Parasite 3 v1.07

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A game of deception. Two randomly choosen players are selected to be an alien and a mutant, and the rest are human. Humans work together to figure out who among them is non-human and destroy them while the Alien and Mutant deceive the humans and kill them! The Mutant and Alien are not allies and must destroy each other as well.

Feature Highlights

- Alien and Mutant elements are able to disguise themselves as humans, creating an atmosphere of paranoia and mistrust.
- New Mutant player introduced to the series: a lone hunter that kills and absorbs players to acquire more power.
- Custom Chat system that allows players to communicate strickly to other nearby players only or to all players. Also features that allow you to disable long range chatting!
- Intricate use of various different items and weapons that offers a wide array of customization.
- Triggered projectile system requiring players to "point click" to use their weapons, adding a greater skill curb.
- Epic space ship combat with triggered movement and projectiles in a similar fashion as the projectile system implemented.
- Interactive environment; access a wide range of different terminals and other things to change the flow of the game.
- Money system; money is acquired periodically and is used to purchase more powerful items. Money can be stolen from other players.
- If you die, you can participate in a death match mini-game with other dead players or choose to watch the game.
- Game automatically remakes after it ends!
- Dead players are able to revive!

Model/Skin Credits

NewbieMapper, alfredx_sotn, JetFangInferno, acolyteofdoom, Matarael, killst4r, s4nji, Epsilon, Frankster, Talon the Mage, abriko, RightField, Ham Ham, Suselishe, WILL THE ALMIGHTY, Elenai, Afronight_76, halo, CRAZYRUSSIAN, -JonNny, Anachron, Infinitynexus, The_Silent, 0123456789, KelThuzad, Mc !, bigapple90, Zombie, SantoRayo[iP], graystuff111, Captain_Rufar
Also, special thanks to madhatters for his projectile system.

Please bring it to my attention if I have missed anyone!

Play Testing Credits

Aztingo, Senza-Amoree, Darth_Lag, Plutonium239, NS_Ice, Marak, Nickhunter, Stark, Clanzion, Shadowfrench, SpoonKitty, SophietheDog, Death_Waits, LordDreed, Warchief(L), SimaZhao[lotf], Dodecahedron, GrandMasterTash, YinYang, Bloody_Wolf, CrazedTroll, and Illadinz

- Fixed a bug with that allowed players to revive with medical suit after they were killed inside an exploding ship or station.
- Fixed a bug that allowed players to access the interior of space ships even while they were in space.
- Revised Dragon Combat Suit.
- Revised Tesla Combat Suit.
- Buffed Space Station's regular attack.
- Nerfed Nemesis's regular attack.
- Increased space ship turret's collision radius.

- Fixed a bug that causes space ship turrets to damage themselves.
- Fixed a major bug that occured after the inhabitants of a destroyed space station or space ship were killed resulting in everyone always reviving after death.
- Fixed a bug that prevented the Dragon Combat Suit's Heat Field ability from affecting enemies.
- Fixed Private Chatting.
- Nerfed Meteor Shower Event.
- Slightly Nerfed Space Pirate Event.
- Slightly Nerfed Space Station's regular attack.

- Nerfed Flame Thrower Robot Event.
- Fixed a victory/defeat bug that would occur when all players simultaneously die.
- Fixed a bug that allowed players to continously revive themselves with Medical Combat Suit.
- Fixed a bug that would not let the Furnace be able to hold corpses after a game remakes.
- Fixed a bug that would cause a space ship to be stuck after launching if the space station landed on the planet.
- Lowered the chance at which random events can spawn.
- Lowered the amount of kills needed to unlock killstreak rewards for The Arena.

- Nerfed overall damage that can be inflicted upon any player.
- Reduced firing delay for semi-auto weapons.
- Reduced the amount of life recovered from auto-regeneration.
- Reduced overall unit move speed.
- Made Random Events trigger less frequently.
- Nerfed Space Station's regular attack.
- Nerfed the Speed Boots Item.
- Buffed Dragon Combat Suit's Projectile Speed.
- Replaced Dragon Combat Suit's Conflagrate Ability with Napalm Grenade.
- Buffed the Effect Radius of the Dragon Combat Suit's Heat Field Ability but lowered its damage.
- Replaced Tesla Combat Suit's Static Charge Ability with Circuit Breaker.
- Buffed Hazmat Combat Suit's Hazmat Shield ability by doubling auto-regeneration rate while it is active.
- Revised the Space Pirate Event.
- Nerfed the Maximum Life and damage for Failed Human Experiments.
- Nerfed the Maximum Life for Renegade Robots.
- Nerfed the Melee Damage for the Fire-Based Renegade Robot.
- Slightly Reduced the time it takes to enhance genetics.
- Slightly Increased Cooldown for Item Dispensing.
- Made Blood Tester unusable until after the first 5 minutes of each round.
- Prevented the Item Teleporter from teleporting a detonated Anti-Matter Bomb.

- Added Capital Rewards For Killing Random Event Spawned Enemies.
- Added Team Color Distrinction For User Controlled Juggernaut Suits.
- Added Particle Shield Ability to Juggernaut Suits.
- Buffed Move Speed for Melee Alien Forms.
- Buffed Space Station and Each Space Ship's Maximum Hitpoints.
- Slightly Buffed Maximum Life for Tier 1 Alien and Spawns (non-cyborg).
- Increased Cooldown for Item Dispensing.
- Reduced the Cooldown for the Arena Juggernaut's Emergency Repair Ability.
- Nerfed Cyborg Spawn's Maximum Hitpoints.
- Nerfed Most Ranged Damage.
- Nerfed Medic Combat Suit's Firing Rate.
- Nerfed Transfusion Kit.
- Nerfed the Assault Combat Suit's Ensnare Ability.
- Nerfed Damage Inflicted by the Star.
- Nerfed Shadow Combat Suit's Blackhole Ability.
- Nerfed Maximum Hitpoints for Renegade Robots.
- Fixed a Bug That Prevented The Dragon Combat Suit's Napalm Grenade From Inflicting Damage.
- Fixed a Bug That Would Cause a Player's Screen to be Locked Onto The Space Station Whenever it is Launched From The Planet.
- Fixed a Bug That Prevented Gene Splicer on The Helios From Functioning Properly.
- Fixed a Bug That Displayed Player Red's Name as the Victorious Reaper, Regardless if he/she is or isn't.
- Fixed a Bug That Would Cause Killstreak Reward Items to Drop From Slain Arena Contenders.
- Fixed a Bug That Allowed Arena Contenders to Use Super Abilities Limitlessly Once Awarded.
- Fixed a Bug That Prevented Players From Viewing Cameras on Planet And Ships.
- Fixed a Bug That Would Sometimes Cause Players to be Permanently Stuck Onboard a Ship When Launched From a Station Preparing to Land on The Planet.
- Fixed a Bug That Would Prevent the Anti-Matter Bomb From Affecting Anything When Detonated on The Planet.
- Fixed all Bugs Associated with the Juggernaut Killstreak Reward for Arena Contenders.

- Nerfed First Aid Kit Cooldown.
- Nerfed Mutant by Reducing its Starting Armor to 0.
- Nerfed Damage for Covert, Hazmat, Dragon, and Shadow Combat Armor Suits.
- Nerfed the Shadow Combat Armor Suits's Blackhole Ability.
- Nerfed the Hazmat Combat Armor Suit's DeGenerator Ability.
- Reduced the Amount of Animals Spawned in Biodome and on the Planet.
- Fixed a Bug That Would Cause Dispensers on the Planet to Not Respawn After Remake.
- Fixed a Bug Where the Gene Splicer on the Helios Would Spawn Genetic Material Items in the Wrong Location.
- Fixed a Bug That Allowed a Player Enslaved by the Captain's Badge to Change Alliance Settings.
- Fixed a Bug That Allowed Aliens to use Cryogenic Chamber.
- Added Guilt System for Anti-Team Killing Measures.
- Added Scanner to Planet.

- Fixed a bug that would cause genetic upgrades to kill a player if they were created by the gene splicer on the andromeda.
- Fixed a bug that would cause aliens and mutants to die if they revert to human form with low hp.
- Nerfed the Reaver Alien's Deep Tunnel ability.
- Nerfed the Mutant's Quantum Leap ability.
- Nerfed the Savage Alien's Voracious Spore ability.
- Nerfed the Behemoth Alien's Thunder Spore ability.
- Nerfed the Draconian Alien's Nightmare ability.
- Nerfed the Magnum item.
- Nerfed the Mutant's Tentacle abilities.
- Buffed the Absorber item.
- Buffed the Heavy Assault Mech.
- Decreased the cost of the Super Weapon Clip, Syphon Kit, Infared Lense, Portable ALRM, and Identity Change items.
- Made it easier to rapid fire with semi-auto weapons.
- Reduced the rate of fire for the shadow armor suit.
- Reduced the initial armor reduction for the maverick armor suit.
- Allowed the Heavy Assault Mech to be pinpointed on the minimap for aliens and mutants.
- Allowed the maverick armor suit's auto target ability to be used in conjuction with semi-auto weapons.
- Intensified guilt by also adding a capital reduction to the team killer.
- Added new abilities for the maverick armor suit.
- Added capital rewards for killing infested animals, failed human experiments, pirates, aliens, and the Mutant.
- Added capital rewards for earning killstreaks in the arena which carry onto the next round.
- Added a secondary auto regeneration upgrade effect to the Portable ALRM item.
- Added the microfusion bomb cache event.
- Added the abomination event.

Parasite, Parasite 3, alien, paranoia, mystery, murder, who is the killer, who is the alien, deception, survival

Parasite 3 v1.07 (Map)

12:02, 22nd Jun 2011 -Kobas-: Status: Approved
Level 5
Apr 3, 2006
ALOT... its unique inventory system, how weapons and armor suits are seperated, the alien itself, how it can lay eggs to amass parasite armies, and all of its abilities... the way you can interact with the environment. There's scores of stuff that make it unique.
Level 20
Jul 6, 2009
Another parasite :O?!
Gotta try this.

EDIT: I took a quick look in single player. Well,it surely shows much promise and looks good for alpha stage. I don't really like the terrain though,it could use some improvement - it's too monotone.

Concerning Interact ability,wouldn't it be better that when you step on a circle of power,you gain control over the console? It would be easier to manipulate objects.

Also i think that Lay egg ability is a bit imbalanced combined with Body Burn. Yes,the body burn deals high damage,but the alien regenerates fast enough to spam eggs (without cooldown) and often cast Body Burn to raise big army in no time.

Oh and noticed 1...bug - The ability Manifest Cerebrasite doesn't have enough range to target any parasite.

I'm surprised you've made another Parasite since i thought you've passed to Starcraft 2 modding.
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Level 5
Apr 3, 2006
I updated the map... here's some things I changed...

- Reduced trap ball range from 300 to 150.
- Reduced spawn's bio plasmid guns attack rate from 0.10 to 0.20.

- Added a rename feature.
- Added a way to ally, or unally a particular player.
- Added a notice for when players leave the game.
- Removed the feature that puts a player in cinematic mode when he or she is killed.
- Made grenades, and bombs destroy destructible doodads.
- Removed the feature that allows parasites to stun humans using tentacle grab.

- Fixed a bug that made it impossible to use manifest cerebrasite.
- Fixed a bug that made it impossible to use tentacle grab on terminals.
- Fixed a bug that made it impossible to enter the biosphere.
- Fixed a bug that allowed spawns to attack the main parasite.
- Fixed a bug that made it impossible for aliens to select their special interface.
- Fixed a bug that caused the tker to be pronounced as dead when he or she has tked.
- Fixed a bug that made it impossible to pick up trap balls with the interact ability.
- Fixed a bug that made it impossible to pick up dying personnel.
- Fixed pathing issues for carrying units around using interact.
- Fixed a bug for using interact on burrow hatches.
- Fixed a bug that removed interacting when carrying certain objects.
Level 20
Jul 6, 2009
- Fixed a bug that made it impossible for aliens to select their special interface.

I've just played a game with a friend and he wasn't able to select the Parasite Special Interface o_O
Few things i noticed:
- The Service Drone could use a nerf,my friend couldn't destroy it with a shotgun (hunter?) since it was regenerating.
- When buying items,the previous item on the same slot is dropped and plays the death animation...kinda ugly.
- Why can't items be pawned and vendors be destroyed? o_O
- Weapons could use a bit greater range.
Level 5
Apr 3, 2006
Just to let you all know, the map is still buggy. Some of the bugs even ruin the game, but its still playable. I am working to get 'em all fixed.

Also, garfield, I have considered some of your suggestions. I'll be updating the map again soon.
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Level 20
Jul 6, 2009
Oh...i see the map is back to pending :3

Anyway,found a bug:
Pretty much you can see it in attached replay,after i teamkilled most people and got teamkilled myself messages started appearing about red killing himself (It was a test game). Also when i died,in the "dead" chat,whatever i typed it appeared as if red is saying it.

Except that...i noticed suits don't block damage from abilities. Suits should have less health though since they're too endurant,but they could have some slight regeneration.
EDIT: Hmm...actually maybe i'm wrong about suits since humans are quite fragile without them.

Concering invulnerable vendors - i saw the terminal to disable them,but my opinion is that you should be able to destroy some vendors and keep others or such. Disabling all vendors is too radical.

I've forgot to mention grenades: it looks to me their explosion is too great (I haven't seen their damage),also they should explode a bit earlier. They shouldn't be too strong,grenades' role is in my opinion to support your firepower in combat; they're quite unflexibile atm. Maybe they could have few charges aswell.

Oh and...shouldn't humans be able to carry corpses (with interact ability)? I wasn't able to target corpses as they were invalid target. I thought humans can be revived if you carry them to some place.
EDIT: Trap balls can't be carried either and tooltip says opposite.


  • Para bug.w3g
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Level 5
Apr 3, 2006
Nice replay, you're lucky to have played it with that many players :p Although, after you said "new para is new" I couldnt see anymore messages so I dont know what to make of what you said about messages of red killing himself. Ill have to see it myself to assess what might be the problem.

The suits not being able to block abilities is an issue that I am attempting to resolve. I'll consider your suggestion on grenades, perhaps in the next version after 0.1.3. In 0.1.3. I was able to fix the bugs you mentioned regarding the trap ball, and dying personnel. Thanks for the feed back man, really appreciate it.
Level 20
Jul 6, 2009
Did you change the viewing player during replay? Since it seems that it causes messages not to be displayed for some reason D:
For suits - why not just use a damage detection system,check when a unit takes damage if it has a suit and reduce suit charges by amount of damage taken?
Level 5
Apr 3, 2006
No, and it still did that. Oh well, I updated the map, and here is what I changed for v0.1.3...

- Reduced reloading time for weapons.
- Removed service drone's health regeneration.
- Increased the range of the cobra weapon from 400 to 600.
- Increased the range of the scorpian weapon from 500 to 600.
- Added a notice in the beginning of the game that informs players how to use the tac-com.

- Fixed a bug that made it impossible to carry dying personnel members.
- Fixed a bug that made the captain remove the rank prefix whenever he or she uses the rename feature.
- Fixed a bug that made animals spawn parasites after being slain, even if the killer is human.
- Fixed a bug that made players permanently lose oxygen when entering the biosphere.
- Fixed a bug that sometimes makes it impossible to select parasite special interface (for real this time lol).
- Fixed a bug that made it nearly impossible to travel through vents.
- Fixed a bug that wouldnt allow armor shields to absorb damage from grenades, and blasters.
- Fixed a bug that made it impossible to carry grenades, flares, trap balls, and dying personnel members using the interact ability.
Level 27
Jul 6, 2008
Hmmm, the current description is real good, but you must add one more thing: credits. Acording to Hive rules they're a must for any maps, you must list all the people who's resource you used.
And oh, you could add screenshots too. You can upload them to your Hive album (BMP won't work), and then on lower part of picture will be it's BB code you can copy and paste. But then you should hide all screenshots in

Oh and about the preview picture, you could try removing it from map and then immporting it all over.

For now I vote 3/5, since you still have to add the credits list, after which all the rules will be followed completely.
Level 20
Jul 6, 2009
Ok...body carrying and chat are quite bugged.
First...when someone dies he can still talk to others while his corpse is preserved (maybe intentional though).
When a body is picked up,it's really hard to carry it as it blocks you - i was stuck in a room because of a body; as far as i could see,body decays over time,however when a player left (player whose corpse i was carrying) his body stopped decaying and i was permanently stuck untill i was killed.
Players should be able to drop corpse also with Interact ability,it shouldn't disappear when you pick up body. Also with the sniper weapon,while i was carrying corpse i switched to sniper mode and i got the Interact ability again.

The player who has killed me had infinite grenades.
His explanation:
* Bureaulamp: its not with just nades
* Bureaulamp: its when u pick up an item
* Bureaulamp: of a dead person
* Bureaulamp: u get wtf stacks of them
* Bureaulamp: or infinite
* Bureaulamp: 1x i had 10 stacks of the mp restore
* Bureaulamp: i spammed blaster

You can see all of these bugs in attached replay.
Body carrrying can be fixed by making the body an item.


Now for the chat,you can see it bugging in the screenshots i attached. When i died,whatever i said it seemed like red player has said it. When i typed anything with . infront,others could hear me,but also it seemed as 3 players are saying it lol...kinda like echo.





  • More bugs.w3g
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Level 9
May 14, 2008
Wow it was very complex...
I didn't understan,d how to go to the big egg i destroyed the door after a lot of dmg but i couldn't still pass through.
The parasites merge together sometimes it's stronger but it wasn't tooltiped :p
Why not making automatic chat talc com (like in parasite 2) and replace normal communication by using . before. Cause of beginners...
I didn't get the use of "interact" did nothing to doors to cams etc... well i tried very quickly but i also tried on a grenade thrown at me with "tentacle" and it did'nt do anything...

It looks really complex at first sight !!
Level 5
Apr 3, 2006
Garfield, I wasnt able to fix the item problem as of yet, but I am looking into. Tanasren, I considered your suggestion and made the change. I was able to make some significant bug fixes and gameplay changes... here they are....

Changes in 0.1.4

- Increased HP for humans from 100 to 300.
- Increased HP for the parasite from 200 to 400.
- Increased HP for spawns from 150 to 350.
- Increased HP for spawn cocoons from 150 to 350.
- Decreased HP regeneration for the parasite from 10 to 6.
- Decreased HP regeneration for spawns from 8 to 5.
- Increased grenade maximum charges from 1 to 3.
- Increased medikit maximum charges from 300 to 600.
- Decreased grenade damage from 200 to 150.
- Increased the health regained from using antidotes from 50 to 150.
- Added auto equipping for weapons, and armor.
- Increases Cobra clip size from 30 to 40.
- Increased HAR clip size from 8 to 10.
- Increased Hunter clip size from 4 to 8.
- Changed armor suit shields so that they only can block 50% damage.
- Changed the tac-com so it no longer requires a period before messages to use.
- Changed normal talking so that it requires a period to use, and is automatically used when tac-com is off.

- Fixed a bug that made spawns insta-kill.
- Fixed a bug that allows observers to talk to players still alive.
- Fixed a bug concerning pathing for carrying objects, and dying personnel using interact.
- Fixed a bug that made interact disappear after picking up objects.
- Fixed a bug that made humans die when killed by parasite minions instead of being spawned.
- Fixed a bug that made a player auto attack another player attacking him.
Level 20
Jul 6, 2009
Gotta love the changelog.
Me and bureaulamp are always testing new versions ;)

The item problem? You mean the animation items display when destroyed - when you buy new items?
In case you're using something like
  • Hero - Drop the item from slot 1 of (Triggering unit)
  • Item - Remove (Last dropped item)
You should use
  • Item - Remove (Item carried by (Triggering unit) in slot 1)
Instantly destroying item in inventory slot shouldn't cause the ugly item death animation.

EDIT: probably mean the infinite items :\

EDIT: More bugs.
In the game i just played,i was para and i killed a human with fusion bomb which resulted in getting me jailed (para shouldn't be jailed). After i got in jail i tried to ping to others where's jail so i typed "-ally red"; Result? - Instant fatal error.

Oh and bureaulamp said he got a bug with inventory - when he bought 2 accesories,the second one went to suit slot.

EDIT: 2 more slight bugs - when i was spawn,i activated ability to shoot spore clouds which gave me Attack Ground ability and pushed the Tentacle from abilities tab.
Second thing is when i died,whatever i typed in observer mode it seemed as if red is saying it...
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Level 5
Apr 3, 2006
I might be doing a stat overhaul for humans, and aliens, and scrapping the whole armor shield concept, and just make armor suits give more maximum hp, and armor. Seems the observer mode is still bugged from what you are saying. I'll look into the fatal error causing bug you mentioned. Just letting you know, the parasite can be jailed if it kills while in human form, but I have plans for later versions to allow the parasites, and spawns to escape jail. Also, that "bug" you mentioned about both the spore cloud and having 2 accessories is intentional. If you read the tooltip for your second inventory slot when its empty, it will say this slot can also be used to hold an additional accessory item. The same is for the 3rd slot except it is used for holding an additional weapon. For spawns using the spore launcher, I ran out of UI room for that unit so I just removed the tentacle ability, but you can still use it by switching to a different weapon.

And yes, I was referring to the infinite item charge bug. The reason the animation is like that for picking up items is because there is a delay between picking it up, and when the item is removed. The reason it is like that is because buying items from vendors would have been bugged, and unable to recognize how many charges the item has if there was no delay in the time you bought the weapon to the time it takes for the item to show up in your inventory.

Also, I appreciate your efforts for helping me polish the map :)
Level 5
Apr 3, 2006
Perhaps now I can make them pawnable. Originally, the "televenders" were going to be dispensors with limited item stock, and something else was going to replace permanent vendors, but I decided that was too complicated and just turned the dispensors into televenders with unlimited item stock, and just forgot to make items pawnable. I'll make them pawnable in the next version.
Level 7
May 11, 2008
Amazing map, as expected from the so awaited parasite 3. Got some feedback from a parasite fan:

- The new system inventory it is not bad but actually I personally liked the old one, now carrying many items of the same type to make "bases" takes too much time.
- Vendors have very little range though, a bit more wouldn´t hurt. I need to be totally near to buy...
- Nice job with the interact button (hotkey doesn´t work for me since I haven´t the eng. ver. of wc3, lol), in relation to consoles I think "jumping" to the console when entering the circle would save time and make it easier.
- Weapons and armors are great instead of normal suits but if they didn´t took so much slots in inventory that would be great (1 gun + 1 armor + 1 ammo = 3 slots in inventory replacing the 1 slot old suit)
- I think there is too much "waste of energy"; I will explain...many items use mana for their effect making you ran out of it very fast, since our inventory is "limited", the ammount of mana rans out in any short fight and for long fights it is not something to relay about.
- Many balance is neccesary but that is obvious, as well as already said bugs.

Nothing more for now, nice job and keep the good work going on. By the way, if you need ideas for whatever or help ask for it and I would be glad helping.
Level 5
Apr 3, 2006
Thanks for all your feed back guys, I am in the midst of the perfecting the game play, and I think I have managed to fix most of the worst bugs. Shadow, about your comment on weapons and armor suits taking up too much space... every item type has a designated item slot, so regardless of how many item slots these take up, you're still gonna be left with the same amount of inventory space for other items. I agree with you on consoles, I will add that in in a later version

Anyways, I uploaded the new version, here are the changes...


- All known bugs associated with the observer chat mode, pathing issues for carried objects, and fatal error causing bugs.

- Scrapped the armor shield concept.
- Overhauled weapon/armor types so that certain weapon types counter certain armor types, and vice versa.
- Humans start with 300 HP, and equipping armor may increase it up to anywheres from 400 to 500.
- Equipping armor can change your armor type.
- Parasite has 600 HP, and 5 Health Regeneration.
- Spawns have 500 HP, and 5 Health Regeneration.
- Moved the ability to lay eggs from the Parasite to its special interface.
- Removed the Body Burn ability.
- Parasite Special Interface gains regenerate (heals your main unit's life), and plasmid reactor (restores your main unit's energy).
- All weapons now have 2 abilities, instead of 1.
- Cobra revamped into an energy weapon.
- Ammo Belt revamped into the "Auto-loader" that passively increases reload speed by 50%, and provides unlimited reloading without the need for ammo.
- EMP Emitter revamped to remove buffs, and temporarily disable spell casting without costing mana.
- Oxygen Tank's effect is now passive, and requires no mana.

- Greatly reduced the amount of trees in the Biosphere.
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Level 9
May 14, 2008
yes i agree for the range on vendors (didn't retest)
i read that vendors are not killable ?? why ?

also yes i don't understand why you put special slots in inventory, i think it added more diversity before, there were many more possibilities depending the situation (like if you wanna survive before station explode and there are parasites on u, just take thermal shields and healing items but now we can't).
And i thought it wasn't a bug the auto attack after someone attacks u i found it was interesting.

I guess it's a pain to remove hard worked abilities but that are not balanced or not useful (dunno if u already did it but i wanna show my empathy xD)
Level 5
Apr 3, 2006
I dont see anything wrong with the inventory system, I actually think it adds greater strategic diversity, and is more balanced. You can still swap weapons (gadget 1 slot can also be used to hold an additional weapon), you can hold up to two gadget items (which include healing items), you have a slot for an accessory, and if you want, you can trade armor for a second accessory item. You still have all the choices you did before, but now its more balanced.

Speaking of balance, I played a game, and noticed how fast people die, so I halved the damage most weapons do, and made the parasite minions weaker.
Level 20
Jul 6, 2009
I wrote down all the bugs i could remember:
  • Happened several times that when i equipped the battle armor,i lost all items (including the dummy slot items).
  • Not sure about this,but i blood tested teal that game and he appeared to be infected,however he wasn't.
  • I got the Service drone and went with him outside of station which resulted in my screen getting bright. After the drone disappeared (i'm not sure why,either it expired or went too far) my screen stayed bright.
  • Concerning locked doors,the message still appears even if they're destroyed. They also appear if you throw grenades at locked doors.
  • When that common weapon,i think it's called VSR or ASR is equiped along with Aegis Suit the abilities get messed up.
  • When i was spawn,i activated the plasmid shield which apparently started draining my energy. After i deactivated it,my energy was still getting drained.
  • And final thing,after you left that game,i was spawn. At sudden point,close to the end in attached replay,i got message as if i became spawn again (something like: "Parasite has assimilated you...etc etc") and i got a cocoon. After i got out of it i gained another parasite special interface.


  • Bugz.w3g
    90.3 KB · Views: 98
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Level 5
Apr 3, 2006
I was able to fix all the death bugs, and restore the inventory system back to a regular format. Those bugs can be easily fixed, ill have the next version uploaded sometime tonight or tommorrow morning. Thanks for your help.
Level 9
May 14, 2008
garfield you forgot to say that u became the cerebrate with the second cocoon (when you spoke in local it was written parasite too)
and in 0.1 when we spoke in tac com in parasite form we were seen as human not as parasite :p was interesting (same in parasite 2)

and when the door is locked u can't enter it even if it's killed, only a grenade could open it up
Level 7
May 11, 2008
Glad to hear the old inventory system is back, if you want balance DSG, make items don´t stack or simple make a huge cooldown when someone uses an item he/she already has.

Unlimited Ammo belt seems quite good too, but I think a big ammount of ammo instead of unlimited would make it more "real".

I think right now is necessary to give the at least 1 evolution (if it is not too much trouble with triggers) so that would a detail of funny stuff.

More more...the more I test it, the more I like it. The interact button is so nice that every single room can have its on purpose...very nice.
On the other hand there are vendors EVERYWHERE, I simply can get what I need changing to the room near me...maybe it is because there are still not many items to get but many vendors. Also, a bit cooldown in consoles would make people stopped spaming things like oxygen on/off. On the first floor in my opinion there are too many ways outside, two instead of 3 is enough though (the botton one could be suppressed).

I dunno exactly how many things you plan to add so I won´t type a huge list of ideas, for now, keep the good work on.

Dr Super Good

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Jan 18, 2005
if you want balance DSG
Although I am aware you do not mean me...
Ballence in this sort of map is near impossible. The more spawns an alien gets, the weaker one side becomes so you can get steam rolled. Additionally, if everyone is highly skilled it can be very difficult to get any spawns at all in which case you can only try your best as alien. Let us not forget the people who do wisper based handshake agreements with alien to become spawns without fighting at all... In the end the map is meant to be fun, even if it is not perfectly ballenced. That is what made parasite so great.

Obviously you do not want the alien to be too strong or too weak, but as long as it feels fun and everyone feels that they have a good chance of winning, who cares.

...ammo instead of unlimited would make it more "real".
If you want realisim, oxygen would be permantly on cause the computer systems in the station would not allow unauthorized deactivation. Additionally, everyone would be forced bloodtest (100% accurate cause this is the future) in a real life situation and so the alien would be discovered immediatly and killed. Also as this is the future, people would be 3 times more durable than now (engineering and evolution) so could actually survive an alien attack pretty well (bodies with high rengeration and improved skeltons), defence robots would be highly dominint on the station (really tough robots like a tank with 100% headshot accuracy) and come to think of it "WHY ARE HUMANS ON THE STATION AT ALL?" as they could just well be robots controling everything.

Too much realisim would kill ammusment from this game, or even the whole game. Think of games like movies, some like 2012 are totall bullshit but still people went to watch them.
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Apr 3, 2006
Couldnt have said it better myself DrSuperGood. I uploaded a new version... I think I got most of the balance right with this one, and have tackeled most of the remaining game breaking bugs. When I am confident that most bugs are fixed, I will work to start adding in more weapons and armor suits, alien evolutions, the A.I., etc. Anyways, here is what I updated....


- Fixed bugs regarding dying, and not turning into a spawn.
- Fixed a bug that made your screen appear orange when ordering a service drone outside.
- Fixed all inventory related bugs.
- Fixed a bug that prompted the "door is locked message" even after a door has been destroyed.
- Fixed a bug that made observers become spawns if they were infected before death.
- Fixed a bug that made spawns produce another cocoon.
- Fixed a bug that made it impossible for the parasite to revive itself.
- Fixed a bug that made it impossible to turn the power back on if back up power generator is turned off.

- Scrapped the inventory system.
- Will only be able to hold 1 accessory item.
- Made grenades have 2 maximum charges, and inflict 200 damage.
- Made chargers have 2 maximum charges, and decreased the amount of mana they regenerate from 300 to 225.
- Decreased ASR damage from 8 to 4.
- Decreased Cobra damage from 4 to 2.
- Decreased HAR damage from 18 to 15.
- Decreased Dual Scorpians damage from 20 to 18.
- Changed Microfusion bombs so they function similar to their parasite 2 predecessor.
- Changed the force field generator so that it provides spell immunity for a short duration at the cost of no energy, instead of temporary invulnerability.
- Made the muscular augment ability for the parasite also increase attack speed by 20%.
- Weakened the parasite minions.
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Dec 11, 2008
First of all I noticed a bug when the power was down, I could see normally as the parasite until something happened ( I forgot what, mb a bomb ) And then I barely saw anything.

Secondly the infection system is kind of weird, I used the infect ability from my special parasite interface on almost everyone and waited for about 10 minutes. It would be nice if I could check the infection as the parasite with a command or something or am I just doing something wrong?
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May 14, 2008
"1. No revive of egg cerebrate"

so same bug as in last vers !

New bugs listed in the replay ! i hope you can see em...
the major bug was i couldn't select the parasite interface (no unit on the map) in solo mode

some blue doors can't be passed by even after being destroyed
i used trap ball on camera and it disappeared... and more


  • para3bugInSolo.w3g
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Jul 6, 2009
Found more bugs.
In the game i've just played,whenever someone got TK'd a message appeared saying the red player got killed. Also if red player TK'd someone,it displayed that red has killed himself.
Second thing is that players can hear observers. One guy was typing messages we could see and left afterwards,then we got message:
[name of player],the observer,has left.

Oh and...the tooltip for aegis suit seems bugged - when i hovered mouse over it,an empty tooltip appeared,then after i moved mouse,the text was a bit out of tooltip borders.
Level 5
Apr 3, 2006
I updated the map again. I managed to fix some really nasty bugs, and this I am certain of because I tested it over and over again in single player. However, I am not sure if I was able to fix that observer chat bug, or the TK bug that showed reds name no matter who the killer was. Let me know if either is still broken. I hope you enjoy the new version, I added some new stuff for humans :D here are the changes...


- Fixed a bug that prevented aliens from selecting their special interface hero.
- Fixed a bug that prevented spawns from transforming.
- Fixed a bug that made locked doors impassible even after being destroyed.
- Fixed a bug that allowed parasites to attack spawn cocoons.
- Fixed a bug that prevented spawns from using local chat while transformed.
- Fixed a bug that allowed players to perform a sort of "telepathy test".
- Fixed a bug that prevented service drones from using their abilities.
- Fixed a bug that gave the cobra weapon too much damage when using particle accelerator.
- Fixed a tooltip glitch for the Aegis Armor Suit.

- Allowed the captain's card to be carried along with an accessory item.
- Gave the ASR's energy blaster ability a knock back effect.
- Changed Plasmid Shield so that it provides complete spell immunity but drain mana.
- Added the Ripper weapon.
- Added the Demolition Armor Suit.
- Slightly weakened parasite minions.
- Revamped the parasite's reviving ability so that it must sacrifice a spawn.
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Dec 27, 2008
Hey, could i ask where you guys are playing this.
I've been an big fan of the parasite and killer games.
Starting with The Thing in Starcraft Brood Wars,
To Parasite 1, Parasite 2, Syndictate, or w.e and Metastasis.
Hopefully this is just as good.