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Nov 9, 2006

Since there aren't any threads i figured i'd make a thread because:
Statharas said:
Tell everyone about this OHSOCOOL game you're making. People will expect you to work on it rather than laze out.
So here it is, my flash game:


Pewpewpew is a game that goes back in time to the origins of Asteroids where you control a basic spaceship and fly through space, except this time it's multiplayer. The point of the game is to shoot down the enemy spaceship as you maneuver through the map. Colliding with missiles, the terrain, flying objects or other spaceships will result in an instant destruction of the spaceship.

This is a game for 1 player and up to 4 players, that is to be played on the same computer. It's supposed to become a simple and accessable game that you can play with your friends in close proximity. I figure it will be perfect for those long school recesses.

The game features multiple maps to pick between and special powerups layed out on vulnerable points that last for a short duration.

I guess i don't have much to show for now, it's a project i've worked in small periods of time on. For example when waiting on the bus.. anyway:

The concepts are pretty much scratched out in my sketchbook with very detailed and descriptive pages (which i could scan later sometime), so it's just to get to work.
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Feb 23, 2008
Looks like it could be fun game. Very cool logo for it :)

If you get to stuck on coding, there are always those who wouldn't mind trading work. graphics for code. (looks at self) But I think you can handle this and with someone that's got art in mind while making a game, i could see this coming out to looking pretty sick.