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"_..-) Pink Magic Shield "_..-) Pink Magic Shield (-.._"
-=°*"_..-)> By Haistrah
-=°*"_..-)> Pink Magic Shield
-=°*"_..-)> Created with War3 Model Editor
-=°*"_..-)> Uses only ingame texture
-=°*"_..-)> Attachs it to overhead
-=°*"_..-)> And thanks for your presence jk2pach

-=°*"_..-)> Comments please.

-=°*"_..-)> Free to edit

Updates :
° First :
-=°*"_..-)> Added a particle emitter for death animation and changed screenshot =)

PinkMagicShield (Model)

22:39, 10th Aug 2009 Pyritie: Simple but useful.
Level 7
Jul 9, 2008
Hey guys, it's a magic shield, not a unit.
I won't add ribbons and 3 others particles emmetter, if I do that we won't see the unit who is holding the shield.

And simple recoloring blizzard's effect's are approved... <.<

I will improve death animation with another particle emitter with tail but what more ?
Level 2
Jun 23, 2009
Is it meant to be a shield protecting you from harm and things, like a force field? if so, it looks awesome. if not, its weird.
Level 6
Mar 26, 2008
It looks like a lust shield. Or a sailor moon shield. What self-respecting wizard would use a pink shield? Eureka! You could use this shield for a slutty or cutesy female wizard. Problem solved.