Path of Kharal

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Path of Kharal
Current Version: 1.1.3
Map Info:

Path of Kharal is an adventure/puzzle map that you play as a fel orc,Kharal.You try to escape from the jail you are in and make your way to home.
On your way you have to solve puzzles,find answers to riddles and mostly use your brain (Puzzles are not that hard but even for saying "shabalabooo" you have to use your brain right? :D )


-Make your way through a forest,a murloc village and other places to go home.
-Talk to other characters to solve problems.
-Enough with swords! Use logic to solve problems.

Some things i think you should know:
-If you have epilepsy,i don't recommend you to play this map. Camera sometimes changes angle quickly and it may cause problems.
-Map does not has custom music so it will play the music of the race you choose before beginning,except this changing your race will not provide anything.
-Map is so short that if you know all the answers it will take few minutes to finish it.











Change Log:

This is the first version of the map.

Bug Fixes:
-Fixed an issue where you could take the "riddle" quest many times.
Added Features:
-Added exclamation mark on characters you should interact first,with this feature you know who you should talk to first.
-Changed a camera angle for a better gameplay. (v 1.1.2)
-Changed Kharal's model file to classic "fel orc grunt" model due to the "The Hive Workshop does not condone, nor will it support, the use of World of Warcraft models" rule. (v 1.1.2)

Added Features:
Added custom map preview image.


Thanks to -Kobas- for this awesome description template.

Not-so-fun facts about map:
-This map was going to be a capture the flag map first.
-Then it changed to a side scrolling action map.
-Then it changed to what it is today.
-This is the first map of a series i am planning to make,"Adventures of Kharal".
-This is also very first map i've finished making of.

Please Note
-Any kind of feedback is appreciated.
-Enjoy playing the map!


Jail: Use water to trick guards.
Mountain Giant: That's a job.A job that people watch whatever you do.
Mur' gul village: Didn't Giant say he let nobody out for 4 days?
Creepy looking guy: Earth is brown and sky is blue,i think you can handle the rest.(And yes,grapes ARE purple,i mean,some of them)

Adventure,Puzzle,Fel Orc

Path of Kharal (Map)

20:48, 8th Sep 2011 Vengeancekael: Status: Rejected Memory leaks are not removed: Leaks tutorial Contact Me
Level 3
Nov 28, 2010
So is it okay or not? I am fixing some bugs and adding some new features and if it is not okay,i shall change the model in new version.

Edit: Due to site rules,i changed Kharal's model to "Fel orc grunt" model in new version.Enjoy the map!
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