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Level 4
Jul 4, 2010

Hello everyone, my name is Lebsoljah, I'm fairly new to map-making, I've been doing it for about 6 months now and have gained much more experience and knowledge than I originally thought I would be able to. You may or may not know me, but I've previously started a project called Navy Cross TD, which is almost close to perfection, and is probably one of the ONLY TD's that has a lumbering function other than Legion TD(Which might I note, isn't really a traditional TD). I like to take a few breaks from my work sometimes, as it can get a little boring working on just one thing. I'm a type of person who likes to work on lots of things simultaneously and perfect them all-together. But enough about me, let's get on with the introduction to the map !

I've started working on a new WC3 project called PMH, which is short for "Pimp My Hero". The idea came to me after recently playing a Pimp My Peon game, I thought, "Hey, what if we could make a game where... A player has ONE unit(their hero) which is upgradable with researches such as hp upgrade, hp regen, mana upgrade, mana regen, attack increases, attack speed increases, life drain, and a special unique cooldown skill". It would be really neat, right? Well, the project is under way ! I've set up the entire terrain, and some basic triggers for the game, but I'm more used to making TD's rather than games such as this, so I will be requesting some help from anyone who is willing to give it.

Please take a moment to load the map and see if it interests you, I'm sure that if I get enough help with it this project will be very successful in the future. Currently the map is unprotected and is open-source unless enough help is provided to make the game "fully-functional". Consider this map a "preview" of what is yet to come of the real thing.

Basic ideas:

The game will start, and after 30 seconds of game-play every player will have their "arena champion", which is their hero, spawn. The hero's automatically attack their enemies, and their enemies automatically attack them. Each upgrade will cost 1 gold, which is only given when having traded in 20 lumber. Lumber is acquired by having your "minion" harvest from trees, they gain 1 lumber per hit, then return it to "The Pimpery", which is considered your town hall as well as upgrade center for the pimping of your hero. Once a player is defeated, they will be able to observe all other combating players until the other corresponding players are defeated, the remaining players will move on to the next round, battling each other. The final 3 players will be sent to a three-way war in the bigger area with the ability to move and run, opposed to not being able to move in the very first arenas. The first of the three remaining players left who dies during the match will be defeated, and the game will go on with a FINAL round which is declare the winner.

Want to help?
Currently needed recruits are:

- Trigger helper
- Custom modeler/skinner
- Idealist (Yes, as awesome as this idea already is, I need help with other ones :p)

Current game features:
- Kicking triggers
- Player unit and hero spawns
- Timer for hero spawn
- Custom region spawning triggers for buildings
- Upgrades (they seem to only add upgrades to units BEFORE they spawn rather than after the spawn, not sure how to fix this..)
- Custom loading screen (Working on a better one, this one is temporary)
- More to come !

:fp: All helpers, donators, and skins/icons/models will be credited on final map release and within an in-game quest which will be dubbed "Credits". You can either PM me or contact me VIA Skype (Joseph Kodisos - Ottawa, Ontario, Canada) or MSN ([email protected]).


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Level 4
Jul 4, 2010