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[Picture] 'Following' I stood for a long moment, wondering where the spider had gone before exami

Level 7
Jan 2, 2010

I stood for a long moment, wondering where the spider had gone before examining the skeletons more closely. The size of the bones themselves told me something about who they were. Relative to the normal skeleton of Humans, this pair seemed deformed. The proportions were all wrong; they were Greenskin bones, Orc ones to be specific. Each looked as it they had been burnt, but not by the same sort of flame that engulfed the forest. Something with more... power...

I looked up in my confusion, what sort of creature caused this fire? How did these Orcs not manage to overwhelm it? I lowered myself once more to touch to bones when I noticed the spider was back. All eight of it's judgemental eyes watched me as I investigated. Once again it saw that it's cover was blown, scampering off as fast as the time before. Something about its return made me curious. I had to follow it.

The spider went deeper into the Black Forest. To parts where the trees were so tall, even without their leaves, the sky was blocked from my vision. Each step I took told me how bad the flames had been. There very few creatures that filled the ground, but other than this one spider none were living. Most had been young, but there were a few older creatures. I kept following the spider until it went into a cave. The eeire fog was thicker here, and somewhat green in colour. I paused a few moments, considering if I wanted to go in the cave. I did.

After sometime of following, I lost the spider. It was gone, but I was lost inside this cave. How could I get out now? Beginning to retrace my steps I heard noise from my right. I turned to face the noise to see only an empty route deeper into the cave. Given that I was already lost I decided to continue down it, searching for the noise. The fog seemed even thicker here, so thick in fact that I walked straight into a very large spider...


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