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Oziris and Thedeathunterxx co-terrain

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Oziris-foreground ( Castle, rocks and etc... )
thedeathunterxx-background (Sky, mountains )

I hope you like it. The sky is bright but who gives a... looks magical :D


  • Co-terrain.JPG
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Level 3
May 4, 2009
awesome terrain but i can see a floating rock next to those fences and you needa add more rocks at the bottom since it looks like the place is flying
Level 21
Sep 22, 2007
IMO - needs more terrain, less rock spam and more of a landscape - it's a lot of just rocks and shit right now, it would look a lot better with some nice forests etc in the background. Also, the castle leaves no outline in the sky - it would do that, just faintly most definitely. The paths look kinda "cheap", as in, not a lot of time spent on them - I'd fix them and the foreground. Nice crow though.
Level 10
Aug 22, 2008
^.^ so I was not the only one to notice that the sky wasn't really created by the sweat and blood of his own brow. :D

And also lol Ziggen. Me and frost invented co-terrains. OLDSCHOOL

Yeh but maybe you had forgot it just because it was too long ago. Anyway I went directly from the bed to the computer this morning so I couldn'y think straight.
Level 18
May 27, 2007
Yes but in this instance getting credit for the sky that he did not go out and make himself is neither creative nor has any ingenuity due to people having already used campaign screens in other terrains. Sure it's a nice angle and such and he obviously added some lighting to it but creative, not in this case. It's not a new idea, and he didn't make it himself. Blizzard did, so I applaud them in this case. He can have a slight pat on the back for trying.
Level 18
Aug 3, 2008

a pat on the back is just as nice.

but even though this was made by blizzard, and no its not that hard to make it look cool, you still have to do it right. Some people cant place this sky for shit in a terrain without it looking bad.

but i understand your view point on this. I decided that a typical sky ( uber cloud, storm cloud) would be a bit boring, because everyone uses those cloud models to much. Latly i havn't seen any new clouds other then this, and the Uber cloud model. so in my case, it was pick a choise >.>

i also did the mountains in the back, hence background.
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