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Pause stunned unit's animation

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Hello guys, i wanna make this trigger.
A unit uses a spell called Crap.
If the unit type is a fel hound, fel ravager or fel guard
then stun that unit for 4 seconds. and the stun should pause his animation for 4 seconds while he's still alive and stunned , he should stand still like that. ( Just like dota's faceless void's Time Lock).

I though of using a trigger like this:
A unit starts the effect of an ability
ability being manipulater = Crap
unit type = fel hound
create dummy at potision of target
order dummy to cast storm bolt at targer
run trigger checking the bash buff for the next 4 seconds, if the fel hound has bash buff ,change his animation speed to 0%, and when he no longer has the bash buff change his animation speed to 100%.

I don't really know how to make this, this can be complicated for just a simple matter and i don't like complicated spell triggers that can easily mess up the functioning of a map
Level 11
Jun 2, 2004
The simplest way is to make use of waits:

Make dummy, cast storm bolt
Wait 0.10 game time seconds
Check if stun buff on target (in case of spell shield)
If so, set animation speed to 0
Wait 4.00 game time seconds
Set animation speed to 100%

This isn't very time accurate though, and iirc game time waits leak a little bit. Not a big deal most likely, but if you want to solve those you'd need to look into dynamic timer creation.
Level 22
Dec 4, 2007
^ It's good that you thought of spellshield, that's why it might be better to use a flying dummy unit with a 100% bash/4s (+true strike to ignore evasion) with the ability to hit invulnerable units and peon classification to prevent autoattacking, spawned for neutral hostile.

Then again, does it have to be stun?
Why not just pause the unit and avoid using buffs altogether?
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