the time comes.

I will be setting up various polls. Giving me your honest input will help me make an overall more enjoyable experience. :)

Note: This is not a ripoff, the map specific triggers are all made by me. Gameslayer is credited as the original PE's author.


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