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My second model

A blood cloud(caster).

Blood, Cloud, Red influenza disease gas smoke

PlagueCloud (Model)

10:36, 13th Apr 2008 Elenai: Approved: useful.
Apparently changing the color settings of a particle emitter which takes 5 seconds is not acceptable, yet if a person is to recolor 70% of a texture and freehand 30% of it, which takes a decent amount more than 5 seconds, the texture is still not enough freehand to be accepted, while this simple model is accepted with praise...

In my opinion, this is something you do off topic, something you can give to people when they request for it, but most definitely not worth uploading, as there was absolutely no effort or skill required to make it. And most definitely not worth uploading twice; this is an exact copy of a model previously uploaded, somehow...
I have to rate this a 1/5. I am amazed that this was accepted, I've been noticing a lot of CnP/recolor being accepted lately.
Level 16
Nov 12, 2016
i used this
simple useful properly working .

and hey i see people trashtalking about this model if its so week why do you bother comparing and ranting that it takes no skill and it should not be approved.

infact id rather have the recoulerd version of many of the ingame models like this posted on hive rather then asking it one by one by one in the request section we will give credits for it sure but its the same thing in here if i used this i will give credits so sometimes things can be simple and easy to make but very useful.
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