Storm Escape - Finally a funny map!

Well, I've just started the map Storm Escape.
Its awesome!

You play an storm spirit and have to use jump, roll and slide
to come to the diffrent levels!

Its really much fun in this little map!
I've made a little preview, also tested it with a few players.
All told me that it is really great and makes alot of fun.

It will keep you on the good side of maps, I swear ;)

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Video Link:
Storm Escape
[Btw, that doesn't lagg at any time, its just my freakin screen recorder on a 22" screen.]



Level 4
Jan 16, 2006
reminds me of fusion frenzy, looks fun but would be annoying with lagy host.
Level 9
Dec 4, 2007
Well, the only thing u earn by limiting the amounts of tries is that they have to remake if they want to keep playing. Smarter to just make them start over from the beggining or something like that if you ask me.(Even if starting from the begining sounds prettyboring:p)
Wauw, you really have progressed as a map maker since last time I was active dhk, awesome :)

This looks to be a ton of fun, so I'll try it out as soon as I can find someone to play it with!

Thanks, sadly I don't have this map anymore. but it will be easy to recreate since its not far developed through, and my engine was quite basic, but efficent.

take a look at my system too!