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Planet Wars!

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Level 2
Jan 15, 2008
This is a brand new project that is being made. The idea of the game is to colonize a world and build a civilization then use it to take over other worlds. Your ship pilot and builder start in a small ship being attacked by aliens. From there you fly to a planet and colonize. More details will be available as the map progresses. Please post ideas and other comments down below. The following jobs are open on the project:

Trigger Assistant

Please let me know what you think! Post down below to join!
Level 34
Jul 4, 2007
You said 'a' planet, so that means there's a hell lot more planets. I bet it's going to be epic sized and stuffed with mods.

That would be scripting for you boy.
Level 7
Oct 6, 2006
I started a map like this afew months ago but never got the entire system down. It is epic sized and it has 3/4 the area as space with planets on it. Then about 70-80 planets to take over, enough to keep afew players busy.

The rest of the 1/4 is squares of ground where the planet's buildings are placed and where battles to take over the planets are held.

Thats how mine was done, jus trying to give some idea's. Maybe i can post the unfinished map for a better look for an idea. I was going to base it off of battlestar galatica 2. Maybe ill finish it one day but I still need to finish castle siege yet and was looking at a oblivion style rpg where i've already made afew custom models for it.

Good luck
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