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Photoshop/ Alpha Color

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Hello guys, im editing the player frame using photoshop and i removed some details by placing black layers over them. The question is what extension should i use when i save my file from photoshop before i change it to .blp with W3ModelViewer?
Photoshop does not support saving .tga files and when i save under .bmp or .jpeg that alpha color crap appears as a warning in W3ModelViewer then the black spots that i added appears in the game.
what should i do?
Level 10
Aug 30, 2007
I really doubt that PS can't save a picture as .tga, from googling it ('save tga in photoshop') it might be something with your colour palette, maybe you should look for it youself, as I'm no PS-user.

If I'm not wrong .png saves alpha so you can convert it to .blp with BLP-Lab.
Another way would simply be so download GIMP (free) and use this. If you don't want to work with it then simply import your ps-file to GIMP and convert it to .tga there. Still you first should look for a solution with PS because I simply can't imagine that THE big img program can't save as tga...
Level 24
Jun 3, 2008
Photoshop should allow you to save as .tga - mine does, anyway (literally just tested it), so I have no idea what your problem is. What version are you using? I can't speak for older versions, but CS6 and CC will allow you to save as .tga.

On a side note, I've never had problems with .bmp not saving alpha before either.
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